Moved And Now I Need A Kitchen And Advice!!!

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step0nmi Posted 22 Jan 2009 , 11:13pm
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So, the dreaded happened. Me and my husband could not afford the lovely place we were living in with my wonderful kitchen icon_cry.gif now we have moved into a smaller place that my grandparents own... I am very grateful to have a place to live, but i don't have a kitchen like i use to!! icon_sad.gif and on top of that the place that we live in is very old and my grandpa has been trying to fix it for forever and I don't want to even SPEAK of baking a cake in this kitchen because i am scared to ruin it or ruin the pipes. icon_redface.gif

so...I need to know how to approach businesses in hopes to use/rent their kitchen for only a limited time frame? what should I say? how should I do this? we are in a small area and I would need the kitchen plus some storage in a fridge for my cakes....I already have a wedding lined up for February for 250 people and some cakes for March. but...I am not going to be able to pay them much.
I know that if I work in a commercial kitchen though I will need to get inspected with that kitchen and get a license and I know how much that is going to cost. am i going to have to do some tax or register my name after being legit? (don't even know if I am going to afford all this icon_redface.gif )

what other options do I have??

thanks in advance! icon_biggrin.gif

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step0nmi Posted 23 Jan 2009 , 3:01am
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leah_s Posted 23 Jan 2009 , 4:41am
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It sounds like you know what you have to do. Either rent space, borrow space in a licensed kitchen in exchange for something you can provide, get a license, etc., or give up the orders.

step0nmi Posted 23 Jan 2009 , 4:48am
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how should I go about raising/getting some money? it's going to be like $600 for everything and with just moving my family has helped out a LOT!

should I be drawing something up to hand people? I feel so lost with moving, going back to school and the economy. I really want to do this though!

I think exchanging for something was something I didn't think of before...thanks Leahs!

leah_s Posted 23 Jan 2009 , 1:08pm
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I just meant use a restaurant's kitchen at night and leave desserts for them to sell during the day.

cookieman Posted 23 Jan 2009 , 1:20pm
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Sounds to me like you are in quite a bit of a transitional state right now. You should seriously ask yourself if the idea of baking right now is the best scenario for you. Maybe getting your personal finances in order should be your priority before getting a license, forming an LLC, paying rent to a commercial kitchen, etc. I've done that and it is a lot of work, $$ and mental and physical stress. Baking for $$ can be on the horizon and something to work towards, but for now maybe you should just do it as a hobby. This is JMO based on the information you have shared and the stressed tone of your posts. Take care and good luck. thumbs_up.gif

step0nmi Posted 23 Jan 2009 , 3:31pm
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thanks for the advice cookieman. unfortunately i have already been working under the radar for the past year. icon_sad.gif I know it's a "no no" but it had to be done in order to help us survive in the house we were in...which is why I moved in the first place. and I had no idea it wasn't legal at the time. and now with my husband loosing even more hours, making cakes will be a good way to make up for the lost income again.

I think I am just hoping/praying that someone out there will be nice enough to have me do something "starter" like without giving away too much of the money to use their space...I really have no clue where I'm going with this as i am in limbo icon_sad.gif

leah_s Posted 24 Jan 2009 , 3:15am
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It's not a "no no". It's illegal.

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