Is This Stork On The Cake A Cake Pan Or Is It Carved?

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brownsugarbaker Posted 12 Jan 2013 , 5:02pm
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I have an order for a stork cake and the customer has requested a cake like this one. I am trying to find out if the cake is a mold or if it was carved. My client is adamant that this is the cake that she has to have. 

Any of your help would be greatly appreciated!!!!!!

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-K8memphis Posted 12 Jan 2013 , 5:34pm
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wow can those folks smooth a cake or what!


that's from freed's in las vegas they are a cake pumping factory--in a very good way


they prolly carved it--they are super cakers -- i very much admire their prolific work


it's either all buttercream


or they poured a glaze on it separate and placed baby & stork on the cake


but you can so see where  a little blue gets in the white and vice versa


if i was to try & replicate i'd do a shortening buttercream for the stork & baby


it could be fondant but their buttercream is like glass


the hat band is fondant icon_biggrin.gif (I got one right i'm sure!)

-K8memphis Posted 12 Jan 2013 , 5:37pm
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i bet they baked it in a stork pan

savannahquinn Posted 13 Jan 2013 , 2:35am
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I agree it looks like a pan, because where the legs cross the inside should be blue, not cake colored...if I'm seeing it right...but I googled it and couldn't find that stork pan...Hmmmmmmmm

KoryAK Posted 13 Jan 2013 , 7:06am
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My money is on hand-carved and fondant covered in white then airbrushed the different colors.  The sheet is buttercream.

-K8memphis Posted 13 Jan 2013 , 12:54pm
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have you ever seen them on tv?


they are fast as lightening

savannahquinn Posted 13 Jan 2013 , 3:55pm
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either way he is missing a foot. I don't understand that....

remnant3333 Posted 13 Jan 2013 , 4:00pm
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I agree that it is missing a foot!!! Looks incomplete with the foot missing. Everything else looks pretty good.

-K8memphis Posted 13 Jan 2013 , 4:00pm
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kind of an amputee thing




it's lost in that cloud sorta?



BakingIrene Posted 13 Jan 2013 , 4:26pm
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This stork looks like a Wilton  (or other brand) pan that was in production for a very short time.  It would have been discontinued because of the difficulty in turning out the complicated shapes.


Google "stork cake" and you get a link to a plastic topper that is an almost identical image in miniature.


But for this customer, she doesn't have much choice except to buy the cake from Freed's because the pan is just not available.


You can use the current Wilton stork pan that has no legs--and add rolled cake ball mixture legs to look like this picture. No reasonable way to make an exact copy.

Apti Posted 13 Jan 2013 , 5:05pm
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Brownsugarbaker~~Welcome to the forum. 


Here's another version of the stork and baby.  It's a discontinued Wilton pan.  Amazon says they have 2 available:


Here are the PDF instructions for the pan above:

brownsugarbaker Posted 14 Jan 2013 , 2:33pm
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I heard that they pushed those cakes out fast. I am afraid that I am going to have pass on this cake because it will be way too difficult!!

brownsugarbaker Posted 14 Jan 2013 , 2:35pm
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Thank you. I offered this to her and she said "no" that she wants it exactly like Freeds. I am afraid that I will not be able to help her. I don't airbrush and I am not a great carver yet!!

brownsugarbaker Posted 14 Jan 2013 , 2:36pm
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What it looks like to me is that they used a number 4 bread pan and added the foot. Its a cute cake, but I bet it didn't take them long to do it all.

brownsugarbaker Posted 14 Jan 2013 , 2:37pm
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I haven't seen them on TV, where can I watch them?

brownsugarbaker Posted 14 Jan 2013 , 2:40pm
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Thank you everyone for you help!!! This is my first time posting a question and am so thankful all of you took the time to help me!

CakesByJen2 Posted 14 Jan 2013 , 2:47pm
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First, if she insists she wants it *EXACTLY* like Freed's, then she needs to get it from Freed's!  I think you are right to pass on this order as I don't think she will be satisfied with anything she gets.  No one can reproduce a cake *exactly* like someone else.  Heck, I don't think I would promise to reproduce one of my own cakes *exactly*.


I guess it's a moot point now, although the stork *looks* as though it was from a pan because it is so neat, smooth, & precise; I bet it is carved, just knowing where it came from and that I don't recall ever seeing a stork pan like that.  Very cute cake, but I know I couldn't reproduce it adequately, either!

-K8memphis Posted 14 Jan 2013 , 3:01pm
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on their fb page they have videos too


they combine of all levels of caking including high end plus that powerful jet propelled speed speed speed --


a production bakery that does high end--it's perfectly delicious


they sell cake by the slice--as in one slice--i think that's so cool


if i got reincarnated i think i'd like to come back as freedsbakery


ok it's a toss up between freeds and


the 27 foot tall chocolate fountain flowing with the ton of chocolate at the bellagio--jean phillipe patisserie


or maybe a patisserie in france...still deciding i guess icon_biggrin.gif



Freed’s Bakery is celebrating their anniversary of serving Las Vegas for over 50 years now, and has been featured on such shows as The Food Network’s “Roker on the Road,” “$40 a Day with Rachael Ray,” “Sugar Rush,” and “After Midnight.” Freed’s has also been featured on Lifetime’s“Top This Party,”Hawaiian Airlines’ “The Best of Las Vegas,” “Las Vegas Live,” TheTravel Channel, and in July of 2010, Freed's was highlighted in the season premiere of TLC's new show, "Fabulous Cakes". Freed’s has also been featured in publications such asBon Appétit,Martha Stewart Weddings(featured article on Las Vegas Weddings), People’s Amazing Real Life Weddings, Neiman Marcus Entrée Magazine, Conde Nast Traveler, and the New York Times Food Section feature on wedding cake designers. Freed’s has been voted Best of Las Vegas by the Las Vegas Review Journal’s Reader’s Choice for the last 30 years, and has been recognized by AOL City’s Best and The Knot’s Best of Weddings 2008, 2009, and 2010.


-Big-Red- Posted 14 Jan 2013 , 3:32pm
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y not just print out an image and do a runsugar onto the cake, or you can do buttercream transfer.

RedInLove Posted 15 Jan 2013 , 1:18am
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Have you tried searching for the pan as a different bird? It's possible they combined two different images. Maybe look for flamingo, pelican, etc. The legs look flamingo to me, personally.

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