smiling1809 Posted 18 Jan 2005 , 9:49pm

I need a source for round, unscalloped cake separator plates. Wilton does not SEEM to have them. I am also interested in ivory if anyone has any sources for this.

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smiling1809 Posted 19 Jan 2005 , 5:04pm

Got em!!!

I found round, in ivory, with trimmable columns so I can do the floating columns.

chrisrich Posted 19 Jan 2005 , 6:57pm

Please! Tell us where you found them and, if you can, show us what they look like.


MrsMissey Posted 29 Jan 2005 , 6:55pm

It looks as tough sells them. They don't have a picture but the description fits. Hope this helps! Missey

ihavasweet2th Posted 29 Jan 2005 , 7:52pm

Smiling 1809,

I use the Wilton Crystal-Clear Cake divider set plates. They are also the plates used on the Wilton Floating Tier Cake Stand. Then I use the Wilton Hidden pillars. They work Great, no I don't have stock in Wilton!!


smiling1809 Posted 16 Feb 2005 , 12:41am

I can't remember where I got them, but I think it might have been sugarcraft???

smiling1809 Posted 16 Feb 2005 , 12:44am

I just found where I ordered
They are not true hidden pillars, but can be cut to size and used a hidden pillars. it doesn't say they can, but I took a good look at the wilton, and it appears that they are just trimmable columns. You just trim them slightly above the cake so it will look as though the tiers are floating.

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