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AuntAndrea Posted 10 Aug 2007 , 6:54pm
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Oh Great and Learned CC'ers... icon_biggrin.gif

I'm going through the "Registering my home business to become fully legal" process... Oh joy, Oh bliss... And I need some help with the forms.

I can't remember on which of the various multi-page forms it was asked (I'm at my day job and the paperwork is all at home...), but one of the questions was about determining what the proper NAICS Code is for my business. NAICS stands for North American Industry Classification System -- I admit, I had never heard of this before seeing it asked for on one of those registration forms, and after having tried to figure out what code to use, I would have been happier never having heard of NAICS at all!! icon_eek.gif I'm sure it's some necessary part of something-or-other, but right now it's just a long list of nothing that seems to fit my cake business!!

For those of you already past this point in the process, what code did you use for your business? I am just going to be doing cake baking and decorating from home -- no catering, etc. I suspect there may be different ramifications from picking certain codes, and since NONE of them seem to cover what many of us do, I'm stumped. Don't want to pick the wrong one and shoot myself in the foot somehow by confusing them about what I'm really doing. icon_surprised.gif

Speaking of that, actually -- what did you enter for the description of what your business was going to be? "Cake Decorating"? "Cake Baking and Decorating"? "Home Baking"? That's another one line question on one of the forms... Any suggestions? icon_smile.gif

I don't think this is State-specific or anything -- it seems to be something used all over the country... I'm in Virginia, if it helps. Any guidance would be most appreciated!!!!

Thank you!!
...Andrea icon_smile.gif

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MomLittr Posted 10 Aug 2007 , 7:05pm
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I believe there is a website that you can find all the code listings for, but I honestly don't know what the web address is

CakeTopper Posted 10 Aug 2007 , 7:13pm
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Andrea -

You can look up NAICS codes at the government's census website -

I did some quick checking here and did find anything for a home based bakery. I did find an email address where you can submit questions regarding NAICS codes and maybe they can help you - [email protected]

beccakelly Posted 10 Aug 2007 , 7:49pm
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i just filled out a form for my vendors license here in ohio. i used the NAICS code 445291, which is for a "baked goods store". i was filling out the license app so that i can sell wedding cake toppers and i need a license to collect taxes. i called my county auditors office adn they confirmed that was the right number for me to use. for my business description i entered wedding cakes, toppers and accessories. it was good enough for my state, cause i just got my vendors license a couple days ago, YAY!! now i can sell toppers too.

AuntAndrea Posted 10 Aug 2007 , 8:31pm
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Thanks CakeTopper & MomLittr -- I actually have the website and have printed out the codelist... my question is more about which code should I pick? icon_confused.gif Unfortunately, while you CAN ask NAICS questions, they apparently CHARGE you to do that!! icon_eek.gif (I know, I was amazed, too!) You'd think there would be some plain-english explanations of each codes meaning, but nope. Whatever details they do show were totally confusing for little old me...

Beccakelly, thanks -- and I'm glad you were able to pick a code that works well for you! I don't fall into the same category, so I guess I can't use that number...


beccakelly Posted 10 Aug 2007 , 9:22pm
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Originally Posted by AuntAndrea

Beccakelly, thanks -- and I'm glad you were able to pick a code that works well for you! I don't fall into the same category, so I guess I can't use that number...


your biz is selling cakes right? then you would fall into that category. thats exactly what my biz is. i only mention the toppers because thats the only reason i needed to apply for the vendors license. but imho you would be a "baked goods store" number 445291 too. or am i missing something? icon_confused.gif

AJT2012 Posted 31 Mar 2015 , 6:53pm
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Hi, AuntAndrea.  I'm also in the process of registering my business.  The NAICS has me confused as well.  I simply want to register my business and get my DBA.  I wasn't prepared to furnish all of this other info.  However, I'm not sure "baked goods store" is appropriate for us home bakers wanting to sell our cakes.  We also aren't technically a "commercial bakery" either.  I took a "How to Start a Cake Business" at Craftsy.  Let me ask the instructor what she used, and I'll get back to you. 

AJT2012 Posted 31 Mar 2015 , 7:14pm
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OK, so I'm still waiting on a response from the instructor, but I did find an interesting website that lists the SIC Code and NAICS codes for various places.  Some appear to be legit bakeries (commercial), some are caterers, and some are just listed as bakery shop and cake bakery.  Those NAICS are mostly 311811 and 311812.  Here's the website I found with that info    Perhaps there will be something there that will help you.  I'll also be sure to get back with you when I hear from the teacher.

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