DoniB Posted 13 Jul 2007 , 4:26am
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Greetings all!

I'm doing my own wedding cake in September, and while I was doing a 'practice' cake today, to get an idea of spacing, what size roses, etc, I stumbled on a design alternative. Now I'm torn!

If you'll indulge me, and tell me which one you like best I'd appreciate it. I like them both!!! ARGH!!! icon_razz.gif

The top tier will remain the same, either way, so it's just the two different bottom tiers that I'm looking at.

Thanks and I appreciate any help!

Doni the undecided

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PennieK Posted 13 Jul 2007 , 4:32am
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I think they are both wonderful but Im leaning towards the diagnol roses because it brings the eye up to the top tier

mkolmar Posted 13 Jul 2007 , 4:36am
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I like them both, they are both gorgeous. I agree that #2 is the better because it brings the eye up to the beautiful work on the top tier.

mommachris Posted 13 Jul 2007 , 5:43am
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I vote to the first one....more random.
They are both very pretty though.


beemarie Posted 13 Jul 2007 , 5:49am
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I vote for the first one, also. Two for two!!! They are both beautiful, by the way.

Jesjacster2 Posted 13 Jul 2007 , 5:49am
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I think I like the second one better ..I don't know if its the lighting of the picture or the diagnols they are georgous roses..heres an idea what if you took the first photo and on the bottom layer you pushed the roses up on the edge to mimic the top layer more..any way you go its beautiful...Congrats

CourtneysCustomCakes Posted 13 Jul 2007 , 5:50am
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I think that the 2nd is my pick. I agree that it directs attention to the top.

Congratulations on your upcomming nuptuals. I'm impressed that you're taking on your own cake.

Good For You


Cyndi1207 Posted 13 Jul 2007 , 5:51am
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I also pick the second one. Great cake.

jo0312 Posted 13 Jul 2007 , 5:52am
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Wow you have done an amazing job i like the top one a bit more though i like the randomness of it but honestly you cannot go wrong with either the top teir is just so amazing well done and congrats on the wedding!

ceshell Posted 13 Jul 2007 , 5:53am

LOL your real answer is going to be: whatever YOU like best! Everyone has their own preference of course.

They're both so pretty, but I'm with the folks voting on the second one for reasons already stated. Not just that the diagonals direct your eye upwards, but the empty space between them is attractive. It feels freer.

CoreyV Posted 13 Jul 2007 , 5:54am

both are very nice but I prefer the second, the diagonal really brings the eye up

rcs Posted 13 Jul 2007 , 5:55am

Again, both are very pretty! I like the second one a little better though.

lynda-bob Posted 13 Jul 2007 , 5:59am

Me too for number two! icon_biggrin.gif Congratulations btw!

Momkiksbutt Posted 13 Jul 2007 , 6:01am

Both are very pretty, but I like the second one the best.

FeGe_Cakes Posted 13 Jul 2007 , 6:05am

My vote is for the second one (diagonal roses). It seems like a more cleaner, elegant design.

PRcakes Posted 13 Jul 2007 , 6:23am

I like the first one!!!I think has something else!!!!

Jennifer9800 Posted 13 Jul 2007 , 6:37am

I like the first. The second seems to be missing something (like more roses like the first pic ha ha) I'm not keen visually on the amount of empty space on the bottom compared to the heavier amt. roses on the top. The graphic diagonal design seems a bit harsh coupled with the beautifully elegant roses. Just my opinion!! icon_smile.gif good luck

chefcindy Posted 13 Jul 2007 , 6:40am

I like the 1st one... less fussy

prettysweet Posted 13 Jul 2007 , 6:44am

Congrats on the upcoming marriage. You must be super organized to take on your own wedding cake. I like the second one best. Will the final cake be more than 2 layers because that might impact choices?

cupcake Posted 13 Jul 2007 , 8:22am

I like the first one. When I see roses, I think of them being on bushes and they are in random array. I see a more natural look to the first photo.

bethyboop Posted 13 Jul 2007 , 8:41am

2 votes for #2--my DH voted too.--to me the placed roses indicate order and elegance, less chaos.
congrats on the wedding and the wtg withyour organization!!! awesome jobs on your roses!

which one are you leaning towards? have you decided yet?

MikeRowesHunny Posted 13 Jul 2007 , 8:44am

No. 2 for me as well! A. because I like it and B. because it is your own design and therefore will be unique to you & your sweetie!

disp4so Posted 13 Jul 2007 , 9:04am

i vote for the first one..

mopsy Posted 13 Jul 2007 , 9:38am

I vote for side 1. It is very appealing to the eye and has a much more elegant look. Congrats on your upcoming wedding. Much happiness to you.

odm_post Posted 13 Jul 2007 , 10:01am

I vote for the 1st one. I just like the 'randomness' icon_smile.gif

Verina Posted 13 Jul 2007 , 10:46am

Both just gorgeous - I prefer the second one thumbs_up.gif

DoniB Posted 13 Jul 2007 , 10:49am

Wow! I woke up to so many responses this morning! Thanks so much, everyone, for both your opinions and your congrats. This will be a 'making it legal' wedding, but we're treating it with all the joy it deserves. We've been together so long, and are finally able to do this. Yay!

For the record, while I like the first one (or the design it's based off of, at least!) better, I also really like #2, and every one of my friends and my fiancee like 2. Considering it's a lot less flowers, and I'm essentially a lazy person (can you tell???), we'll probably go with 2. Okay, so I'm not that lazy, not when it comes to cake. Housework, yes. Cake, no! icon_smile.gif

I've wanted to make my own wedding cake since I was 12. (that's 24 years of dreaming!) And when we started looking at cakes and realized that we both had always envisioned the same kind of cake for our wedding, it was just reason 4,258 why we should be together. icon_smile.gif

The cake is going to be massive (and I'm starting the baking and rose-making now!), so we're going to have all sorts of flavors. Do we NEED a cake that big? Absolutely! LOL Not to feed everyone... it's just a really great backdrop for the pictures. icon_biggrin.gif

Okay... I'll stop geeking now... Any other opinions are definitely welcome! icon_smile.gif

Granpam Posted 13 Jul 2007 , 11:13am

Both are pretty and your roses are beautiful. I vote for number two. It looks cleaner and more elegant to me .

crablegs Posted 13 Jul 2007 , 11:17am

I like #2. Something a little different

ange14843 Posted 13 Jul 2007 , 11:36am

I think both are beautiful, but I like the first one better.

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