Cookies4kids Posted 28 Aug 2012 , 7:02pm

I am searching for pans to make the kind of miniature cupcakes that you buy from store bakeries. They have sides that are straight up and down, not tapered, and the bottoms are wider. What I can buy from regular stores are more like mini tart pans---called mini muffin pans. I need to do 300 of these for a fundraiser for handicapped kids, and what I have doesn't work. Because the bottoms are so small and the sides are tapered out, the cupcakes tip over easily. I would appreciate any help with this problem.

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BakingIrene Posted 28 Aug 2012 , 7:06pm

Actually, bakeries use the same pans as what you have seen, but the paper cups are stiffer and so the sides don't taper.

Lynne3 Posted 28 Aug 2012 , 7:11pm

I got mine from
They come in all shapes and are great

shanter Posted 28 Aug 2012 , 7:29pm

There are 3-inch pans:;Product_Code=FDPRD32&Category_Code=D1D&Product_Count=42;Product_Code=FDPRD33&Category_Code=D1D&Product_Count=41

But since you have so many to make, see;s=&name=SILVERWOOD%20Cake%20Pans/Baking%20Supplies

Cheaper but not as tall and not as many "holes":

This pan looks like it has fairly straight sides:

shanter Posted 28 Aug 2012 , 11:59pm

You can bake in these paper cups, $14.95 for 100:;categoryid=386#.UD1aIaOt2a4
or slightly larger:;categoryid=386#.UD1bJqOt2a4
or these:;categoryid=386#.UD1aoaOt2a4

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