Urgent: How To Seal Dust Onto Fondant Surface On Cake Board?

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aizuodangao Posted 13 Nov 2012 , 1:22pm
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I am making a deep space scene onto cake board covered with fondant (think most of you would use the name fondant. we call it icing here in Australia). I have dipped a rounded flat bristle paint brush (size of brush is approx 1cm) into dark blue dust and tap the dust onto most of the surface of my fondant. Then I dabble the surface with sponge. Now I love my 'accidentally' sugar creation (i didn't plan to do it that way, LOL) but the surface has a lot of dark blue dust. I will need to hold the board vertically to gently tap it on a flat surface to get it of access dust off in the morning outside when it is brighter, assume I will be able to do that .


Now the problem is, the remaining dust on the surface, I don't really want the dust to get transfered onto other surfaces especially the figurines which I will be putting on top. Not mentioning of course, anyone who touches the surface will get dark blue dye on their fingers.I don't want that.I am not confident with painting it hence I used dust this way (which is probably not a good thing to do,,,,,, too late now though)


Is there anyway of SEALING the dust so they wont dye anything else which i may put on top or get blown onto other surfaces when I take the finish sugar work on the park for my child's birthday in 6 day's time?


I have thought of spraying alcohol on the surface to give moisture to the dust so it will likely to stick more but I am afraid this may create bloches.


Can anyone help please????????? oh, since this sugar work WON'T be eaten (my child wants to keep it for display, hence the birthday cake is separate to the sugar work), is there anything which one wouldn't put on fondant which I could possible use to seal the dust? Just a thought.


If you can help. I'd love to hear from you.





ps- just thought of using hairspray. I know, silly thought. But would it work????????

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Cakechick123 Posted 13 Nov 2012 , 2:53pm
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steam it lightly wih a steam iron. I do that with my sugar flowers and once its dry the dust doesnt come off. Im sure it will work the same.



aizuodangao Posted 13 Nov 2012 , 10:40pm
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Originally Posted by Cakechick123 

steam it lightly wih a steam iron. I do that with my sugar flowers and once its dry the dust doesnt come off. Im sure it will work the same.





Thanks for your reply, I have never done steaming before I am extremely nervous doing this.

How far roughly do you have the iron away from fondant?

How long do you leave the steam on for?

Does it have a WET look once it's dry?



FromScratchSF Posted 13 Nov 2012 , 11:23pm
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I never had much luck steaming, I always got drips and spatters with my iron - and I've also melted pieces on accident.  I mean, I steam sugar flowers but that's me holding the flowers over a kettle.  I've had problems with holding an iron close to a cake - not to say that many don't do it!



I now airbrush with Everclear (or another very strong alcohol) to set the dust and clean my fondant.

aizuodangao Posted 13 Nov 2012 , 11:44pm
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thanks for both your advise and tips. I googled and found out that steaming gives it a WET SHINY look, which in my case, is not the effect I intend to have Otherwise, it would have been great, So, what I did was to wipe off the dust in areas which I am going to stick fondant pieces on top (part which wont be visible). The exposed area. I gently hold it vertically, and tap the excess dusts off. Then I dip alcohol on a sponge and gently sponge the area. When the surface is still a little wet, I quickly scatter a little edible glitter onto it and again sponge over that (without adding any more alcohol to same sponge). I am quite happy with the outcoime. 

So, problem solved for me. Phew!

There will still be dust on the board but not as bad as previously mentioned so I am happy with it now


Thanks again for your help!

Cakechick123 Posted 14 Nov 2012 , 6:33am
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you do get a slightly shiny look as long as you steam it very lighty, its not a "wet" look though.  I agree with Fromscratch, its easier to do flowers as you just wizz it though the steam of the kettle. I have one of those upright steamers so I can keep the item vertical and as long as the sugar item is not too close to the steamer it doesnt spatter or melt.


 I've never tried airbrushing with alcohol, so cant give any advise on that, but Im glad you managed :)

ApplegumPam Posted 14 Nov 2012 , 9:18am
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If you go to your local pharmacy/chemist - buy a bottle of David Craig (brand)  Isopropyl Alcohol.   Put it into a misting bottle and spray the surface lightly - it will evaporate very quickly and will set your dust.


I have seen some people come to great grief trying to use an iron to set dust on a cake - ALWAYS the time the damn iron drips!!  If you are near a Godfreys store - you can pick up the small hand-held steamers - they are good for all sorts of things


I still prefer the Isopropyl Alcohol -  think Everclear is very similar to our Methylated Spirits - but think ours has some pretty yuk additive that doesnt make it food-grade - which the IA is  :)

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