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stephaniescakenj Posted 14 Jan 2009 , 1:49am
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I'm going to try this again, i've already typed this up once but I clicked submit and it took me to the home page and asked me to type in my login so I lost everything icon_mad.gif

Soooo I just the spent the better part of the day reading through all the "what should I name my business" threads. I've read over so many ideas that my brain is fried. So heres one more

I used to rent a kitchen at a cafe that I baked out of with my mom and sister, the cafe owners sold our stuff for us, we did breads, pies, cakes, brownies, etc for other local restaurants and such, we called ourselves The Murphy Girls Sweet Shop... they closed down about a year or two ago (my life is a time warp these days, has it really been that long?) and since then I've been homeless (kitchen wise that is). My mom has semi-retired, my sis went on to a fancy bakery/cafe and now I strictly do cakes all by myself. I've practiced and practiced and my friends are complaining that they need to go to the gym because of me icon_wink.gif I just recently found a kitchen to rent part time (FINALLY!). So I called the health department here and I have to fill out a permit application for a retail food establishment and list my business name. I'm thinking this new phase needs a new name but I have no clue what to pick so here are my thoughts thus far, I would greatly appreciate any ideas you'd like to share.

I live on the Delaware River in Frenchtown NJ, Delaware river or Delaware valley precedes tons of names around here

The Delaware River Cake Company (kinda long)
Creative Confections by Steph (Creative Confections is taken)
Artistic Confections (I dont really consider myself artistic though)
Twilight Cakes (hubby came up with that because Im always up til morning working on cakes)
The Frenchtown Cake Company (blah)

I dont know, I just cant think of anything else, I live in an artsy eclectic type of small town. Help me please!

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kellertur Posted 14 Jan 2009 , 3:19am
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"Twilight Cakes" !!!! LOVE it~ That name is so cute and rolls off the tongue.

OR how about this:

"the Cake Beat" (remember to "snap" instead of clap) I suddenly got a vision of 1950's beatnicks when you said artsy area. icon_cool.gif
I still like "Twilight Cakes" the best.

My mom and step-dad owned a small diner in the 70's called "Grandma's Sweetshop". The name "Murphy's sweetshop" just brought back some great memories of taking orders when I was THREE.


kissylips Posted 14 Jan 2009 , 12:19pm
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My vote is for Twilight Cakes. It is catchy, easy to remember and unique.

I'm against naming a business with your personal name in the title. One day you may want to sell your business and one where all the clientele has been built up around someone else's name is not as marketable when selling your business.

sweetbn Posted 14 Jan 2009 , 12:53pm
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I like Twilight Cakes as well. I would stay away from anything with creative confections variations in it because I wouldn't want others to confuse my business with the business that is using this name already. icon_smile.gif

FlowerGirlMN Posted 14 Jan 2009 , 2:22pm
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Whatever you do,just please don't swap ks with cs.

Kinda off topic, but omg. There is a woman here who has a business like "Kathy's Kreative Kakes" (ie: the KKK lady!)..

Then this morning I noticed a new person listed locally.. Kakes by (can't remember her name, but it wasn't a k!)

Why do people do this!? ARGH! LOL

stephaniescakenj Posted 14 Jan 2009 , 3:36pm
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Thanks guys!!!

I too hate the play on words replacing C with K's... I'm a stickler on spelling and it drives me nuts! Some names work in the title too but my name doesn't fit right, it just bummed me that creative confections was already taken. I was equally bummed when I said to myself, Frosted Art.. I love that name. googled it and then I remembered why it so easily popped into my head, it's bronwen's shop duh!

I like Twilight Cakes the most too... there's just something about it that's not quite right but it's not the actual name. I can't put my finger on it... maybe because the meaning will only be known to me... I don't know. I keep thinking twilight zone too, my hubby and I watch the marathons and I keep thinking of nuclear cakes or cakes that make you change colors or some sort of super natural thing. I'm overthinking it now!

-Tubbs Posted 14 Jan 2009 , 3:39pm
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Twilight Cakes sounds good, but you might want to ask a range of people, including young'uns, their opinions. The vampire books are SO popular, you don't want people thinking you've chosen the name because of that...

stephaniescakenj Posted 14 Jan 2009 , 3:45pm
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Oh yea.. I didn't even think about that. maybe that's why it's not quite working for me... there's some movie out that everyone went nuts over a little while ago that's based of a series of books I think. I can't remember the actual name but it was something twilight. It's funny, I love my Tivo but sometimes I feel like I live under a rock because I never watch commercials or movie trailers or anything like that.

FlowerGirlMN Posted 14 Jan 2009 , 3:53pm
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You could always do what I did.

My business name AND tagline were literally shouted at me (well, the business name and first part of the tagline) while listening to a CD!

I was listening to a rave DJ.. your mileage may vary icon_smile.gif

juleskaye518 Posted 14 Jan 2009 , 4:09pm
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Sweet Art, if you say it fast it sounds like Sweet Heart, and I always thought that it would make a great name of a bakery.

stephaniescakenj Posted 14 Jan 2009 , 4:15pm
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I was thinking the same thing about Sweet Art Cakes too.. I like that!

someone told me once I made delicious art.. it was one of the sweetest compliments so I was trying to think of something along that line too... I'm just not creative enough for names I guess

angelbaby612 Posted 14 Jan 2009 , 4:36pm
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I like Twilight Cakes.
I have a list of names that I like if I would open a bakery, which isn't in the near future. I just like dreaming... icon_rolleyes.gif

tx_cupcake Posted 14 Jan 2009 , 4:52pm
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Oooooh! I like Sweet Art Cakes!

Twilight Cakes makes me think of that dreadful book/movie thumbsdown.gif , so I can't bring myself to get behind that name.

And, by the way, you are artistic - like it or not! icon_lol.gif

snarkybaker Posted 14 Jan 2009 , 5:40pm
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I personally have always wanted to start a business with the name " Cake Ninjas" Just think of the awesome logo!!!!! But my husband won't let me.

I would guess that Sweet Art will be taken. I know of at least three bakeries with that name.

stephaniescakenj Posted 14 Jan 2009 , 5:44pm
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cake ninjas!!! I love that. it's hysterical. my duaghter has this toy, I think it's a backyardigan or somt, it's says "Hi-ya, I make pie like a samurai!" it's so funny, it has a chef hat.

yea sweet art cakes is a place in CA. I don't know how that works though, it's not a registered business in my state but i guess if they copyright the name then I can't use it at all... it doesn't really matter, the web address is taken so what's the point!

kissylips Posted 14 Jan 2009 , 5:47pm
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hmmm...I didn't think of the book connection...keeping the same idea, how about
-Midnight Cakes
-Sunrise Cakes
-Midnight Delights
-Stay Awake Cakes
-Wide Awake Cakes

I think rhyming names are cute and memorable. icon_biggrin.gif

kellertur Posted 14 Jan 2009 , 6:09pm
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I still prefer " Twilight Cakes ", and here's why:

~It's not too cutesy
~The first thing I think of is middle of the night (you work hard!)
~I don't think of whatever book you're all talking about ???
~I love the Twilight zone too, but that's beside the point. Even if people think of that it's kind of cool. Like you're "IN THE ZONE". (confectionately speaking, of course)
~ I drew up a logo last night that I thought would be so cute... side effect of my art background, so sorry about that.

Good luck icon_smile.gif

stephaniescakenj Posted 14 Jan 2009 , 6:15pm
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yea you're right, my hubby keeps repeating twilight cakes, it's like a mantra now. I think the only thing left to do is let my kids vote tonight. I think I'll let them "talk amongst themselves" and see if they come up with anything better and if not, go with that.

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