Why Are People So Bland???

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TheBlonde Posted 8 Jul 2010 , 11:06pm
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So I'm starting to get annoyed. I have gotten a lot of great cake recipes from here and also came up with about 10 recipes of my own. All from scratch. I have even taken samples of each cake into work and everyone loved all of them!

HOWEVER, ever single person that has asked me to do a cake lately wants plain white cake, chocolate or vanilla....I've tried suggesting different flavors but they just want the plain ones. I've even offered to make a couple of the flavors in cupcakes so that people could try them out but nothing!!!

Why are people so bland??? It's driving me crazy...try something new people!!!

Actually, one of the cakes is for my work. I'm making a white cake and then 50 chocolate/white cupcakes. Maybe I will throw in 25 more and add some flavor icon_smile.gif

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catlharper Posted 8 Jul 2010 , 11:12pm
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Often when choosing a cake for a group people play it safe. I'm doing a wedding soon where the bride really wanted lemon cake/lemon curd but thought that some of her guests may not like the tartness of the curd so she's going with a chocolate layer to play it safe. Now I LOVE the tart lemon curd against the sweetness of the buttercream and I tend to think that's a pretty safe flavor combo but, nope, the public at large looks at that like it's cutting edge! LOL! There are so many dessert combos out there that would be amazing in a cake...just wish more people would give them a try. I'm doing a chocolate cake and felt lucky that I talked the person into trying the apricot filling with the chocolate...until she tried it she wrinkled her nose up at it. I mean, apricot...that's not too wild is it? LOL!


TheBlonde Posted 8 Jul 2010 , 11:19pm
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MMM, the apricot sounds yummy Cat!

I understand the whole playing it safe thing...here's a good example of what I'm talking about though. I have a 3 tier cake due on the 18th, 10", 8" and 6". Originally it was only two tiers and he wanted chocolate and white. Then he added a 3rd tier so I suggested a couple different flavors since he already had a chocolate layer and a white layer. Thought he might want to try something different with the 6" on top...NOPE...wants another chocolate layer!!! Drives me crazy!

Kitagrl Posted 8 Jul 2010 , 11:20pm
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Aww yeah people want everyone to like the cake...I actually like when people pick vanilla...makes it so easy on me!!!!!! Its my more "creative" recipes that take more work and time and ingredients...I don't care if everybody orders vanilla!

mamawrobin Posted 8 Jul 2010 , 11:28pm
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Same here...but ya know I prefer white cake myself. I could eat it everyday. thumbs_up.gif

tesso Posted 8 Jul 2010 , 11:35pm
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most of mine are white also.. I had one couple who went way out in the danger zone and ordered a STAWBERRY tier !! icon_eek.gif the scandal it caused... icon_lol.gif

mamawrobin Posted 8 Jul 2010 , 11:49pm
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Originally Posted by tesso

most of mine are white also.. I had one couple who went way out in the danger zone and ordered a STAWBERRY tier !! icon_eek.gif the scandal it caused... icon_lol.gif

that's too funny....last week I had a three tiered birthday cake and they wanted each tier a different flavor. That's unusual around here.LOL...it's usually white or chocolate. icon_rolleyes.gif Lemon was the other flavor of choice for them. icon_lol.gif

KayMc Posted 8 Jul 2010 , 11:50pm
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As far as certain food groups, I consider myself to be a purist, but in no way is that bland. With ice cream, the ONLY one I've ever found that has a true chocolate flavor is Ben and Jerry's. However, there are no stores in under an hours' drive that carry plain chocolate Ben & Jerry's. They all have annoying additives: nuts, brownies, etc. I consider the plain ice cream to be heaven - IF it's a quality ice cream. I never waste my time on other ice creams, as I know I'll dislike them. But I want my B&J plain.

Same w/ pizza. I'm very fussy about my pizza, but the one place in town that ACES Pizza is where I always get my plain slices. No pepperoni, or any other topping. I want the pure thing.

I'm guessing it's the same with cakes. Plus the fact that some people ARE afraid to try new things.

JulieMN Posted 9 Jul 2010 , 12:59am
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Originally Posted by catlharper

Often when choosing a cake for a group people play it safe.

Too true. When I am asked to make a cake for a family event they stick with the basics: chocolate, yellow, and marble. Trying to get them to consider even small changes (such as an additive to the filling is nearly impossible.

When I offer to make a cake for a family event and get to play around with flavor combinations... those same people rave about the cake, but given the choice, they choose safe EVERY time......

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