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bethyscake Posted 15 Apr 2011 , 5:47am
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I am going to be renting a commercial kitchen pretty soon here and am now able to make and sell my cakes officially. I am trying to think of a name so I can make a simple website and advertise that I am open for business. I have a few ideas but would love to hear some more. I don't want anything with my name in it though. Some of the names already in thought are.

Trendy treats
Confectioners Corner

I do mostly fondant cakes, will also do cupcakes and cake pops after i learn how to perfect them. But I'm not going to venture into any cookies as of yet.

Any ideas welcome and thank you for your time icon_biggrin.gif

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scp1127 Posted 15 Apr 2011 , 6:01am
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The names don't sound like fondant cake names. You want people to know what you do and get an impression of your style.

bethyscake Posted 15 Apr 2011 , 2:38pm
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I'm not sure how I would include fondant in the name other than fondant creations. I plan on doing more than fondant so I don't want a name to categories me or classify me as one thing only. I am trying to plan for longer than the next few years, but 5-10 years from now when I will be able to provide a wider selection and expand my business. Something simple, easy to remember would be nice.

Mfattore Posted 15 Apr 2011 , 2:53pm
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Cup-a-cake is cute but only says cupcakes to me. Maybe Cut-a-cake or Here-A-Cake actually these are terrible but I would keep brainstorming for something that is a better description of what you do.

bethyscake Posted 15 Apr 2011 , 3:02pm
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I had thought of, i-cake or Cake-it last night not sure how well those would go over. I had once liked, cookies cakes and pies oh my. But I don't see myself doing cookies or pies for a while.

KASCARLETT Posted 15 Apr 2011 , 3:14pm
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I don't have any ideas as to the name, but something else that you might want to think about it how easy it would be to type in on the browser. To me, I would probably forgo anything with a dash or other symbol in it. Although it is cute - you want something that is easy to remember.

scp1127 Posted 15 Apr 2011 , 4:04pm
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bethy, I just meant the idea. For example, confection is associated with candy. Cup-a-Cake is limiting in that it makes you sound like a cupcake shop only. Trendy Treats does not sound like a bakery offering pricey cakes, but a fun treat to grab and go.

You only have a moment of a person's time before they are bombarded with the next thing to buy. You need to maximize that moment. KASCARLETT is right about the browser. And be careful of words the average person may misspell.

This is not an easy task. You are right about looking to the future. Just make sure the name leaves the right impression and is easy to spell ad remember. If you are in a larger city, there will be many companies in the cake search. Look at how your name will blend or stick out in the names that are already there.

bethyscake Posted 15 Apr 2011 , 6:28pm
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I live in a mid size town, only a few other cake shops available, the cake shoppe, Beyond the icing bake shoppe, and the sweet spot. I feel myself leaning more toward the Trendy Treats its open to a variety of things I can make and sell. I guess I should be open to using my name as well, Bethy's bakery isn't bad, Bethy's cakes. I keep thinking a name is supposed to pop out at me and feel absolutely perfect, but maybe it should be good and workable and keep it at that?

bethyscake Posted 15 Apr 2011 , 8:13pm
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Who would of thought, the name is the hardest part. Well for me it is lol. So far on the revised list I have.

Trendy Treats
Bethy's Bakery
Cakes Etc.
Cakes and then some
Cake Walk
Cake Spot
House of Cakes
Cake and I
Eye Spy Cakes
Cake it easy

Dayti Posted 15 Apr 2011 , 8:21pm
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Better not use Crumbs! That's already taken by a national (I think) cupcake business.

You could try incorporating the name of an ingredient, if you don't want to use your name. i.e. vanilla, cocoa, cinnamon, meringue, or whatever...

elliespartycake Posted 15 Apr 2011 , 8:30pm
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Also, when choosing a name try entering it into a domain name type website (like Go Daddy) to see if the name is available. It's also a way to see if some one else has your name. It's silly to wrack your brain to think of a name only to find out you can't use it for your website, because it's already taken.

KASCARLETT Posted 15 Apr 2011 , 8:33pm
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I kinda like Trendy Treats. It is catchy and really makes your mouth water for goodies! icon_biggrin.gif

bethyscake Posted 15 Apr 2011 , 10:14pm
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Thank you so much for all of the replies. My fiance came up with Cake Etc. and I really like how simple it is, to the point and also is open to more than cakes. For now since I am just working out of a rented kitchen I am going to use that and if or when I get my own cake shop I don't care for the name anymore I can always change it. I went to the place in my town to see if the name was taken and it isn't, and the domain name is also free icon_biggrin.gif so I am very excited. I should have a website up in the next week or two.

Thank you all again for all of the help.

lauren_cupcakery Posted 16 Apr 2011 , 2:10am
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Here are some ideas:
Bethy's Cute Cakes
Ms. Bethy's Cakes
Bethy's Cakery

Those are some ideas thumbs_up.gif

Mfattore Posted 18 Apr 2011 , 7:29pm
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Good choice. Simple, to the point, and available! Good luck Bethy!

FondantFantasies Posted 7 Sep 2012 , 4:16am
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I mostly do fondant cakes too so I named mine "Fondant Fantasies"....I really like Cake Etc. though icon_smile.gif

preeti22 Posted 7 Sep 2012 , 5:09am
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Here are some of the names

Delicious Delights
Cakers Shop
Cake Plaza
Cake n Cream

Hope it helps.
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preeti22 Posted 7 Sep 2012 , 5:10am
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Here are some of the names

Delicious Delights
Cakers Shop
Cake Plaza
Cake n Cream

Hope it helps.
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Bluehue Posted 7 Sep 2012 , 7:52am
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Bethy's Cake Creations.


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