What Filling Would You Use For A Rum Cake?

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JCE62108 Posted 9 Sep 2010 , 10:25pm
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I had a customer request a rum cake for one of the flavors on her 3 tier cake. She didnt seem to have a clue what it was or what it should taste like, she just thought it would be fun because its her boyfriend's 21st birthday.

So I did some looking, and all the rum cake recipes I found were bundt cakes. If I were to do some kind of filling for it, what in the world would I do? At first I thought maybe a rum buttercream or infused custard, but I worry that will be just too much rum flavor. What is something basic that would taste good inside a cake like this?

This is the recipe I thought Id try. Except without the nuts and Im not sure about using the glaze. Maybe I could brush it on the layers after torting? It had good ratings on food.com:

Bacardi Rum Cake

  1 cup choppedpecans or 1 cup chopped walnuts
  1 (520 g) packages yellow cake mix (You just use the cake mix as is, do not add other ingredients listed on cake box.)
  1 (92 g) packages vanilla instant pudding mix
  4 eggs
  1/2 cup cold water
  1/2 cup cooking oil
  1/2 cup amber rum or 1/2 cup 1873 rum

  1/2 cup butter
  1/4 cup water
  1 cup sugar
  1/2 cup amber rum or 1/2 cup 1873 rum
Change Measurements: US | Metric
Prep Time: 20 mins
Total Time: 1 1/2 hrs

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peg818 Posted 9 Sep 2010 , 11:05pm
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my first thought is coconut. You know like a pinacoloda(sp?) cake. Pineapple would probably work too. Then a whipped cream type icing on the outside.

AnnieCahill Posted 9 Sep 2010 , 11:08pm
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I thought the same thing as you. If you use a rum custard, it might be too "rummy." I think you should just do a simple vanilla or Bavarian cream, especially if you're using the glaze or if rum in your cake is strong. That way you could add some rum into your buttercream and it wouldn't be overkill.


She didnt seem to have a clue what it was

I wouldn't worry about it too much for that reason. icon_smile.gif I'm sure whatever you come up with will be great!

Good luck!

JCE62108 Posted 10 Sep 2010 , 1:19am
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lol yeah I figured. I think it's just the novelty of the idea that she's interested in. Ive never made a rum cake before, and its not something on my menu, but I always try to give people what they ask for. I figure that's the whole point of a custom cake. icon_smile.gif This recipe had great reviews, so I guess we'll see. I thought maybe a bavarian or vanilla custard filling would probably be safe. I would be afraid to add a fruit or other flavors to it really. I think since its normally served as a bundt cake with no filling, its probably good enough on its own without adding more crazy flavors to it. If it were me, I might try the pineapple or something like that. Oooo I just drank a pina colada at the beach the other day....mmm. Wish I had another...lol.

Thanks guys. icon_smile.gif Maybe I'll make the cake and see what goes good with it. I always have stuff on hand for fillings. Ill probably make a full batch of it and Im only making a 4" cake, so Ill have extra to play around with. icon_smile.gif And eat...yum.

LaurenLuLu Posted 10 Sep 2010 , 2:08am
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I think banana cream sounds yummy with rum cake

laboti Posted 10 Sep 2010 , 2:20am
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well the vanilla babrian cream sounds good , but let me tell you i do a lot of tres leches cakes and usually people ask for rum in it and the filling is allways fruits like strawberry, peach, or pineapple, and i mix the fruit with nuts like toasted almonds or chopped pecans! i hope it helps!!!

JCE62108 Posted 10 Sep 2010 , 2:21am
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oooooo it does. icon_smile.gif

G_Cakes Posted 10 Sep 2010 , 2:25am
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First thing I thought of when it came to rum cake was a caramel filling....

iluvpeeks Posted 10 Sep 2010 , 2:58am
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My first thought was dulce de leche (caramel) also, but I do like the sound of banana cream too! What about a cream cheese filling with Torani banana cream syrup added to it. I would want the flavors to compliment each other, but at the same time take the bite out of the rum flavor.

JCE62108 Posted 10 Sep 2010 , 3:05am
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Ive emailed her all of your suggestions, so Ill just wait and see what she says.

I dont know that I could get Torani banana cream syrup here....sounds gooooood though! I have only been able to find hazelnut and chocolate. I used to add the chocolate to my chocolate cake batter and it really made it good! I guess its not that popular in my area though, because flavors are pretty limited.

iluvpeeks Posted 10 Sep 2010 , 3:20am
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I purchase all the Torani syrups from WeSellCoffee.com. Their prices are really good. $4.25 for a 25.4 fl.oz. bottle. You can also find them on Amazon. I don't know if the name of the company will be allowed. PM me and I'll give you the name if its not allowed.

linedancer Posted 10 Sep 2010 , 11:35am
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You picked a great rum cake recipe, it is the best thumbs_up.gif
You definitely want to use the glaze in some way because it makes the cake.

JCE62108 Posted 10 Sep 2010 , 5:40pm
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That's good to know! Thank you! So if you've had this cake before, do you have any suggestions for a filling?

linedancer Posted 10 Sep 2010 , 10:42pm
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Never use a filling in it, always have made it in a bundt pan. When you use all of the glaze, it soaks into the cake at the bottom, it is yummy, if you like rum icon_lol.gif

Banana does sound good, kind of like bananas foster??

doramoreno62 Posted 14 Sep 2010 , 8:10am
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I also make the Bacardi Rum cake. I use Bacardi 151 rum. You definitely have to use the glaze. Like linedancer said, it makes the cake. I added pecan flavoring and chopped pecans to Pastry Pride (non dairy whipped topping) and used that as a filling. It was very tasty.

Cocoby Posted 14 Sep 2010 , 8:52am
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vanilla buttercream woulb be an excellent filling, also i've tried guava jam and it is super delish icon_smile.gif

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