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AlamoSweets Posted 1 Dec 2008 , 4:56am
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I did a general search for AlamoSweets on the internet tonight and was surprised to see several of my posts from CC show up. The title of the link was the title of the post that I had put on here. One of them was me ranting about a Mother that forgot to tell me her child was allergic to nuts. I am not sure that I would want that Mother reading my rants and raves and feel it would only cause hard feelings. She is a friend to one of oldest clients that I wouldn't want to lose. The post was in this forum and now I am wondering if all of my posts are out there floating around for all to read. Was I naive to think they were limited to viewing only if you logged into CC?

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itsasweetthing Posted 1 Dec 2008 , 5:05am
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Yep, they are all there. I noticed this quite a while ago and so am reluctant to post. Even your comments on others cake pictures are there as well.
I have been told that anything that you do on the internet will be found or is available for others to view.....

panchanewjersey Posted 1 Dec 2008 , 5:08am
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Atleast it makes it accesible for others who don't belong to cc to view.

AlamoSweets Posted 1 Dec 2008 , 5:19am
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I am surely going to be more careful. I worry about the ones that talk about their marriage and credit problems on here. I am not sure if the posts from the lounge show up or not. I hope not for their sakes.

nickshalfpint Posted 1 Dec 2008 , 5:19am
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I noticed that a while ago too. NOTHING on the internet is private, which is a bummer because sometimes we just want to rant about things to our friends here on CC, and all you have to do is google a word in the post and it will show up.

Bettycrockermommy Posted 6 Dec 2008 , 3:52am
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Originally Posted by AlamoSweets

I am surely going to be more careful. I worry about the ones that talk about their marriage and credit problems on here. I am not sure if the posts from the lounge show up or not. I hope not for their sakes.

Posts in the lounge are not available for anyone but CCers to read, but anything posted anywhere else can be found on the internet.

OhMyGanache Posted 7 Dec 2008 , 8:19pm
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Which is exactly why I post under a moniker that has nothing to do with my business name and post no identifying information about myself.

Not only will this keep your customers from finding you here, but it keeps the "CC mafia" from harassing you the first time you post something they don't agree with.

dezzib27 Posted 7 Dec 2008 , 8:38pm
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Polekitten that is too cute! I love your signature, and your CC Mafia comment! I agree!

bizatchgirl Posted 7 Dec 2008 , 8:46pm
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Wow. I just did a search for my screen name. Brings up my CC posts, a flickr post, an IMDB post, and my myspace page. Kind of scary. My myspace (and CC profile too) has my city and everything. So, if I ticked someone off here, and they did a search for me, they could see whatever I made public in my myspace and my flickr and maybe have enough to hunt me down.

Very scary.

Maybe I shouldn't use the same user Id for everything, which is also my email address. Yikes!!!

tcbalgord Posted 7 Dec 2008 , 8:55pm
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Another good reason why I choose my username, so when my biz is searched my posts from here don't show up. I guess sometimes a little anonymity goes a long way.

bizatchgirl Posted 7 Dec 2008 , 8:59pm
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You're right, just like PoleKitten said. Then if you rant, it doesn't come back to your business name and upset a client, friend, or family member.

Monkess Posted 7 Dec 2008 , 9:00pm
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The lounge doesnt show up for sure. I you just come to CC without signing in you wont even find that catergory- i know because I used to wonder where it went till a duh! moment!!

__Jamie__ Posted 7 Dec 2008 , 9:13pm
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Zoinks! Now how come when you want to advertise something, you don't get that kind of exposure! Lol!

grama_j Posted 7 Dec 2008 , 9:20pm
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WOW! I just looked "me" up, and sure enough........ I'm FAMOUS !! icon_lol.gif

dabear Posted 7 Dec 2008 , 11:31pm
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That's how I "discovered" cc a couple of years ago. I typed in something about cakes and got the forums!

costumeczar Posted 7 Dec 2008 , 11:48pm
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Luckily, "costume czar" is a pretty common nickname for the costumers in theaters (it's where I got it years ago) because that's what I found when I did a search on google. It's funny, though, becasue one of the little ads they're showing right now on the today show video ad to the left is called "can your online life hurt your professional life?" icon_lol.gif

KeltoKel Posted 7 Dec 2008 , 11:51pm
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I have heard of other members changing their names so that they can roam free on the boards and not have their comments affiliated with their business. My advice is not to have your screen name the same as your business name. You can still post your pics, but at least people can't google your business name and connect it with your thought or comment on cake central.

OhMyGanache Posted 8 Dec 2008 , 12:28am
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If you post photos, most people are now watermarking them - which indicates your biz name. If you value your privacy at all, I recommend keeping yourself completely anonymous.

Posting any identifying information opens you up to being identified not only by your customers, but also by your competition. Personally, I found the harassing emails and hang-up calls from other CC members far more annoying than anything else.

bizatchgirl Posted 8 Dec 2008 , 1:14am
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PoleKitten, you just have me dying to know why CC members were harrassing you. Not polite, I know. Just curious now that you've made 2 comments.

I'm sorry you had a bad experience with our fellow CCers. I know my experiences have all been positive, but I have seen some discussions get pretty heated and I felt bad for the person who was under attack.

OhMyGanache Posted 8 Dec 2008 , 1:35am
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Lol! Oh, I don't hold grudges and don't really remember who said what. Most of it was anonymous anyway. It was more of an annoyance than anything. I do like to warn people that these things happen though.

tarheelgirl Posted 8 Dec 2008 , 1:46am
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I don't post under my biz name or real name. But I did do a google search for my screen name on here and it pulled up my post! lol

tracey1970 Posted 8 Dec 2008 , 1:47am
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I guess I must have a rather "vague" screen name. I googled mine and got tons of pages of results. Plus, other than a couple of my Wilton forum posts, nothing I've posted on here even showed up in the first 8 or 9 pages of results I skimmed. Seems there are a lot of Tracey1970s out there! Interesting!

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