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veronica970206 Posted 20 Oct 2007 , 2:54am
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So I am making a cake for my friend's church for a rummage sale kinda deal, so I was thinking ok, I can do a true Halloween cake, hence the day is getting closer, well she said she didnt think it would be a good idea. So I thought ok, well tomorrow is Sweetest Day so I will do a "Sweet" cake.... So I baked 2 8 inch round cakes (Strawberry) and I split them and took one layer from the other cake and placed it on top of the two layers on the other one, I tried doing all 4, but for me that was too tall. Boy oh boy, did this ever look so awesome!!! So, just when I got all excited and dancing around happy, I go to cover it in fondant and I am struggling like a beginner in a fondant class. It is unreal I got soooooooo use to just doing the one pan cake that was split, now going up a layer threw me off. Needless to say I have to practice, but I just wanted to share with you all that I finally did it. I was always too nervous or scared, but WOW!!! Anyway, I covered the top with gumballs, did a gumball border on the bottom and around the cake I did a Curlz lettering saying Happy Sweetest Day. As soon as I can figure out how to make my pics smaller I will download I promise!!!

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MommaLlama Posted 20 Oct 2007 , 2:52am
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That sounds great! I can't wait to see a picture!!

pinkbox Posted 20 Oct 2007 , 3:01am
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That is awesome... Way to go!!

Where is the pix? sounds cute!

Gama Posted 20 Oct 2007 , 3:01am
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sounds cool!

I can't wait to see pics icon_smile.gif

pinkbox Posted 20 Oct 2007 , 3:02am
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Duh sorry... didnt read the last line

woodthi32 Posted 20 Oct 2007 , 3:09am
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veronica970206 Posted 20 Oct 2007 , 6:12pm
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There are soooo many pics I have that I have been trying to upload, but I cannot bc they are 2 big, so I have to figure out how to make them smaller, does anyone know? Chuck normally does this, but he is helping his Grandma today on purchasing a car, and it seems like our weekends are just never to ourselves any more, its either running for the kids/with the kids, helping family member or friends, or something. So I was thinking if I gotta get it done I might as well try to do it on my own, but I have no clue on where to begin, it is driving me nuts, I feel like I am the only one on here w/o pics, LOL> I bet I am, LOL> Well, I cannot wait to show you all. Thanks so much for cheering me on, it means A LOT!!!! Like I said now I just have to work on covering it better, LOL> Thanks so much, you all are the best!!!! Sincerely, Veronica

kaseynh Posted 20 Oct 2007 , 6:27pm
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ladyhawk1nlm Posted 20 Oct 2007 , 6:23pm
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Hi just wanted to share a program that is easy to use to resize your pic's
http://bluefive.pair.com/pixresizer.htm it is a free program...My dh found it for me cause i was getting so mad i couldn't post my pic's...Hope this help's ya...oh also the name of the program is PIXresizer....

pinkbox Posted 20 Oct 2007 , 9:19pm
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what program do you use for your camera? Kodak?

pinkbox Posted 20 Oct 2007 , 9:22pm
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I know when I save a picture to my desktop, in the lower left corner it will have a drop down box that gives you the option to save it at 100%-50% , best for web, best for email.

I usually will save it best for web so I can upload it to my website. Then when I set it up on the site it uploads easier for those who have slower programs.

It also uploads for CC easier that way too and doesnt take up so much server space in the long run.

Hope this helps

KHalstead Posted 20 Oct 2007 , 9:28pm
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just go to www.shrinkpictures.com you browse for the photo click on 600 (that's what I do it can be posted here in the gallery and in the threads that way) and then click whatever quality and hit send and wait about 2 minutes and they give you your resized photo on a screen then just right click and save the photo (I usually rename the photo whatever photo name it had plus resized.jpg so I know which photo to choose when I wanna post it in a thread and so forth) that is by far the easiest way to shrink a photo!!

veronica970206 Posted 21 Oct 2007 , 3:04am
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WOW!!!! Not only can you decorate cakes, but you also know your way around the computer, I have a lot more time tomorrow, so I will try that out. I am really hoping it will work out for me as well as it did for all of you. I am sooooooo excited now, and none of these cost anything?? I always look for the catch, kinda hard sometimes to just accept something genuine and true any more. Thanks so much, you are the best. Sincerely, Veronica

dl5crew Posted 21 Oct 2007 , 3:17am
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I like Picasa .com
I also use the adobe picture thing.

KHalstead Posted 23 Oct 2007 , 12:55pm
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nope doesn't cost a thing!!!!

erinalicia Posted 23 Oct 2007 , 8:07pm
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I just resize my pictures in whatever photo editing software I have on my computer. I have photoshop and microsoft picture it! if you have a digital camera, it should have come with editing software allowing you to resize your images.

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