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MamaNenascakes Posted 22 Oct 2014 , 1:00am
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Hey y'all 

So 8 months ago we opened a bakery/cupcake shop.

We have realized over the last 3 months we sell more decorated cakes and cupcakes than any other thing... So I'm making the decision of changing my menu and becoming a cake and cupcake shop.


Anyone has faced this? what was the reaction of your customers? I live in a tiny small town where a donut shop is consider a bakery.... I brought to this town all kinds of french pastries, every thing made from scratch and fresh and the town is just not into it, they rather donuts and I just don't want to do donuts! 

  Anyway my big sales are cakes and cupcakes, so that's what I'll focus on.

  I think it might help with my expenses and the budget.


   Any advice?

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FioreCakes Posted 22 Oct 2014 , 1:22am
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Sounds like you're doing what's best for your business. Having read several threads on here, it seems as if the advice if always to go with what makes your business unique and not stretch yourself too thin with offering too many products. Interested to see what others say...

MimiFix Posted 22 Oct 2014 , 2:58am
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Eight months may seem like a very long time when you're trying to sell French pastries to people who want donuts. Tweaking your menu toward items with better sales potential, such as cakes, is always a good idea. Adding a few meal items can also boost sales.You may find a compromise, but it'll no doubt take time to achieve better sales.

MimiFix Posted 22 Oct 2014 , 12:56pm
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Originally Posted by MamaNenascakes 

... I'm making the decision of changing my menu...  Anyone has faced this? what was the reaction of your customers? 


I had a bakery/cafe in upstate New York and targeted customers who liked the kinds of products that I liked. So my business was great because I understood my customers. When my husband retired from the police dept, I sold my shop and we moved south. We opened a small bakery and it didn't take me long to see that I was not familiar with the southern preference. I had to change products numerous times and after a year, when that was not enough to draw in customers, we moved to another location in a busy downtown business district. That's what I meant yesterday when I wrote, "Eight months may seem like a very long time when you're trying to sell French pastries to people who want donuts."


That move turned out to be the best thing for our business. With new customers, we often sold out before the end of the day! Eventually I found what worked, it just took time to get there. 

MamaNenascakes Posted 24 Oct 2014 , 2:27am
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Thank you so much, I bought the location and just decided to put it of lease in January....

I truly enjoy making cakes and I feel that's what I want to do. My husband wants to get involved when he retires but he still has 4 more years =( ,.... so I think in 4 years I can re open and I'll learn more about what the town likes.


They had no clue what a scone was until I brought them here, nor french macaroons, chocolate croissants.... I can keep going on and on. Only 40% of my customers come for those items so I think I'm ready to move on and doing only cakes until we either move to a different area or move with the military


Thank you so much I really appreciate the advice.

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