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girlisrad Posted 8 May 2013 , 11:45pm
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Hi! I am new here!!!  Never used or made gumpaste ever!! So i am curious about the last cup of sugar (using the willton recipe with wilton products).. are we supposed to HAND kneed that last cup in? because my paste already is so stiff! So stiff? that I am scared to put it in my mixer! And, they said a small amount of shortening could make it more manageable.. how much is a small amount? 

I am only playing for learning sakes, so no worries it's no emergency!!!  


Thanks so much in advance!

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perfectcakebyshirley Posted 9 May 2013 , 12:42am
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I've never made gumpaste, just bought premade stuff, but it is REALLY stiff until you knead it. I wouldn't use your mixer - probably hand-knead it until it seems stiff enough. (A small piece will stand up without wilting.) For the shortening, just greasing up your hands periodically will be enough.

Omas Cakes Posted 9 May 2013 , 12:54am
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AHi, welcome! The cup of powered sugar is kneaded in by hand. If too stiff place the gum paste in the microwave for 5 seconds and that should warm it up enough to knead. Too long in the microwave will cause it to melt so be careful. HTH

girlisrad Posted 9 May 2013 , 1:18pm
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Wonderful thank you!!  I will hopefully get a chance to do that today! I want to make cute little graduation caps for my son's preschool graduation cupcakes... I hope I can figure it out! 

Omas Cakes Posted 10 May 2013 , 5:02pm
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ASounds really cute. They aren't hard just need time because there's a few and you need to made extra, just in case! It's basically a square on top of a shaped ball. A button on top of the square and a teardrop clipped on the narrow end to make a tassel. Good luck and post pictures please!!!!

shake n cake Posted 10 May 2013 , 5:08pm
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Just a tip since you're new to gumpaste! Make sure to place any gumpaste you're not using while making the caps in a plastic bag, as it hardens very quickly! Good luck!




girlisrad Posted 14 May 2013 , 8:00pm
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Thank you for the help!! My tassles are rather fugly, LOL....


I actually FINALLY got around to kneeding in my sugar today! I tried a few and wow! Gumpaste is like.. play-doh on steroids!  I have NO tools, only the few things I found around the house to play with, lol. I found a nail polish bottle that stamped the perfect sized cap squares!! 


Sadly, since it took me so long to get around to doing it I won't have time to do the caps for the cupcakes... but no worries! I got some picks for them and it will be awesome <3

girlisrad Posted 14 May 2013 , 8:02pm
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YES! Thank you SO much for this advice! I did as you said, and WOW, even those small bits I had cut from the caps were already dry and ugly. I know I waited too long to work my paste... but It really was pretty easy to kneed it! I was surprised!!



Thanks so much everyone for the help! I am excited to have a few (kid free) moments to watch some tutorials and maybe bust out a flower or 7!

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