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-K8memphis Posted 8 Sep 2014 , 3:01pm
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nielsson massey markets vanilla powder and king arthur carries it -- yes! i've used vanilla/butter powder before and it makes chocolate sing --


and to zip up vegetable oil 'chocolate' the almond bark and 'imitation' chocolates from the grocery store -- since we use modeling chocolate in conjunction with a cake i  rarely use real cocoa butter chocolate and this type of product really ups the ante --

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Cevamal Posted 8 Sep 2014 , 10:35pm
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AI received some of this as a gift but I've never used it. Can you sub for vanilla extract? 1:1? Preferred uses?

-K8memphis Posted 9 Sep 2014 , 12:00am
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AI just winged it -- added it to my chocolates -- bonbons, molds and modeling chocolate -- I probably put it in some other items --

In the reviews on king Arthur for this product is a phone number to call their chefs -- I'll post it later when I get on the other computer -- so my point is -- call & ask 'em -- I'm surprised there's no instructions on the bottle

I noticed it has maltodextrin -- that's a sweetener

Cevamal Posted 9 Sep 2014 , 5:45pm
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AYep, that's why I haven't used it. Didn't seem like a simple substitution.

-K8memphis Posted 9 Sep 2014 , 8:29pm
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i know what you mean because i got this lovely box of all kinds of liquid flavors from amoretti's -- these bottles of crazy lovely wild concoctions -- and i stored them forever because there were no directions -- i just didn't want to test all these different things -- still pains me that i blew those materials but back then i was real busy and i just never got around to it -- 


but the vanilla powder is an enhancer though -- it's not like peppermint oil or cayenne or something where there's absolute limits and a little goes a long way -- the amount of sweetening i'm sure is negligible -- for example some chefs use vanilla in savory offerings -- i would not use it for that because it would sweeten  -- but if you're making something sweet -- toss some in and try it -- maybe with a little less regular vanilla --


but if you try it in something let me/us know


best to you

Cevamal Posted 10 Sep 2014 , 6:59pm
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AOh sure, make the new girl the Guinea pig. ;-)

-K8memphis Posted 10 Sep 2014 , 7:33pm
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works for me -- do it do it do it do it do it  :-D 


alright scaredy cat-- i just ordered some -- $17? <thud> i just fainted --


we can try it together -- this stuff better be good! 


gimme a week or so for it to arrive...


wanna do a small white cake or pound cake or some sugar cookies? 

Cevamal Posted 10 Sep 2014 , 8:54pm
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AOh wait, a CHALLENGE? Oh, you're on. :-D

I'm thinking white cupcakes.

Questions (and I know you're not an authority, I'm just thinking out loud):

Still use the normal vanilla called for or use this instead?

How much to use?

-K8memphis Posted 10 Sep 2014 , 9:07pm
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Acupcakes are perfect -- we can divide the batch and use different configurations -- some all powder at different strengths -- one with regular vanilla as a base line --

I just made a Dutch apple cake -- I bet it would be great in some streusel topping --

when I make peanut butter fudge for Christmas i like to sprinkle it with salt and regular vanilla sugar -- I bet this will be great for that -- for seventeen bucks it better be! :)

-K8memphis Posted 12 Sep 2014 , 1:30pm
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scheduled to arrive wednesday :-D

Cevamal Posted 12 Sep 2014 , 2:35pm
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AI'm off to an auspicious start:

I added some to a batch of granola. This is clearly not an ideal test since there are other strong flavors but I figured: WTH?

Result: meh. I can't tell a difference. My 11yo didn't like it as much as my usual recipe.

Last night I made whipped cream and added some. Result: it tasted like vanilla but I think adding vanilla extract would have done the same thing (at significant cost savings!)

It would have been better to split the batch and use regular vanilla in one and powder in the other but it was a school night and we had company so I didn't have time to experiment.

I read through the comments on the KAF web site for ideas.

For cupcakes I'm thinking of splitting the batch

1. normal vanilla 2. normal vanilla plus powder 3. Powder only 4. Double normal vanilla

(#4 because otherwise #2 could win based just on having more vanilla, not because the powder was anything special.)

Cevamal Posted 12 Sep 2014 , 2:38pm
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Original message sent by -K8memphis

scheduled to arrive wednesday :D

Is it being delivered by legless midgets?

Amazon has spoiled me forever on shipping speeds. *sigh*

-K8memphis Posted 12 Sep 2014 , 3:04pm
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Originally Posted by Cevamal 
Originally Posted by -K8memphis 

scheduled to arrive wednesday icon_biggrin.gif

Is it being delivered by legless midgets?

Amazon has spoiled me forever on shipping speeds. *sigh*


seriously-- amazon is ridiculous for shipping, mind boggling --i've had things arrive within 24 hours with regular shipping --not to mention i love to watch package tracking -- i always mail my christmas goodies late so it's always a big thrill to see them actually arrive in the nick of time--


so i really loved that other vanilla butter powder -- it was not expensive -- this stuff might do well in chocolate? is it a huge bottle? $17? might need to return it :lol:

it might be good sprinkled on top of puddings and ???

-K8memphis Posted 15 Sep 2014 , 4:18pm
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it has been scanned into 6 different locations and arrived in knoxville about an hour ago --

it's about 400 miles away so just any minute now... :-D 

-K8memphis Posted 17 Sep 2014 , 3:51pm
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so i got my vanilla powder -- it says to use it 1:1 meaning one teaspoon of vanilla extract is equal to one teaspoon of powder -- it also says,

"all natural, alcohol and sugar free powder featuring madagascar bourbon pure vanilla. it's ideal for dry mixes, beverages and color sensitive recipes such as icings. Or, sprinkle on cakes, pancakes and fruit."


i tasted a dot of it and it was a pale vanilla flavor -- maltodextrin is listed first so there's more of that than the vanilla -- maltodextrin is a starch that can be sweet to flavorless -- obviously they needed a vehicle for the vanilla powder -- it will be cool on my fudge and those no bake oatmeal cookies -- it's to be shaken on like salt only it's vanilla -- i always cinnamon sugar my muffins so after baking i can shake on some vanilla powder there too --


i have a list entitled, "if a little is good a lot is better" -- vanilla is high on this list --

so for me i probably would use it 1:1.5 and my '1' is already about a '2' 




recipes --

Cevamal Posted 18 Sep 2014 , 6:32pm
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> For cupcakes I'm thinking of splitting the batch

1. normal vanilla - 1/4 tsp vanilla extract
2. normal vanilla plus powder - 1/4 tsp vanilla extract plus 1/4 tsp powder
3. Powder only - 1/2 tsp powder
4. Double normal vanilla - 1/2 tsp vanilla extract

(#4 because otherwise #2 could win based just on having more vanilla, not because the powder was anything special.)


Test results: my husband and I couldn't tell a difference. The kids liked the all-powder version better. I was reminded that I vastly prefer yellow cake to white. I will never understand the popularity of white over yellow.

Hypothesis: either the kids are trying to bankrupt me or they liked the extra sugar.

Regardless the taste test was a lot of fun. :-) I labeled the bottom of mini cupcake wrappers and then everyone got four minis for dessert. After picking their favorites I passed along a piping bag of Nutella Buttercream to top the remainders with.

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