I Hate The Wilton Leveler

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SugarKissesCakery Posted 15 Jul 2010 , 12:58pm
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Ahhhhhh! Does anyone else have trouble with the large Wilton leveler????? I just leveled two 10" cakes - one is just fine and the other is not level at all. Well, if this cake was a topsy turvy it would be just perfect. I am so frustrated!!!!!! Now I have to rebake the 10" cake and it sets me completely behind schedule. It may be time for me to break down and buy the agbay but I'm in agbay denial. (Definition of agbay denial - knowing it may be a superior product but refusing to believe the hype because it is beyond expensive so I'll just keep up the Wilton insanity and make gazillions of cake balls with my ruined cakes.) ha! Is there any alternative to the agbay leveler? And where is my Sugarshack Back to Basics video?????? I need my Sugarshack right now!

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Tclanton Posted 15 Jul 2010 , 1:17pm
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I bought mine from Michaels - not sure if it was made by Wilton or not, but I have experienced the same frustrations. Hope that you dont ruin too many cakes.

sechrestloans Posted 15 Jul 2010 , 1:29pm
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I have the same issue, I end up trimming it with a knife until it is level. The Agbay is so expensive, I cant touch it right now.

cake-angel Posted 15 Jul 2010 , 1:45pm
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The Wilton Large leveler is really not a great product. The blade has too much flex and tends to follow the path of least resistance making for very uneven cuts. I love the small leveler for cakes 10" and less. For trimming larger cakes i now use the top of the pan as a trimming guide. I put cake boards inside the pan to raise the cake, place the cake in and the resting my knife on the edges of the pan cut the top of the cake off. If my knife is shorter than the distance accross the pan - I cut in from all edges as far as i can with the knife still resting on the pan edges and then finish off the center freehand. I would love the Agbay too but haven't saved enough pennies for it just yet. icon_smile.gif

****I learned this very fabulous technique from our lovely cake and business guru Indydebi - here on cake central. Thank you Indydebi for all your great advice!

Tclanton Posted 15 Jul 2010 , 2:17pm
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I get frustrated each time I go to level and try very hard not to show my temper, but it is hard. I believe that I will write a letter to Santa for the agbay. Nice to know that I am not alone in my aggravations.

Kayakado Posted 15 Jul 2010 , 2:31pm
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someone on CC had an adaption to make it work better but you'll have to do a search for the previous thread.

missmikey Posted 15 Jul 2010 , 2:32pm
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I would like an Agbay but can't afford one I did have enough for the Fat daddio's one that someone talked about on here. It is pretty nice. I haven't had any trouble with it. It is not super easy to adjust but not hard either and I think it is a lot more reliable than the wilton wire thing.

leah_s Posted 15 Jul 2010 , 2:49pm
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Gosh, Cake-Angel I thought that was my tip, but if Indy posted it first, I bow to her.

luvmysmoother Posted 15 Jul 2010 , 2:50pm
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I bought a small Wilton leveler over 5 years ago and never even took it out of the cardboard package. It realized a large bread knife worked fine and the thin blade on the leveler did not impress me. I just use a long knife for all my cakes - If it's a bit unlevel - then I just pile a little extra icing or filling on the cake to make it levelicon_smile.gif

am2pm Posted 15 Jul 2010 , 2:54pm
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I just broke down and ordered the agbay (thanks to my in-laws). The last cake I used the Wilton levelers on were a mess. I could have chewed a straighter line!!! So with 2 cakes due next week, I'm hoping if the leveling goes well, it will continue through out the process of the whole cake. I'm just a hobby baker but my stress level it worth something too. I listened to Leah_s about SPS and she steered me in the right direction there so I'm sure she is right on this also.

By the way, Maureen from Agbay said hello. She hasn't been on CC for awhile because she is keeping her 3 grandbabies for the summer.

leah_s Posted 15 Jul 2010 , 3:14pm
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Gosh, am2pm, no pressure, huh?

Yeah, the Agbay is fabulous. Sometimes the simplest things make the most difference. You'll even feel like a pro1

Monirr04 Posted 15 Jul 2010 , 3:25pm
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Oh i am so glad I'm not the only one that is having problems with this leveler. I seriously thought maybe i was doing something wrong every time I use it. I purchased the one that folds in half about 2 months ago and for the life of me could not get the thing to torte straight.
I just emailed Wilton directly and told them of the problems and disappointment I am having with this leveler and am anxious to see how they reply back.
I would love the Agbay one too and as soon as I strike oil (jk) I'm going to get one.

missmikey - HOw is the Fat Daddio one??

SugarKissesCakery Posted 15 Jul 2010 , 4:53pm
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I too am wondering how well the Fat Daddio works.

BRATTYR Posted 15 Jul 2010 , 5:21pm
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wow i have never heard of the Agbay leveler before and after reading this thread i google it and it looks fabulous!!! what perfect cuts!! i have always just used a bread knife to cut my cakes. you have all said it cost alot but i could not belive when i saw the price!!!! $275 for a knife wow!!!
i hope that you enjoy your new toy am2pm, hey if you know any bakers that are close to you, you could rent it out (they would have to come see you at home {i would not let that thing out of sight} and charge $5 a use to help pay for it!! LOL
i know i would pay just to try it out once!!!

sechrestloans Posted 15 Jul 2010 , 5:55pm
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Since the agbay is not an option for me until I hit the lottery..LOL I am going to try the cake board trick on my cake tomorrow icon_surprised.gif) thanks for all the helpful tips everyone!

millermom Posted 15 Jul 2010 , 5:59pm
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I have never had trouble with the Wilton leveler, so I am sorry to hear when people do. icon_sad.gif but I also LOVE the Leah_s/Indydebi idea of stacking the cake on cardboards to raise them up.

Leah, I also have to tell you that my first SPS came today. I ordered it for a wedding cake I'm doing at the end of the month. I'm so excited! I've read and re-read your instructions, so...here goes! icon_biggrin.gif

cake-angel Posted 15 Jul 2010 , 6:32pm
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Originally Posted by leah_s

Gosh, Cake-Angel I thought that was my tip, but if Indy posted it first, I bow to her.

Sorry leahs - the first I had read of it was a post from indydebi but it is entirely possible you posted first. It is so hard to know who had which idea first but at any rate it is a great one and thank you! icon_biggrin.gif

am2pm Posted 15 Jul 2010 , 7:07pm
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BRATTYR, I didn't get the 2 bladed one, just the single one so it was less $$$. Still alot, I know but since my in-laws gave me a nice birthday check this year, I treated myself. I also told my DH that if I die before him to put it on E-bay and make some money off it LOL!

I never thought about renting it out. What a hoot. I'll tell my DH that it is going to pay for itself in no time at all. He just raises his brows when he sees some of my on-line purchases and bills.

Leah_s no pressure at all. I trust your judgement. It is my skills I have doubts about!!

MissLisa Posted 15 Jul 2010 , 7:30pm
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The Agbay Leveler is the way to go. Yes, it's expensive but it's WORTH IT! I bought the double blade one a few years ago and wouldn't trade it for the world. I didn't even bother to pass the Wilton one on to someone else. Just didn't want to be the source for someone else's aggravation.

Save your money ladies and gentlemen, it's worth every penny. Ask for cash for birthdays and other events, take a percentage from each cake you sell, dump your spare change and put it all into a "Magic Money Jar" You'd be suprised how quickly it adds up. I keep my jar out of sight and only reach for it to put money in, I never actually look at it. Last year I started in January for the trip to St. Charles, IL for the ICES Convention. By the time we got ready to leave home at the end of July, I had almost $500 in that jar!

leah_s Posted 15 Jul 2010 , 7:58pm
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That's a great idea. Take $2 -$5 from each cake you sell, and the change from the bottom of your purse every couple of days. It will add up. And I swear, the Agbay is totally worth the cost.

linstead Posted 15 Jul 2010 , 8:10pm
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Whoever came up with the cardboard inside the cake pan leveling idea that is BRILLANT - gosh wish I had known that like 20 years ago!!! Thanks so much for the idea. Now I hope I remeber to try this next time I make a cake....

LuluSweetArt Posted 15 Jul 2010 , 8:14pm
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Oh Agbay...how I want you. I HATE my Wilton leveller...and after my last cake and the subsequent throwing of said leveller across the room...I'll just have to use Leah's advice until I can save up enough. icon_cry.gif

Tclanton Posted 16 Jul 2010 , 2:00pm
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My BF told me yesterday that as soon as he can, he is going to buy me the Agbay - YIPPPPPPEEEEE!!!

cai0311 Posted 16 Jul 2010 , 6:04pm
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My Agbay came in the mail 3 days ago. I used it for the first time yesterday on a 10" Irish Creme Cake - perfect cuts!

I went ahead and purchased the deluxe version with the 2 blades. I really like this feature because I set the blades in position once and never have to change it. It tortes and skims the top off for me at the same time.

Now I can finally use SPS on my cakes because they are all the same height.

Peridot Posted 16 Jul 2010 , 6:34pm
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Yep, Leah is right - save up for the Agbay. You will never be sorry you did. Takes away all of that irritation and frutration trying to get a level cake or when you are trying to torte. I saved up for mine and it was the best money I ever spent and I am just a hobby baker. But when my hobby became so irritating that it was no fun any more because of the leveling and torting I knew I had to get the Agbay.

Oh - I also bought the Wilton large and small levelers and both of those were in the trash the day my Agbay arrived.

sillyoldpoohbear Posted 16 Jul 2010 , 6:35pm
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I'm a Wilton hater too. I tried to level a cake with it & it wouldn't even cut through it (doesn't say a lot for my cake does it lol)
I've tried to be patient & still no good. Thought it was just me. Glad I'm not alone.

I've heard so much about the agbay on here, but I don't think there's a stockist in the UK. Even if they shipped here the charges + customs would be way too much.

Crabbabs Posted 16 Jul 2010 , 7:01pm
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I am only a hobby baker, and I used the small Wilton leveler with the wire and it worked well enough for me. But I recently saw the cardboard trick (I saw leah's post icon_smile.gif ) and it worked so well! I have stacked cake boards, taped together and covered in press-n-seal at the exact height for each of my pans. It works perfectly, every time - even with a dull knife. As a hobby decorator I would never need (or want to spend the $) for an Agbay, but I can see the benefit for a business owner to own one.

Tclanton Posted 16 Jul 2010 , 8:14pm
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I am a hobby baker too that would like to do more in the future. The agbay is very expensive, but like I told my BF (he owns his own business), "would you be satisifed with a 10.00 saw when you knew that the 200.00 saw would save you time, aggravation, and stress"? He agreed!

I only wish the one that I have now would work, but it just doesnt at all. I spent almost 1/2 hr last night turning 2 8" rounds from side to side leveling. And then had to have the BF tell me where to place the cakes when stacking (high side vs low side).

cabecakes Posted 18 Jul 2010 , 5:06pm
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Having the right tools makes all the difference in the world, but when cash flow is an issue you have to come up with a cheaper alternative. Thanks for the post (whomever posted it), this is a fabulous trick of the trade one would do well to remember.

Marianna46 Posted 18 Jul 2010 , 5:31pm
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I've only had fair results from the Wilton leveler (that is, it works better than my freehand attempts with a long bread knife), but unfortunately there is no Agbay in my future (they're not available here in Mexico as far as I know), so leah_s/indydebi/cake-angel, that tip is worth its weight in gold!

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