Help With Chocolate Collar!

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PolishMommy Posted 16 Aug 2005 , 4:24pm
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I found this technique I would like to try (for the first time, yikes) for my husband's 30th birthday cake. It's called a chocolate collar. I found it in a book called "The Home Guide to Cake Decorating" by Jane Price. I'm sure people know about it from other sources too. If you have that book though, it's on page 136 so you'll know exactly what I'm talking about.

Basically, it's a hardened chocolate collar that you put on the vertical surface around the cake. First you spread the melted chocolate on a strip of thin shiny clear plastic (with a pattern in it if desired). Then you wrap it around the cake and let it set. Finally, you peel off the plastic and Voila!

This looks like a great technique, but my main question is how far ahead can you put it on the cake? The day before? Or would it break down or do something funny? Would I do a buttercream crumb coat underneath?

I've never even really worked with chocolate, is this even something I should try or is it too hard? Any other tips you could give would be great!

Thanks in advance!

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SweetArt Posted 16 Aug 2005 , 9:12pm
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I've worked with chocolate using this teqnique. There is a picture of a white chocolate one in my photos. I didn't do a wrap around, but did cut it to a pattern. My biggest thing I think is to make sure your chocolate doesn't go out of temper or it wont stand at room temp. I've done it a day or even two before and it does not break down. It's just regular chocolate in a different shape. I did use buttercream (full coat) under mine, but I don't think you have to so long as it has a surface that it can stick to and one that is fairly smooth. It does take a little practice to get the feel of it, but you'll love the finished product. Good luck!

PolishMommy Posted 17 Aug 2005 , 4:44pm
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Thanks a lot for the tips! Your white chocolate wrapped cake looks really nice...

cakemommy Posted 17 Aug 2005 , 4:49pm
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Is that plastic stuff acetate? Where do I find it? Do I actually have to fly to San Diego to my cake deco store to buy it!!!!! icon_eek.gif


Calejo Posted 17 Aug 2005 , 5:15pm
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I think they're talking about cellophane (saran wrap).

Niki027 Posted 17 Aug 2005 , 6:04pm
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You can get acetate at craft and art stores. It is much stiffer than saran wrap.

cakemommy Posted 17 Aug 2005 , 6:33pm
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PolishMommy Posted 18 Aug 2005 , 4:53pm
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I was just about to ask where to get the acetate!

I was at Michaels 2 different times and nobody could find it (not even the manager). They showed me a saran-wrap-like product and I said that would be too flimsy. I told them what I needed it for and they acted clueless and thought I was crazy. Don't you hate that, I mean there must be many people with weird-sounding crafty ideas and they should be used to it! Oh well...sorry, I just had to vent!

Anyway, where do you think I can find it? The thing is I'm wrapping a 10" cake which means I need a 3" x 32" strip. Are there rolls of it somewhere? (I didn't even tell the Michaels people what size I needed, they couldn't find ANY icon_sad.gif )

mjw15618 Posted 18 Aug 2005 , 5:22pm
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I use regular old shelf liner! I cut a strip the length and width that I need, spread on the melted chocolate with an offset spatula, then carefully wrap it around the cake. Once it's set, I peel off the liner and taadaa! a collar of chocolate. The shelf liner is about the same thickness as acetate but not as stiff, which is the only drawback. But it's a lot easier to pick some up at Wal-Mart than to run all over town looking for acetate. Plus, it's cheaper! icon_lol.gif

SweetArt Posted 18 Aug 2005 , 7:36pm
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I just used the clear plastic stuff that they use to wrap gift baskets in. It comes in pretty long rolls that lasts a long time. Avoid the ones with prints one them which can transfer impresions to your chocolate.

PolishMommy Posted 18 Aug 2005 , 8:05pm
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Ok, thanks a lot!!!

bakeawish Posted 14 Apr 2013 , 7:42pm
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hmmm I wonde if the thin laminate from like Kinko's or alpha graphics would work for this...

Letty38 Posted 14 Apr 2013 , 8:24pm
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AI saw this tutorial earlier today. Hopefully it helps. [URL][/URL]

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