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CanadianCakin Posted 7 Jun 2009 , 6:06am
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I need to do a cake i am donating to a silent auction and have no idea what to do any ideas?? I want to use this as a good 'networking advertising' opp. I really want people to be "wowed" At the same time I don't want it to be huge, kind of a "Look what I can do! Order from me" cake, cake!!! I wan it to display difference in techniques but not have "too much"
So if any of that made any sence at all, as you can see I am in desperate need of and actual idea!!


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Jennifer1970 Posted 7 Jun 2009 , 3:11pm
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I donated a cake for a middle school band cake walk fundraiser in April. I ended up doing a simple cake: lemon cake, raspberry filling and lemon buttercream. Very simple design on top. I think taste is more important than "wowing" them with your decorating skills. Everyone remembers a great tasting cake, they don't necessarily remember how elaborate it was.

cylstrial Posted 7 Jun 2009 , 8:25pm
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What is the auction raising money for? Maybe you could use the cause to create a theme for the cake!

buttawhench Posted 7 Jun 2009 , 9:10pm
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I just participated in a silent auction to raise money for a church school. In addition to the silent auction they also had a live auction and served refreshments. I volunteered to make some cupcakes and auction off my service. The winner of the auction was given a certificate with my information on it to contact me directly to order a cake. I set up a menu of my cake flavors along with a business card for the auction. With the cupcakes I placed my business card hoping to get some advertising and increase the bids to raise more money for the school. HTH, good luck!

cylstrial Posted 8 Jun 2009 , 2:39am
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Buttawench - that is a really good idea! That would be a really good thing for the OP to do as well!

Brendabeeper Posted 8 Jun 2009 , 2:43am
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I recently had made a flyer that had several photos of cakes I had made
the highest bidder won a cake made especially for them. It worked great. I didn't have to worry about what to make, and the flyer indicated the winner needed to call to place a order .**Just a fyi I did request a 2 week notice. so that way it wouldnt conflict with something else I was doing.

margaretb Posted 8 Jun 2009 , 4:29am
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You can always do a seasonal theme -- spring, Canada Day, Father's Day, summer, whatever is appropriate for the time of the auction.

alanaj Posted 8 Jun 2009 , 4:39am
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I think the flyer idea is a great one. You could display some pictures and maybe even a dummy cake and then auction off the certificate.

sweetiesbykim Posted 8 Jun 2009 , 4:53am
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I am one of the most popular and requested auction vendors in my area for fundraisers, so funny you should ask! I am now on my 2nd order pad from doing fundraiser auctions! I get the most bids because:
1. I'm a food biz that makes desserts -no brainer!
2. I write great descriptions with tons of adjectives that are read during the auction (luscious, thick, creamy, decadent, etc.)
3. They can order when they want (1 wk notice), pick their own cake and filling flavors, and it's delivered! They love choices, and when the words "delivered to you" are said, I see many more paddles go up!

I do get part of the proceeds, as do the other vendors at these type of auctions. I only have one signature chocolate food item for sale at the auction, so no food prep or refrigeration worries (I tried taking the cakes to one auction and they got too warm). I also don't have to worry about no bids due to food allergies and such -they choose their flavor and have been ordering them for a special event coming up. Some people don't want to take home a huge cake if it's just a small household.

I make a 4-page handout for the winners and others at the event: cover page describing my biz and experience, list of cake flavors, filling and frosting flavors, and cheesecake flavors. I have had cheesecakes for auction, 10" 3-layer gourmet cakes, gourmet filled cupcakes, and a $75 gift certificate in the past -but ALL of these are for future orders. Hope this helpsicon_smile.gif

Rylan Posted 8 Jun 2009 , 3:23pm
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Show off your skills.

You can do a lot with a small cake. Make your borders over the top, add some really nice gumpaste figures/flowers, etc. I always love "spring cakes". Tulips are totally beautiful.

CanadianCakin Posted 8 Jun 2009 , 7:02pm
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Thanks for all the great ideas! I think I'l do a spring 6" with the 'brochure' and coupon for future order!!
I don't have the $$ to order any of the amazing flower how to videos where is the best place to get the how to's on some cool gum paste flowers?

sweetiesbykim Posted 8 Jun 2009 , 7:45pm
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Originally Posted by momma_ash

Thanks for all the great ideas! I think I'l do a spring 6" with the 'brochure' and coupon for future order!!
I don't have the $$ to order any of the amazing flower how to videos where is the best place to get the how to's on some cool gum paste flowers?

I have 2 of Nick Lodge's -French style decorating with step by step with instructions on small tulips at the end (gorgeous cakes and flowers!). The other one is the Gardenia and Peony DVD. I love them both!! He shows every single second and doesn't edit parts out. Honestly, it took a while to see the entire thing because I kept falling asleep icon_redface.gif I then made the Gardenia in Jennifer Dontz's class (very similar method), and it worked perfectly! I don't have any other flower making DVD's now, but Jen Dontz is coming out with one this year -she's a great and patient teacher, I learned tons from hericon_smile.gif

mbt4955 Posted 8 Jun 2009 , 8:02pm
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Originally Posted by momma_ash

I don't have the $$ to order any of the amazing flower how to videos where is the best place to get the how to's on some cool gum paste flowers?

I agree with sweetiesbykim - Nicholas Lodge (and Michele Foster) have excellent instructional gumpaste DVD's, Jennifer Dontz and Sharon Zambito are amazing, but ... if you don't have the $$ to buy DVD's right now ... try youtube for how to's. CC's own tonedna is one of many with tutorials on there. Here is a link to one of hers. Edna's other videos are listed over to the right or just do a search for gumpaste.

mscrivener Posted 9 Jun 2009 , 3:28am
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There is a great pdf posted by artscallion in another forum with gp flower instructions here is the link to that forum listing
Good luck!

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