Ack! Scatch Wasc Disaster. Pics Inside.

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tsal Posted 19 Apr 2010 , 4:37am
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I decided to try out the 'A better White Scratch Cake' recipe from this site and it didn't go so well. I halved the recipe and used 3 whole eggs instead of 5 egg whites (in the comments of the recipe a poster said that she used whole eggs instead of egg whites without a problem). There were no baking instructions in the recipe, but I baked it for 40 mins at 350 degrees.

Firstly, when I took it out of the oven, it developed a HUGE crack (see pic). The inside was oddly moist (REALLY moist) and the outside was overly done (hard). I'm assuming that I should have baked it at a lesser temperature? Secondly, when I unmolded it, the underside had a huge crater (see pic). Weirdest cake experience. I'm wondering what I did wrong.


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lngo Posted 19 Apr 2010 , 5:05am
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I've always heard that you have to be soooo careful when halving baking recipes. It's a process that's so dependent on chemical reactions that one change can alter the result. It was also either Martha Stewart or Ina Garten who said the same thing.

So sorry this didn't turn out right. I know a lot of folks have raved over this recipe. I have it saved so I can try it out soon.

cupcake_cutie Posted 19 Apr 2010 , 5:12am
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I think that you may have cooked it at too high of a temperature. I believe that 325 degrees is a better temp.

mamawrobin Posted 19 Apr 2010 , 11:05am
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cupcake_cutie you're right. 325 degrees is the correct temp., but tsal I've made the full receipe and baked at 325 and didn't have good results either. Mine didn't crack but it had a very weird texture to it and the middle caved in and cracked. I have baked from scratch for years but I just didn't have good results with this receipe.

I don't know why you had the problems that you had though.

pouchet82 Posted 19 Apr 2010 , 11:25am
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What size cake was it? I always use a flower nail for anything bigger than 8". 40 mins doesn't sound like enough time.
Bake even strips will also help for the sides not to get over cooked before the centre

bbmom Posted 19 Apr 2010 , 11:55am
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I find that when I bake WASC-the original kakeladi recipe, it takes way longer than a "regular" recipe. For example this weekend I made a 12x18 with 14cups of batter. the wilton baking chart said 325 for about 45mins. Mine took 65mins. Kakeladi says she bakes hers at 300 for 30, then turns up to 325 for 20-30mins. When I have baked at the lower temp though it comes out gummy, I think its trial and error to see what works for your oven and depends on what size pan you are using as well.

sweetiepies7 Posted 19 Apr 2010 , 12:52pm
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I'm confused you said you made "the better scratch cake recipe" but all of your reference is to the WASC? So which recipe is it? I take the reviews seriously and if you had trouble with the WASC I wont try. Please clarify.

mamawrobin Posted 19 Apr 2010 , 2:07pm
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I don't know about the op but I make the WASC (box mix enhanced) receipe quite frequently and I love it. Be sure to use the "origional WASC" by KHalstead in the receipes. It's a really great receipe and I've never once had any problems with it.

I didn't have good results with the "scratch WASC" receipe though.

tsal Posted 19 Apr 2010 , 3:28pm
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To answer the questions:
i used an 8" pan

the recipe is called 'a better white scratch cake" ( if u do a search, u will find it) and it us touted as a scratch WASC recipe.

Gummy is the perfect word to describe the inside of the finished cake.

Larkin121 Posted 19 Apr 2010 , 5:23pm
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That recipe is not stable. I tried it a few times, a few different ways after all the hype. It was different each time, but always with a problem of some sort. I finally used the cake ratio formula on it for percentages and the baking science is WAY off.

I suggest throwing the recipe out the window and finding one that is written correctly.

melmar02 Posted 19 Apr 2010 , 5:30pm
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Sorry to hear you had issues with this one. I made it once several months ago, and it came out perfect. I was thinking of bringing it back, but now... not so much. Guess my good cake was a fluke! icon_confused.gif

Thanks for the heads up.

CakesByLJ Posted 19 Apr 2010 , 5:45pm
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There is a long thread about this recipe
You might find some help there; but many rave reviews have been given, mine included. There are some changes to the original recipe, so check it out and hopefully it will help you. icon_biggrin.gif

Joyfull4444 Posted 19 Apr 2010 , 6:04pm
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I was going to try the recipe myself as it seemed to have a lot of positive comments but after reading it over changed my mind and tried another. I'm truly not a baking expert, and no offence to anyone but to me the ratio's seem to be off a bit.

To the OP.. So sorry your cake didn't turn out. I know how disapointing that can be. My last one I forgot to add the eggs!

Heres a couple of links on baking cakes/ratios you might like to read over.

Good luck & happy baking!

Larkin121 Posted 19 Apr 2010 , 6:46pm
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Bakewise has an excellent chapter devoted to it, too, and teaches you how to check the formulas of your recipes. Just because a recipe was written and published somewhere doesn't make it a good recipe. icon_smile.gif

I can't remember exactly what was off now, but it was more than one ingredient. Scratch cakes are very very delicate and if it's off even just a little bit, you get problems.

You can't just throw in stuff and get great results, either, since you're upsetting the Ph balance and cake rations when you do. It takes a lot of very careful balancing.

Buttacream Posted 20 Apr 2010 , 5:02am
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I have had issues with this recipe as well. I have altered it twice based on the reviews and revisions. I have used a flower nail and it cracked badly, I have also used smaller pans and no flower nail and it cracked. I have also made it and it come out with a gummy center.
But this cake taste really good (gotten great reviews on it) and I have managed to get it to work (with slight cracks) but still hold up to make a great tasting cake. In my photos my harry potter bottom book cake uses the recipe and my darth vader cake and my repast cake.
I would love to make this recipe and be certain it comes out perfect....its just hit or miss with me.

mamawrobin Posted 20 Apr 2010 , 5:11am
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Originally Posted by mamawrobin

I don't know about the op but I make the WASC (box mix enhanced) receipe quite frequently and I love it. Be sure to use the "origional WASC" by KHalstead in the receipes. It's a really great receipe and I've never once had any problems with it.

I didn't have good results with the "scratch WASC" receipe though.


After reading this thread again I realized that I made a mistake in what I posted icon_redface.gif I use the WASC receipe posted by Kakeladi NOT KHalstead. icon_redface.gif Sorry. I do use KHalstead's modified NFSC receipe though thumbs_up.gif

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