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Ekaba Posted 6 Apr 2011 , 2:19pm
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I have a fondant recipe that I use to make homemade fondant. The recipe is great, and is easy to make. It usually makes about 3 1/2 pounds. A couple of questions in regard about general fondantmaking:

1. Can fondant be made entirely in stand mixer? Like, can I just add the sugar to the bowl, changing to dough hook, and knead it in that way? The regular way, even with the mat greased, is so messy on my countertop and fondant is sticking everywhere.

2. Can fondant be colored with gelpaste before adding remaining sugar. Coloring takes forever too, but I was thinking about adding the color I want to the mix while it's still wet, before adding the remaining sugar. Not sure if this messes things up or not.

and 3. Can fondant recipes generally be doubled or tripled? I have a seven quart cuisinart stand mixer that I could use to double it since the bowl is plenty big enough, but I've never tried it before and would hate to waste my ingredients if it doesn't work or causes the fondant not to be right.

I know I am asking a lot, but I am still somewhat new to fondant making and this is the only place I could think of to come to for help.


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divinecc Posted 6 Apr 2011 , 2:40pm
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I'm not sure what fondant recipe you use but I use MMF. I do most of the work in the mixer. First, melt the mallows, add to your greased mixer bowl, add flavoring and color if needed, mix a few times. Add 1/4 c shortening and half the powdered sugar. Mix, add the other 1/4 c shortening and a few more cups powd sugar. Soon your kitchen aid will have a hard time kneading so take out fondant and knead by hand adding in powdered sugar as needed. By the time you take out the fondant from the mixer you shouldn't have problems with it sticking. I wouldn't suggest making more than one batch at a time in your mixer because it is so hard on it...but I only have a 5.5 qt.

Ekaba Posted 6 Apr 2011 , 2:52pm
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The recipe I use first disolves 2 tbsp unflavored gelatin, then add corn syrup, 2 tbsp shortening, 3 of glycerine, vanilla. Then when that all melts down, pour into mixing bowl containing about 2 1/2 pounds of confectioners sugar. mix for 5 minutes and then pour out onto of well of confectioners, about 1/2 pound and start kneading it in. It's not hard, just messy. sometimes I have to use a little more sugar, but it somewhat stiffens as it cools. I also have a 5.5 quart kitchenaid in addition to the cuisinart 7 quart. Thanks!

Tzoavva Posted 9 Apr 2011 , 12:11pm
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divinecc, it is interesting that you actually put the 1/2 cup shortening in the actual recipe. In the recipes I have read I thought it was purely for greasing everything. I will give it a try next time. I don't have the mat but reading up about it to make a decision.

Kajsa Posted 9 Apr 2011 , 12:38pm
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If your machine can handle it you absolutely could make the fondant in it, you probably will ´not need as much sugar as if you knead it by hand.
Again if your machine can handle that much dough, you sure can double or triple the recipe.

Kajsa Posted 9 Apr 2011 , 12:40pm
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And yes, of course you can color the dough when its still wet

Ekaba Posted 9 Apr 2011 , 12:50pm
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still new to making homemade fondant, and black or red is a pain to color. I mean, I'm kneading forever. Thanks!

Tzoavva Posted 9 Apr 2011 , 8:20pm
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ekava i put my color in the marshmallow as soon as I take it out of the microwave while it is still soft and the color can spread. Keep in mind you need to put it darker than what you intend since thw powder sugar will lighten it up. Also when you are needing it later it can be a pain. Today I stuck it in the microwave for 10sec to get a good start and help it easier to work with.

Ekaba Posted 10 Apr 2011 , 1:35am
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thanks for the tips!icon_smile.gif

divinecc Posted 11 Apr 2011 , 1:53pm
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Originally Posted by Tzoavva

divinecc, it is interesting that you actually put the 1/2 cup shortening in the actual recipe. In the recipes I have read I thought it was purely for greasing everything. I will give it a try next time. I don't have the mat but reading up about it to make a decision.

I have always done it this way and have had great results. I noticed a thread going around about a week ago talking about using the full 1/2 c and loved it. Try it out and see what ya think icon_wink.gif

SweetCakesbyAmy Posted 11 Apr 2011 , 7:02pm
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I have tried my fondant in the mixer now the last few times and prefer it better to my kneading it! I would definalty stick a single batch though. I cannot imagine burning up your motor over a double batch of fondant. I have a 5 qt 400 watt mixer and it does a great job getting it nice and smooth! HTH

Tzoavva Posted 11 Apr 2011 , 9:36pm
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divinecc I will be trying it out this week for sure and let you know. I am so excited to try new things to see what I like as well as my cowerkers. Not sure how happy they will be to see another cake show up within a week before they have had time to burn off the one I just took in today icon_biggrin.gif

SweetCakesbyAmy, I agree I don't want to see my Kitchenaid burn out either. I always wonder when I hear folks burn theres out with either bread dough or other recipes what model they have. I have the 600 Pro Line 575W. I figured when I bought it I would dish out the money up front and have it last for years. Only drawback is that it is a 6 qt and not so good for small jobs. Need to get that 3qt addition for small jobs one of these days.

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