Please Help Edible Gems Sliding Off Cake!!!

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Chrissytorres Posted 24 Feb 2010 , 2:24pm
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I made some edible gems out of poured sugar and they look lovely. I attached them to my fondant cake using water and they stuck fine; however, this morning I woke up and saw they had ALL slid down the cake and left water spots!! I can not use royal icing because they are clear and you would be able to see the icing underneath. Any suggestions? Please help cake due in two days!!

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newmansmom2004 Posted 24 Feb 2010 , 2:37pm
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Can you use piping gel? It gets very sticky and is clear. Or how about some sugar glue made by mixing a small amount of fondant or gumpaste in water until it dissolves. I use this to adhere most of my items to a fondanta cake but I've never used the poured sugar gems. The other thought is how about using some clear poured sugar that's still in the liquid state?

Chrissytorres Posted 24 Feb 2010 , 2:42pm
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Thanks for the great suggestions. You have helped relieve some of my stress. I had never heard of sugar glue. I will give them a try and see what works. Thanks again and God bless you!

Carlachef Posted 24 Feb 2010 , 2:45pm
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Try making gum glue. Gum glue is a great edible glue that is made by adding a small amount of gum paste or fondant to a small amount of water. As the fondant or gumpaste dissolves it will leave a sticky glue like substance. Also you may want to prep the surface of the fondant on the cake by using a small ball tool to litely indent the surface of the fondant where the jewels will be placed. Once the fondant surface is prepared, simply use a small paintbrush to glue the jewels on with the gum glue.
I hope this info helps.

Chrissytorres Posted 24 Feb 2010 , 3:30pm
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Thanks. Will the gun glue dry somewhat clear? I really do not want anything on the back to show through from h=behind the clear gems.

Carlachef Posted 25 Feb 2010 , 12:31am
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Yes, the gum glue dries clear and is much much stronger than just water.

bonniebakes Posted 28 Apr 2010 , 9:52pm
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chrissytorres - did you end up trying the gum glue or piping gel? How did it work? I am trying to attach some sugar gems to a RI base for a design I'm working on now, and I'm not sure how to do it...



Chrissytorres Posted 28 Apr 2010 , 10:12pm
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Yes, I tried both and they both slid off the cake. the best thing I have found so far is royal icing, but then you cannot see through the gems.

I did buy some piping gel from a booth at the cake competition, and I am eager to try that. Kathy, the lady from the booth, says that it is all she uses and her gems stay put. She makes the piping gel herself. We will see.

For placing gems on top of a cake or as a border the Wilton piping gel works, but using it to place gems on the sides of the cakes doesn't. They just slide down.

I hope this helps. The gems kept sliding down the side of the cake during my first attempt, so I opted to placing the sugar gems on the top flat surfaces of the cake.

bonniebakes Posted 29 Apr 2010 , 4:46pm
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thanks. I used RI... I'll keep experimenting, though.

aussiecook Posted 29 Apr 2010 , 10:45pm
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have you tried egg white

peg818 Posted 29 Apr 2010 , 10:54pm
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I use royal icing just make it the same color as the cake below and you shouldn't notice it so much.

dalis4joe Posted 29 Apr 2010 , 11:29pm
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try confectioner's glaze....

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