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Jenn2179 Posted 20 Jan 2010 , 3:56am
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Ok so I like to watch Cake Boss to see how they do things and stuff but hate the fake made-up drama. It is so annoying. I record it so I can fast forward past the drama. How does everyone else feel?

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Renaejrk Posted 20 Jan 2010 , 4:04am
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Sometimes it's funny, but sometimes it's over the top.

CakesbyCindi Posted 20 Jan 2010 , 4:08am
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I like watching his show too, but wish they would spend more time on the cakes and less on the drama. I know it is "Entertainment TV" but watching someone make a beautiful gum paste flower is more entertaining to me. JMO

anotherslice Posted 20 Jan 2010 , 4:13am
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I really don't mind the drama. It surprised me when I first started watching the show ("They sure yell a lot!"). I've grown accustomed to it, and I do look forward to watching the show.

Kitagrl Posted 20 Jan 2010 , 4:23am
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I don't care for it....all the yelling stresses me out and I don't like all the fake drama. haha.

The only cake shows I really try to watch anymore are the challenges, and ultimate cake off when it starts up again.

LaBellaFlor Posted 20 Jan 2010 , 4:27am
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I see a Scilian Italin family, so I don't find them to be fake. Someone a while back, whowas familiar witht he actual family, said they are really like that. And I LOVE their work.

helsbels Posted 20 Jan 2010 , 4:49am
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I can't handle it. Just uncomfortable bad acting in my opinion and so unnecessary.

rikkijo314 Posted 20 Jan 2010 , 5:00am
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I also love watching the show, even with the drama. I actually feel like I learn some techniques that I will actually use, as opposed to things shown on like Ace of Cakes which does beautiful cakes but I would never have the chance to make any of those crazy cakes. Anyways, I wish that they would tell people how much their cakes actually go for because I have people wanting cakes that look just like the ones on these shows but don't want to pay a realistic price. They watch the shows and think that decorating is so easy all you have to do is whip up a cake mix and slap on some frosting and fondant in two hours...

kaseyrconnect Posted 20 Jan 2010 , 5:19am
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I love the cakes and watching how they are done. I like how Buddy explains what he does to get different effects and such. I don't care for all the yelling and the drama. I know it is for entertainment, but I think the show would still be pretty entertaining without some of that. I am sure that there are mistakes made in doing some of these cakes, so if they would just show how they fix them, that would be helpful. Oh, and if Buddy would just leave the poor delivery boy alone.

chelseak Posted 20 Jan 2010 , 5:36am
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I watch it all the time icon_smile.gif It is entertaining! I especially loved the one when the huge 5 or 6 tier birthday cake 'fell' down the stairs... There wasn't even ONE dowel or support in that cake! All the tiers just slid right off icon_smile.gif It is pretty funny most of the time, and the pranks they play on each other can be funny though they are pretty mean to Stretch the poor delivery kid icon_smile.gif They do make amazing cakes and Buddy sure can crank out a BC rose in a hurry!

Love2BakeCakes Posted 20 Jan 2010 , 5:37am
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I like watching the show but wish they would put all the antics to the side and focus on decorating. I think the girls on that show do some awesome work. Unfortunately, they don't get much t.v. time so you really don't get to enjoy their work. But I do understand that it is "entertainment t.v." And I have learned a few things watching the show. Out of all the cakes that I have seen ... and there have been plenty of nice ones ... I must say that I now have a favorite, and it is the Sesame Street Cake. That one touched my heart.

And will someone please tell his mother and that annoying sister of his to please ......... "shut up!" (LOL)

auntiecake Posted 20 Jan 2010 , 5:46am
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Not to change the subject! I feel the same way about Ace of Cakes! Too much about other stuff than the cakes. It is drama for the show. I guess not everyone watches it for the cakes.

ckckhome Posted 20 Jan 2010 , 6:36am
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I like buddy he explain his techiques and I learn from him, I watch Ace of Cakes I really like geoff he is very creative. I tape both shows I like to see more cake boss teaching and techniques less yelling and sister drama.

catlharper Posted 20 Jan 2010 , 6:53am
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I love the cakes that come out of that shop but as a whole the family seems to love their "practical jokes" which I just find mean and spiteful. This past week was dangerous making the kid sleep in the truck over night. I mean,what if he decided he was too cold and rolled up the window? He could have died of carbon monoxide poisoning! Not worth it for a cake, not even as awesome as the Sesame Street cake was. So lose the mean spirited "jokes" and focus on the work. I, too, would LOVE it if Buddy would mention how much some of the cakes sell for so people watching would get a clue.

madgeowens Posted 20 Jan 2010 , 6:56am
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I took my grand kids to Hoboken to Carlos Bakery, and Buddy is the sweetest guy, he posed with them for a photo and signed both of their shirts. He was really busy, and still took the time to do this. I love the show and the people are really working there, and I dare say in a business as busy as this, the drama is real most of the time if not all. Love the show love everyone at the bakery, and I learn so much watching the show. You just can't please all the people all the time.

catlharper Posted 20 Jan 2010 , 7:20pm
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I agree, he seems like he's a sweet guy...and it's not the drama that goes on between the family members, not sure I could work with my siblings! LOL! BUT doing things like dumping water over someones head, letting them eat dogfood...that sort of mean spirited stuff...takes away from the show for me. Never thought that sort of thing was fun to do or funny to watch. But his, and his coworkers, talents are amazing to watch...wish he would go more into HOW he does things. I still think using the handheld steamer is the greatest tip I have learned in the past was a "how about we SLICE the bread before we sell it" moment for me! LOL!

madgeowens Posted 21 Jan 2010 , 7:32am
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You know the guy standing there telling Anthony which was icing and which was dog food was none other then his dad hahah ....I think they are just a lot of characters, they crack me the show totally

michellenj Posted 21 Jan 2010 , 4:13pm
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I also wish they would spend more time on the cakes and less time on their interpersonal stuff and fake deadlines and drama.

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