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KirasCakery Posted 13 Jan 2013 , 4:56am
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I am looking to buy wholesale cake and cupcake boxes. I have tried searching with google and am sort of lost. I don't have space to store hundreds of boxes, nor do I have the funds to purchase that many (as I am just starting out). Does anybody have any suggestions?

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jason_kraft Posted 13 Jan 2013 , 6:10am
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AIf you don't have the space to store at least 50-100 of each size then you probably won't be able to buy wholesale. We bought pink cake boxes and cupcake boxes at our local restaurant supply store (Restaurant Depot). Another popular source is

vgcea Posted 13 Jan 2013 , 6:48am
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Yeah, one of the basic premises behind buying wholesale is buying in bulk to get those discounted prices. You don't necessarily have to but a wide range of boxes though. Just a few types and then use them for different cakes. For example, you could buy 10x10x5 boxes and use those for your 6 and 8 inch cakes AND 6-packs of cupcakes if you have the right size of inserts. You'd surprised how quickly you'd go though 100 boxes. If you sell cupcakes by the dozen then you would need 14x10x4 boxes which would also work for 1/4 sheet cakes if you sell those.


So with 2 sizes of boxes and 2 sizes of inserts you'll have your 6 and 12 pack cupcakes, 6-8 inch cakes and 1/4 sheet cakes covered.


EDIT: To correct cake sizes

jason_kraft Posted 13 Jan 2013 , 7:04am
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A10"x10" boxes are only good for 6" and 8" cakes. We standardized on 10x10, 12x12, 14x14, quarter sheet, and half sheet boxes, we used the quarter sheet boxes for cupcakes with the BRP inserts.

vgcea Posted 13 Jan 2013 , 8:10am
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You're right Jason. A 10 inch cake would need at least a 12 inch board. My apologies.

KirasCakery Posted 14 Jan 2013 , 12:51am
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Thank you all very much. This is very helpful. I will have to just make room for these boxes! Lol


How do you keep a 6" cake from sliding around in a 10" box though?

jason_kraft Posted 14 Jan 2013 , 3:04am
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Original message sent by KirasCakery

How do you keep a 6" cake from sliding around in a 10" box though?

Put the 6" cake on a 10" board.

AZCouture Posted 14 Jan 2013 , 3:35am
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Put a piece of non skid under it, like even just a 2" square is enough, and you you can use any size you like.

Sassyzan Posted 14 Jan 2013 , 3:58am
post #9 of 13 sells most of their boxes in quantities of 10, 25, or more. They have good prices. I bought from them when I wanted more than 1 box but less than 50. :)

This is the second time I posted about them today. I swear they're not paying me. I just like their company!

psurrette Posted 14 Jan 2013 , 4:06am
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I buy boxes sometimes from you only have to buy 1 at a time. and I love the brown ones.

ChefKetra Posted 16 Feb 2013 , 2:05pm
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AHi. I see you are in Maryland. Go to restaurant depot (Alexandria, Capitol Heights, Baltimore). They come in all sizes and shapes. You will need your business license in order to get a membership.

ChefKetra Posted 16 Feb 2013 , 2:07pm
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AAnother option is Fran's Cake and Candy in Fairfax. Private message me if you need more places.

Dani1081 Posted 22 Apr 2013 , 11:51am
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Just a heads up for anyone ordering from Wesellcoffee - they do have great prices, HOWEVER. . . . I placed an order with them on 4-7-2013 for boxes - a total of $147. According to the UPS tracker, it took NINE DAYS after I paid them with PAYPAL (instant payment!) before they finally shipped my package, and I am STILL waiting for delivery. Their website indicates that they ship within 4 -5 days and my area (KCMO) should recieve packages in 3 days, which at the outside should be 8 days, right? It has now been 15 days and I am still without an order that was paid for at the time of order. If you are in a hurry or need your items within a period of several weeks, you might consider paying a little more for faster service. Or plan ahead. WAAAAAAAAAAAAY ahead.

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