Wedding Practice Cake... Which Design Do You Like Best?

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gingersoave Posted 13 Jul 2007 , 11:38am
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Okay, they are both lovely but I choose the 2nd one bc it does take the attention to the top however, my 10 year old son and my 11 yr old daughter both like the first one!!!!

Good luck!

adven68 Posted 13 Jul 2007 , 11:40am
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The first picture IMO. It is random but so perfectly balanced without having an actual pattern. That is the KEY to a great painting as well as a cake.
Anyone can follow a pattern. Also...if you want a huge cake but don't really need it, make the bottom tier or two out of styrofoam....or freeze and eat later icon_biggrin.gif

darkchocolate Posted 13 Jul 2007 , 11:41am
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I like side 2 better. I keep going back and looking, but my eye is more drawn to side 2.

Here is a question for anyone. How do you get the roses to stay on the side of the cake? I just made my first roses yesterday but they are just sitting on top. I can't imagine getting them to stay on the side. Although I know there are ways because I have seen beautiful cakes with cascading roses.



DoniB Posted 13 Jul 2007 , 11:47am
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Darkchocolate, I squeeze a bunch of RI onto the bottom of the rose, then stick it to the side of the cake and hold it for a bit, until it stays.

then I pray. icon_razz.gif

But these roses made it through several visits last night... in and out of the car, trips to a couple of different places, and I only lost one rose, after quite awhile.

brilandken Posted 13 Jul 2007 , 11:56am
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They are both beautiful! I like the first one the best.

DoniB Posted 13 Jul 2007 , 12:00pm
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Tell your kids thanks for their opinions!!! There will be a good number of kids at the wedding, so getting some thoughts from the little ones is important, too. What do they think about one of the tiers being something like a FunFetti cake... white cake with lots of colored candy melts in it? icon_smile.gif

Biya Posted 13 Jul 2007 , 12:14pm
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I like #two but love #1. Just my opinion but like the others I think the spray of flowers looks more natural. I don't really think it takes away from the top layer at all. Congratulations on the wedding and making your own cake. I want to make my own cake too, now all I have to do is wait for the divorce to be final and find someone to marry. LOL

Iheartcake Posted 13 Jul 2007 , 12:21pm
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Both are beautiful. My votes on #1, however I think it would come down to the set-up. You are going to be really busy getting last minute things done.. do you want to attack 200 roses, or just 100 roses. Either way, it's going to look gorgeous.

sherry4620 Posted 13 Jul 2007 , 12:32pm
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Love #2...

rebe Posted 13 Jul 2007 , 12:32pm
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you can't go wrong with either. both a beautiful. i like #2 a little better.
congratulations on marrying your best friend

harmonhouseofraymond Posted 13 Jul 2007 , 12:33pm
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I like number 1 for the simple fact I wam one of those strange people that when I get a peice of cake I like icing and with all the extra roses I would get all that yummy frosting.

peacockplace Posted 13 Jul 2007 , 12:43pm
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I like the first one. To me, it's easier to look at. Something about the pattern on the second one throws it off for me.

omaida Posted 13 Jul 2007 , 12:54pm
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Beautiful cakes....I prefer the second one though!! Best of luck!!

chriswhaynes Posted 13 Jul 2007 , 12:56pm
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Both are beautiful but I vote for # 1

donnajf Posted 13 Jul 2007 , 1:01pm
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I like both but, I prefer the 1st one thumbs_up.gif

Lee15 Posted 13 Jul 2007 , 1:11pm
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OMG - I can't decide!! I like them both - your roses are beautiful.

Congratulations - you are one brave lady to undertake doing your own cake on your special day.

jguilbeau Posted 13 Jul 2007 , 1:27pm
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I prefer the side 1, with the diagonal roses. Or have you thought of puting a single row along the bottom of the bottom tier, to match the top tier.

Ladybug21587 Posted 13 Jul 2007 , 1:42pm
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I like the second one.
How beautiful!!!!

Shayenne Posted 13 Jul 2007 , 1:44pm
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I like both of them but I vote for # 1.

iramirez94 Posted 13 Jul 2007 , 1:45pm
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Both are beautiful icon_biggrin.gif I like the FIRST one. I looks complete!!

Congruatulations on your upcoming wedding. If I would have gotten bite by the cake decorating bug earlier in like... I would have also made my own cake.

You go girl!! thumbs_up.gif

projectqueen Posted 13 Jul 2007 , 2:07pm
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Wow, they are both GORGEOUS!!

I'm leaning towards #1, though, for the more random reason stated above.

Congratulations and best of luck to you both.

Rikke_Denmark Posted 13 Jul 2007 , 2:32pm
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ljudd1969 Posted 13 Jul 2007 , 2:39pm
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I think I like the 1st picture (side 2) better. They're both pretty, but I think the tiers in the 1st one compliment each other more.

czyadgrl Posted 13 Jul 2007 , 2:42pm
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I like the first one ... it's more fulll and "lush", more luxurious

step0nmi Posted 13 Jul 2007 , 2:58pm
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I like the 1st one! When I think of roses I think more natural and with the first cake it looks natural. I like both designs but, my eye is on the first!

Great job and designs! Congratulations BTW!

havingfun Posted 13 Jul 2007 , 3:00pm
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beautiful work!! I did this Wilton cake for my daughter's wedding - all 3 tiers based on your top tier showing. I vote for number two - the first view appears "bottom heavy" and thus "squatty". Are these cake terms??? probably not - but that's how I see it visually. icon_biggrin.gif CoNgratulations on your upcoming wedding. May God bless you in your marriage and remember to always love, honor, and cherish each other. Marriage with your best friend is the THE BEST THING IN THE WORLD!!!

Rikke_Denmark Posted 13 Jul 2007 , 3:03pm
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Yes that was what was wrong for me, just did not think of it before you wrote it (havingfun)

Nr.1 looks heavy.

Susieindy Posted 13 Jul 2007 , 5:02pm
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I like the 2nd one better. The first one just looks too busy to me - the 2nd one is cleaner and more elegant.

ShirleyW Posted 13 Jul 2007 , 5:31pm
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I love the top design, very romantic. Reminds me of the Cupcake Cafe Bakery style of decorating. Lovely!

dolfin Posted 13 Jul 2007 , 7:39pm
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beautiful, one seems to go together, two seems to be missing something.

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