Please Help!! Disco Cookies

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cakesbycathy Posted 20 Oct 2009 , 1:48am
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I have an order for a dozen cookies with a disco theme. My client is having a disco themed Halloween party. I need ideas for what to make.

I am thinking a disco ball obviously but haven't the slightest idea how to make it look like a disco ball.

Any other ideas?

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Amylou Posted 20 Oct 2009 , 4:25am
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What about a background with the multiple colors and then a silohette of a dancer? Something like this, but w/ only one dancer.


Elise87 Posted 20 Oct 2009 , 4:44am
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Well you could do like multicolour dot backgrounds, or swirls or something like that for the background with that around or under the word disco either piped in that 70's looking way or like that dotted look

Also could have mummy's doing that disco saturday night fever pose to mix in the halloween theme

I dunno that's all i got lol

endymion Posted 20 Oct 2009 , 4:50am
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Could you just do a bunch of dancer silhouettes (easy to decorate...just chocolate frosted!) and then present them on a multicolor backdrop platter? Could also do some multicolor musical notes.

Elise87 Posted 20 Oct 2009 , 4:59am
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maybe you could do an upside down T shape cookie and on the vertical part take the silouette idea and do that and pipe the surround of the person with a colour then stop it as it gets to the horizontal it where you could do another colour (or leave plain) and also pipe the word disco across it underneath the person.....does that make sense? lol

wouldn't be a difficult as it sounds lol and could outline the whole of the t-shape in black and between split the two colours....ahhh i want to draw a pic lol

Oh no wait........leave the word disco till last and when you pipe it cover it in edible glitter dust!!!

lol sorry i got carried away

endymion Posted 20 Oct 2009 , 5:10am
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Also might do CDs or records?

tatorchip Posted 20 Oct 2009 , 5:19am
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I love these ideas lol ya'll are getting me all excited about making cookies, I love the idea of a mummy with finger in the air and other hand on hip too funny and a cute idea. He could be Mummy Travolta love it

Elise87 Posted 20 Oct 2009 , 5:42am
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Just another idea: I was just thinking if you did fondant what you could do is cut thin stips of fondant and lay it over the shape of the mummy and just trim off the excess and that way it looks like he's really wrapped!

sorry i get carried away with cookies lol

G_Cakes Posted 20 Oct 2009 , 7:10am
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First thing I thought of was disco balls....

If I were to make them I think I would start off with the round cookie (obviously) then use grey fondant cut into tiny squares like the mirror piece you find on a disco ball.

Either paint the fondant or airbrush it with the silver luster to give it the shimmer or look of a mirror, then on one side of each square on half the cookie I would paint on a little bit of white to give it the look that light is hitting it from one side....

Not sure if you get what I mean but hope this helps icon_smile.gif

The mummy cookie sounds great too, love that it would be with his arm up like Saturday night cute!

cakesbycathy Posted 20 Oct 2009 , 11:45am
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Thanks for all your ideas icon_smile.gif
G- cakes - I think that would totally work. Going to have to do a trial run to see how they turn out. My kids will be very excited about the practice cookies icon_biggrin.gif

G_Cakes Posted 20 Oct 2009 , 12:08pm
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Cant wait to see pictures icon_smile.gif PM me when you get it done icon_smile.gif

kneadacookie Posted 25 Oct 2009 , 1:39am
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1970's theme

andpotts Posted 25 Oct 2009 , 3:36am
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Oh my gosh kneadacookie I am LOL at your goldfish platforms icon_lol.gif , that is a riot and spot on! How on earth do you keep making such cool cookies!

cakesbycathy Posted 25 Oct 2009 , 2:44pm
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Kneadacookie I am in awe of you!! Those are awesome!
Thank you for your ideas!

cakesbycathy Posted 25 Oct 2009 , 2:47pm
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Okay I take that back. I just looked at your photos and to say I am in awe is completely an understatement. You are truly an artist.

7yyrt Posted 25 Oct 2009 , 6:03pm
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I think she's been mainlining The Brady Bunch!

I can just see Greg Brady wearing those clothes...

G_Cakes Posted 3 Nov 2009 , 3:56am
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Amazing work WOW!!!

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