Cake For Gastric Bypass!! Help!!!

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mahal50881 Posted 22 Jun 2010 , 6:56pm
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Hi all! I have a cake due this weekend for a woman who had a gastric bypass. It needs to be light and airy so as not to fill the stomach, but also sturdy enough to support fondant. And not too sugary. It also needs to be a Twilight/Team Jacob themed cake. Does anyone have any ideas for cake and frosting recipes, and or a Twilight/Team Jacob themed cake? Thans for all your help ahead of time!

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KHalstead Posted 22 Jun 2010 , 7:02pm
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Maybe do an angel food cake and use an icing image on it?

I would think she shouldn't be eating fondant may want to stick with buttercream/whipped cream.

most people after having it (the gastric bypass) can't stomach dairy products much either.

mahal50881 Posted 22 Jun 2010 , 7:05pm
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Thanks! I'm definitely considering Angel Food Cake and leaving off the fondant. I heard Pillsbury has a reduced Sugar angel food cake mix. Can edible images go on whipped cream frosting. I heard not? Is there an alternative to super sweet buttercream that the images will still work on?

Elcee Posted 22 Jun 2010 , 7:28pm
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Um, not to be a downer but how long has it been since she had the surgery? If it's still pretty recent, you should consider maybe just making something pretty and not expect her to eat any. When you can only eat 1/2 cup of food, it shouldn't be cake...That is certainly the road to malnutrition.

catlharper Posted 22 Jun 2010 , 7:36pm
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What do you think of a dummy cake decorated to that theme with a fruit basket for the guest of honor? Maybe do mini cupcakes instead? She won't be able to tolerate the high fat in most creations so keep it as healthy and small as possible.

Joyfull4444 Posted 22 Jun 2010 , 7:37pm
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Persons that have had bypass surgery have to avoid many foods, high fat & sugars in any form especially. Even light or low sugar angel food mixs could cause this person some nasty intestinal problems. I would think about a low fat, splenda type cake, if its permitted on this persons diet, instead of a low sugar angel cake.

2SchnauzerLady Posted 22 Jun 2010 , 7:55pm
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Originally Posted by Joyfull4444

Persons that have had bypass surgery have to avoid many foods, high fat & sugars in any form especially. Even light or low sugar angel food mixs could cause this person some nasty intestinal problems. I would think about a low fat, splenda type cake, if its permitted on this persons diet, instead of a low sugar angel cake.

I agree. The problems fat and sugar cause are not pleasant at all. Go for sugar free and she shouldn't have anything remotely related to buttercream or she will be in absolute misery. Maybe a sugar free custard or fruit sauce to go with it. You may have to check with her to see if she can tolerate fruit.

LNW Posted 22 Jun 2010 , 7:57pm
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What about those little mini cupcakes? I saw some at a farmers market recently and the gal had just decorated them with sliced fruit on top (a thin slice of strawberry, kiwi and one blueberry). They were adorable. I don't know that a "real" cake would be appropriate for someone who has just had this type of surgery. It doesn't sound like something she would be able to or should eat. But I don't have a drop of experience with this type of thing so what do I know icon_wink.gif

mahal50881 Posted 22 Jun 2010 , 7:57pm
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Thanks so much for all the help. The lady ordering the cake is a friend of the gastric bypass lady and she requested a 10 inch light cake. I'm sure she meant well but I'm not sure cake is the best choice. Since she's the customer I don't really want to argue with her. I just want to give her something to make her happy. I saw a recipe for a sugar free buttercream. has anyone tried anything like this?

Kitagrl Posted 22 Jun 2010 , 8:06pm
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What about an angel food cake in a bundt pan sprinkled with powdered sugar...surrounded by berries (can they eat berries???) and then fill the inside with a cupcake (or two, whatever to reach the platter) and put a small edible image or something on the cupcake to theme the cake...? That way she can eat fruit, or a small slice of plain angel cake, without feeling like she has to eat buttercream or anything like that...?

Or I dunno, decorate a cup in the theme and grind up the fruit and cake into a milkshake? Just kidding.... icon_redface.gif

jewels710 Posted 22 Jun 2010 , 8:21pm
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Hahaha, I was actually thinking when I read the title that you wanted a cake that represented a gastric bypass...I was thinking to myself, I wonder how that's going to be pulled off?!?!

Guess I have crazy cakes on the brain as I just finished one this past weekend with an anatomical heart on it for someone celebrating his 1 year with a new heart on his 50th birthday!

aej6 Posted 22 Jun 2010 , 8:22pm
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I am overweight ans if I ever had gastric bypass and a friend brought me a CAKE? OF ANY KIND??? I think they would not be my friend much longer!!!! icon_confused.gificon_surprised.gif

Bonnell Posted 22 Jun 2010 , 8:36pm
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Okay, I have to ask - are you sure the customer is a friend or is she an enemy? Hello, what's the purpose of the gastric bypass to begin with... oh yeah... to lose weight, right?! The problem with patient's not losing weight after going through this MAJOR surgery is that they eat the wrong foods. Perhaps you should speak with the "friend" again, maybe she is just uninformed and doesn't realize what she is doing to her friend by getting her a cake. So many times our friends and family unintentionally (we hope) sabotage us when we are trying to lose weight by offering us foods that are not healthy for us because most of us think of food as a reward or as a comfort.

The other posters are correct in stating that fatty and/or sugary foods are a no-no after by-pass or gastric banding. What little food they can eat should be healthy and nutrient rich. As a nurse working in a surgery setting that does many bariatric surgeries I wouldn't even attempt a cake of any sort for this person. But, that's me. Good luck with your situation.

Joyfull4444 Posted 22 Jun 2010 , 8:53pm
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Originally Posted by mahal50881

Since she's the customer I don't really want to argue with her. I just want to give her something to make her happy.

Yes she is the customer and its understandable you want to make her happy, but what about the person your customer is ordering the cake for? Thats the person one needs to be concerned about making happy the most. I'm sure a cake would be a lovely gift in most circumstances, but since a bypass was done, be it for medical problems, or the fact the customers friend had it done to control a weight problem. A cake of any sort, high sugar or low sugar would defeat the whole purpose of having the bypass.
My opinion only but.. If this was my order I'd politely decline.

thin4life Posted 22 Jun 2010 , 9:11pm
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I had gastric bypass in 2001. The foods I avoid are high sugar and high fat foods. Eating high sugar or fat foods may cause something called the dumping syndrome and you don't want that, it is not a pleasant thing to go through. Angel food cake is mostly sugar, do not make that kind. I would check the splenda website and get a recipe from there. I really watch my sugar intake. If I want something sweet I will eat a small cookie or a mini cupcake, something small.

momtofourmonkeys Posted 22 Jun 2010 , 9:47pm
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What about doing a cake for the guests of the party (if there will be guests) and put a small edible fruit arrangement on top of the cake for the guest of honor? Something small along the lines of this:

Not sure how you would work in the theme with something like this.

klangl Posted 23 Jun 2010 , 12:37am
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I have to agree with everyone asking what kind of "friend is she", sounds to me like a sabbotage!!
I had a gastric bypass 10 years ago, and for the longest time (years),I steered clear of all sweets and sugar substitutes, those are not good for you either. I didn't like the "dumping" and the "Foamies" so it's just better not to put her in that situation.
being that she had the surgery, it was obvious for a reason, and eating cake could just lead to another downfall.
I eat some sugar now in moderation, but I still get that sickly feeling afterward, I do make sure I'm at home when I do indulge just for the above reason mentioned!
If the surgery was recent I would decline the order or just offer some fruit dish/ bouquet of some sort. The friend may be misinformed as to what she can eat after a bypass.
My birthdays are filled with plenty of fruit and veggie kabobs!! delish!

Elcee Posted 23 Jun 2010 , 1:40pm
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Of course, regardless of what any of us advise or recommend, the OP needs to please her customer and whatever is provided it will be up to the woman who had the surgery to partake or not. icon_biggrin.gif My mother had GB 3 years ago and I can't keep up with what she can and can't seems to change all the time so I've just stopped trying. I rarely have her over for a meal now and if I do, it is what it is and she can eat it or not. There is only so much accomodating that can be done. I'm a vegetarian but never expect people to provide something special for me; I just pick and choose what I will eat from what's available.

luvmysmoother Posted 23 Jun 2010 , 2:49pm
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How about a trifle in a beautiful glass bowl...lady fingers (extremely light and very little sugar - then fill it with LOTS of fresh fruit and only the smallest amount of custard, fat free whipped topping, pie filling...What kind of friend would want to give a cake to a friend who had gastric bypass - a gift card for a size 6 dress would be WAY more motivatingicon_sad.gif

crystalina1977 Posted 23 Jun 2010 , 7:03pm
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what a funny thing to get a cake for...

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