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Mad Batter Posted 14 Jun 2013 , 3:05pm
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I need to make a pinata cake for a wedding in October and they want teal/silver m&m's inside BUT the smallest amount you can purchase in bulk is a 2lb. bag and they cost $35 +shipping!! Does anyone have any suggestions of anything else that is edible I can use to put inside the cake that comes in those colors? I'm at a loss for ideas and may have to end up going with the expensive m&m's but was hoping to find a more inexpensive solution ...especially since it will only be inside of a small cake.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions :) 

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SPCOhio Posted 14 Jun 2013 , 3:20pm
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ASixlets. In my area, they can be found at Hobby Lobby and party stores as well as specialty bakery suppliers.

jason_kraft Posted 14 Jun 2013 , 5:20pm
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ASixlets can work, but if this is for a paying customer you should let them know that you will be using substitutes for the M&Ms. If they want original M&Ms they are welcome to pay the additional $35 + shipping + your markup.

AZCouture Posted 14 Jun 2013 , 5:23pm
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If I ordered something with M and M's, and got Sixlets, I'd be cheesed. They aren't even remotely the same taste. 

SPCOhio Posted 14 Jun 2013 , 6:03pm
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AYeah, I should have added that to my recommendation. They are totally different candies. If the request was for M & Ms, best ask before you substitute!

auntginn Posted 14 Jun 2013 , 8:48pm
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Where are you that they cost that much?  Yikes!

theresaf Posted 14 Jun 2013 , 9:17pm
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Party City by me sells individual color M&M bags.  As does Michael's. Are you talking about ordering from the M&M store? That sure sounds like a lot of money!


And PS I also made a pinata cake but not for a wedding!  Its a very funny idea for a wedding cake - and super messy to cut!


Good Luck!


theresaf Posted 14 Jun 2013 , 9:23pm
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Okay I just looked up M&M world

(if the address gets deleted just search M&M world)

9.99 flat rate shipping limited time only many colors, can be personalized, etc.


Mad Batter Posted 14 Jun 2013 , 9:43pm
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Thank you for your help.. I will check out the sixlets. Didnt even think about those. She doesnt care if they arent M&M's. It was the m&m website that I looked at and unless I cant read it right (Lol which is a distinct possibility!)  the smallest amount I can order in bulk is the 2 lb for 34.99 plus 9.99 shipping. She doesnt seem like she has a huge concern about price, although her fiance talks a little differently lol .. I just thought if I can find a cheaper alternative for them in the colors they want it would help them out. Thanks to everyone :) 

Mad Batter Posted 14 Jun 2013 , 9:44pm
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I will have to check if there is a party city around here. I know the closest Michaels is in columbus and I dont get down that way very often. I will have to do some checking around.. Thanks :) 

auntginn Posted 14 Jun 2013 , 9:57pm
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If you want to order online, google wholesale candy, I found many options for places you can order from.  Some have larger minimum requirements but still finding them at about $10.00 per pound.

Mad Batter Posted 14 Jun 2013 , 10:14pm
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ok I will check out google and see what I can find too .. Thank you 

Mad Batter Posted 14 Jun 2013 , 10:52pm
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Thank you! Those are awesome sites... I think I found what I am ordering for them on the websites you sent me! 

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