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thelilyofthewest Posted 14 Jun 2012 , 8:23pm
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Hi everyone! I need your input! I posted this question on the recipe page last night, and haven't gotten a response, so I thought I'd try here. Ive made Rhonda's MMF on 3 occasions and keep having the same issuesmaybe theyre normal, so I could use some feedback! Ive made it twice by hand and once in my KitchenAid with the dough hook. First, it says marshmallows will be soupy after heatingIve been heating till they're all melted. Correct? When adding the powdered sugar, after maybe the 2nd cup, it becomes VERY hard to get the sugar to mix in. My arm is aching! And a large amt. of sugar gets stuck to the Crisco in the bowl. It becomes VERY stiff, and I can never add all the sugar. (I should mention that I live in a fairly desert-y climate in S. California, if that might effect it.) Also, its a bit clumpy/grainy when Im done. Seems better after sitting overnight. Anyone else experience this? Is this how its supposed to go? I'm used to using Satin Ice (which I do love, but it can get VERY dry in my climate) and love how pliable the MMF is, but my goodness, it seems like it's so much more work for me than everyone else! What's your experience? Any suggestions? THANKS!

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mauisunset Posted 23 Jun 2012 , 9:24pm
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I've been making Rhonda's MMF for a few years now. I love it and so do my customers. I'll try to answer your questions as best I can.

1. melting marshmallows- microwave in 40 second intervals, stirring in between. total cooking time is 120 seconds (so 3 times). don't overcook. They will be soupy looking until you stir it and then they'll be completely melted.

2. Regardless of whether you add sugar by hand or use a mixer, don't start to combine it until you've added about 5 cups of confectioner's sugar!! I prefer to use my kitchenaid. Just crisco all the parts well but you shouldn't have chunks of crisco, it's like greasing a cake pan. Pour the marshmallows w/ ingredients combined well into mixer bowl. Then, add 5c of sugar and then turn on mixer. Put a kitchen towel over it so you don't make a mess. Mix it on speed 2-3 until it stops moving easily. Then put it on your counter and work in the remaining cups of sugar. Put crisco on your hands and mat before you start. I use almost an entire 2 lb bag.

3. and YES it is best to let it rest overnight and even better a couple of days. I usually make it several days before I use it so it's not as soft. You must sift your confectioner's sugar to eliminate getting clumps. Double wrap it in plastic wrap, let all the air out. Then put it in ziploc bag and leave on kitchen counter away from windows/heat/air conditioner.

Good luck, keep trying it. Give yourself plenty of time to make it so you're not rushed until you get the hang of it.

lkern777 Posted 24 Jun 2012 , 10:29pm
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I also use Rhonda's MMF, but I do it differently. I melt the marshmallows in the microwave then add my flavoring and pour it into my 6 qt KA with the dough attachment. I then add all of the powdered sugar and start it out on low speed until it starts to come together. Then I turn up the speed to 2 or 3 until it starts sticking to itself and almost forming a ball. Then I turn it out on the countertop and knead it until it is smooth. There will be some stuck to the bowl and the dough hook, but I use my Pampered Chef scraper to get that out and mix it in with the rest.

I also tweaked the recipe a bit because mine was always too soft even after sitting overnight. I reduced the amount of corn syrup in half and that helped me. Also, a couple of times I did not knead the fondant until it was smooth and I ended up with little hard chunks of sugar that I had to pick out. That was not fun.

As a side note, when I used my 5qt mixer it seemed like it was really straining and I thought I might burn out my motor. My 6qt has no problem at all.

Good luck!

pieceofcake561 Posted 25 Jun 2012 , 4:08am
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I find that the brand of confectioners sugar makes a huge difference when making MMF. twice I have attempted store brand confectioners sugar and both times I was forced to throw the fondant in trash because it was too dry and crumbly. Make sure you use the good stuff!

lkern777 Posted 25 Jun 2012 , 2:11pm
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Originally Posted by pieceofcake561

I find that the brand of confectioners sugar makes a huge difference when making MMF. twice I have attempted store brand confectioners sugar and both times I was forced to throw the fondant in trash because it was too dry and crumbly. Make sure you use the good stuff!

I haven't had any trouble with the store brands. I typically use Aldi's powedered sugar because it is so much cheaper.

thelilyofthewest Posted 3 Jul 2012 , 7:50pm
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Thank you so much for your replies, all! I didn't realize there were any till today icon_smile.gif I think perhaps I'm overcooking the marshmallows which could be a reason it's so stiff. I have a really old microwave, so I usually add time--next time I'll try the 120 secs. And I will definitely try adding the majority of the sugar at once! And will be using the Kitchenaid from now on icon_wink.gif I don't have the problem of it being too soft--the opposite (I guess my super dry weather CAN be handly for some things!) I always use C&H sugar--I've tried te Target brand, and it is much grainier in my buttercreams, so now I stick to what works icon_wink.gif

Thanks again! Sure appreciate your help!

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