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heidylbyrg Posted 3 Sep 2013 , 6:05pm
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Does anyone here know anything about the company White Stokes?  We've been using their piping gel for probably about 20 years because it is far superior to any other brand.  Recently, our distributors have had a hard time getting it and now they say the factory is closed up and they can no longer get it.  We like this product because it is made with Agar which makes it "break" easily instead of stringing out and getting all gummy.  Does anyone know of any other brand that is either made with Agar or is less stringy than most brands?  The other brands I've tried are just awful, I can't even work with it.

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heavely send Posted 28 Sep 2013 , 5:57pm
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I tried to order it through a party store where I live and they had to reordered two times and still have not received it yet.  wondering why also. :(

cakelady1962 Posted 19 Nov 2013 , 3:35pm
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I have actually found a piping gel that is pretty close to White Stokes. The company name is Korinek. The label says...Manufactured by Frank Korinek & Company  4828 W 25th Street  Cicero, IL 60804-3489. I have tried Lawrence Foods and Chef Master piping gel and was not satisfied with either one!! The Korinek's is as close to White Stokes as I have found. It is a little more "wet" than White Stokes and a little sweeter, but still tastes good (unlike Lawrence Foods). I use parchment paper to roll my own decorating bags and find that after a couple of days, I can feel the "water" thru the parchment. It is almost as clear as White Stokes and is very smooth...NO LUMPS like Chef master. I get mine thru a company called South Holland Baking Supply in Steger, IL. 

LisaBerczel Posted 19 Nov 2013 , 4:23pm
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If true, this makes me very sad.


I really liked their piping gel.

cakelady1962 Posted 20 Nov 2013 , 4:48pm
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It is true, I am so sorry to say. The distributors that I have bought from for over 30 years told me that it is official that they are out of business. The "tub" that the new stuff I bought has the same label as the White Stokes only it has the new manufacture's name on it...so maybe they bought White Stoke's stock of plastic containers and formulated their own piping get. Like I said, I use piping gel A LOT and this stuff is as close to White Stokes as I have been able to find.

WhtStksFormEmp Posted 20 Feb 2014 , 3:28am
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AListen. I am a former employee at White Stokes and the company that took over is going to open with the same recipes. You name it, agar piping gel (which I used to cook) all the colors, caramel and marshmallows which was the company wad known for. As soon as I get the information of when I will start working for the new owners I will let you know. I know for FACT the new location will be located in Franklin Park and the new name company name will be Le Sweets or LA Sweets or something like that.

cakelady1962 Posted 20 Feb 2014 , 5:45am
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I am going to pick up some supplies tomorrow from my distributor and I will give them the "head's up" about the piping gel coming back. I can't wait to see if it's the same. I truly miss it!!

AnnetteH Posted 1 Jun 2014 , 1:05am
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Still waiting to hear about this.

cakelady1962 Posted 1 Jun 2014 , 2:11am
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To the person who used to work for White Stokes.....any news yet? I can use the piping gel that I have found to replace the White Stokes but would rather have the "old stuff" back. PLEASE respond and let us know what's going on!!!!

Yomomma Posted 24 Jun 2014 , 4:39pm
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AIs there an update on availability of White Stokes piping gel?

maybenot Posted 24 Jun 2014 , 10:24pm
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Don't know it this will work, but it comes up right away on Google.



LA Sweet Inc Posted 24 Sep 2014 , 5:29am
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Yes please visit www.lasweetinc.com ( we acquired White Stokes) and yes you can still purchase agar piping gel from us.  We have all colors and have a variety of colors for the holiday season. 

LA Sweet Inc Posted 24 Sep 2014 , 5:31am
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Hi you can order the piping gel from us we acquired the company back in 2013 by calling 252-340-0390 or visit our website and place your order at www.lasweetinc.com


We are looking forward to serving all the customers that are looking for our product.


Thank you

LA Sweet Inc Posted 24 Sep 2014 , 5:33am
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LA Sweet Inc (acquired White Stokes) in 2013 and all products are still available including the famous agar piping gel. 


Please call us at 252-340-0390 to place an order or visit our website at www.lasweetinc.com.


Thank you

LA Sweet Inc Posted 24 Sep 2014 , 5:35am
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Visit us at www.lasweetinc.com or call us at 252-340-0390 and you will be able to order our famous piping gel.  White Stokes was acquired by LA Sweet Inc.


Piping Gel

Whisto Jel






Call us now to purchase the products which you have been looking for.

LA Sweet Inc Posted 24 Sep 2014 , 5:37am
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Yes White Stokes was acquired by another company and it is called LA Sweet Inc.


Please see our website at www.lasweetinc.com


Or call 252-340-0390


You will find you can still purchase our famous Agar piping gel or any of our other products.

LA Sweet Inc Posted 24 Sep 2014 , 5:38am
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No you want to go to www.lasweetinc.com



Place your piping gel orders here or call 252-340-0390


Thank you

LA Sweet Inc.

cakelady1962 Posted 16 Oct 2014 , 1:51am
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It's OFFICIAL....Agar piping gel is back and just as AWESOME as it was when White Stokes was producing it!!!! I have been working with "the new gel" for the last couple of weeks and it works GREAT!! I had  used it for over 30 years and had been very frustrated when White Stokes closed their doors. So, PLEASE spread the news....you can buy Agar piping gel from the company that is now making it at www.lasweetinc.com.

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