Baking A Cake While In The Netherlands

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Hamaranpuu Posted 26 Jul 2013 , 7:08pm
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   This October my husband and I will be taking our kids home to the Netherlands to visit Oma and Opa. I was just wondering if some of our dutch members would be able to help me out with some information. My daughter will be turning 3 while we are there and my family wants me to do a cake. (I have only been decorating for 2 years and my mother in law and father in law only ever get to see pictures of what I do since I live in Canada and they live in The Netherlands.) I will be bringing a small set of cake pans with me but would like to not have to being anything ells or vary little on acount of limited luggage space. Would anyone be able to tell me some store names were I might be able to buy some basic decorating suplies while I am over there? My in-laws live in Almere.

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HelloSugarCakes Posted 26 Jul 2013 , 9:42pm
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I have a friend who lives in the Netherlands who I'd be more than happy to ask if you like

Hamaranpuu Posted 26 Jul 2013 , 10:51pm
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That would be great HelloSugarCakes.

taartenmaker Posted 26 Jul 2013 , 11:04pm
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AThe store Xenos and the store Action sell cake supplies for a good price, but for the good proffesional fondant you should either go to Pipoos (a very expensive store) or let your family members order it online.

taartenmaker Posted 26 Jul 2013 , 11:12pm
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AAnd i just found out you use marshmellow fondant and mini marshmellows are had to vind here in The Netherlands.

commentaart Posted 27 Jul 2013 , 6:48am
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AXenos and action do sell cake supplies, but the quality isn't always great. In Almere there is a store called: De leukste taartenshop. They sell quality stuff and give good advice.

Enjoy your stay :)

de_montsoreau Posted 27 Jul 2013 , 1:08pm
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What you can slos do is order the stuff you need from any dutch decorating online shop (I use quite a lot) and have it sent to Oma's and Opa's house in advance. Eliminates the need to go supply shopping during your precious time there. Unless you want to of course ;-) They have two stores in the Netherlands but I have no clue if they are close (well, nothing is that far away in NL if you are used to Canadian distances ;-)


Have a great holiday!

Hamaranpuu Posted 27 Jul 2013 , 3:32pm
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You are absolutly right de_montsoreau, I lived there for a year and couldn't get over how people thought an hour train ride was SO LONG. Thanks everyone for the information.


Taartenmaker I am prepared to not be able to use my usual MMF. Thanks for the heads up though!


I will have to look up that store just for fun Commentaart.


You have all been vary helpful. Ordering online before I get there is a great idea to. THANKS!

commentaart Posted 27 Jul 2013 , 5:36pm
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ANo problem


kikiandkyle Posted 28 Jul 2013 , 4:18am
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AI'm guessing you don't need help with ingredients if you lived there, but a friend of mine still has trouble finding some of the things she was used to finding here in the US (eg food coloring). Maybe check at to see if what you will need is available on the shelves there before you go.

I also like Hema for kitchen items, and random little cute stuff. De Bijenkorf's kitchen section has a great baking assortment too.

Eet smakelijk!

taartenmaker Posted 28 Jul 2013 , 6:45pm
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Ade beijenkorf is very expensive

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