Realistically How Many People Does A 12 Inch And An 11X15

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sunflowerfreak Posted 6 Jun 2007 , 7:12pm
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How many people does a 12 inch and an 11X15 feed? I looked at the Wilton chart and they say that a 12 inch round serves 56 people. This is for a birthday party. Who is going to eat a 1 x 2 piece of cake at a birthday party? Not me!! Does anyone have a chart of their own that I could look at?

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sunflowerfreak Posted 6 Jun 2007 , 7:29pm
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Can anyone help?

smbegg Posted 6 Jun 2007 , 7:31pm
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That is the wedding cake serving (1" x 2"), Wilton's party size (2" x 1 1/2") says that it would be 40 servings. But that is also for a double layer 12".

Now if it were my family, it would probably serve 30 if I was lucky, but they have never heard of portion control if you know what I mean.

I would say if you like a hearty piece, you could definately get 30.


crablegs Posted 6 Jun 2007 , 7:35pm
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is there a better chart out there to go by?

luv2cake Posted 6 Jun 2007 , 7:36pm
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I always tell people that my 11 X 15 (half sheet) feeds 30 people.
I would also think that the 12" round (double layer - 4" high) would feed about 30.

Shayenne Posted 6 Jun 2007 , 7:41pm
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Well Sunflowerfreak,

I do 12 Inch x 3 inch most of the time for a B-day of my family.

It reach for about 30 to 35 people.
and I never go by the chart my family is cake eaters...hahaha

OhMyGoodies Posted 6 Jun 2007 , 7:44pm
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According to Kelley (cakeboss Kelley)'s chart on CB a double layer 12" round serves 45. And a double layer 11x15 sheet serves 35. So if you make both of them 2 layer cakes, you are looking at a total of 80 servings icon_smile.gif HTH

yellobutterfly Posted 6 Jun 2007 , 7:53pm
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According to the chart I use, an 11X15 serves 35 2x2 slices (single layer). HTH

ccwkg Posted 6 Jun 2007 , 8:02pm
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Unfortunately I do a lot of cake squares (I guess I shouldn't complain,at least it is work!) When I precut the 11 x 15 I get 35 2x2 inch squres. When I do a 12 x 18 I get 54 2x2 inch squares. It also depends on who cuts the cake.
I just noticed you ment round. I looked on the paper that comes in the 2 inch deep round pan and it says 40. Hope this helps!

ccwkg Posted 6 Jun 2007 , 8:09pm
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Thank you, Thank you, Thank you jkalman I knew I had seen that somewhere!! I have been searching for it for the longest time! YOU ROCK!

sunflowerfreak Posted 6 Jun 2007 , 8:58pm
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Yes jkalman-This is just what I needed. I think I will go by the family serving when it's a birthday cake. Thanks so much.

pidge Posted 6 Jun 2007 , 9:09pm
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I looked at the chart ... very accurate ... 11x15 doesn't sound like much at 1 layer but at 2 layers it serves way more people than you would expect! I told a lady 40 and for a cake she and she got well over that amount (over 70) ... and I had not told her to cut 1x2 inch pieces (she did that on her own!) My cakes are really tall though my 11x15 are about 4 inches. HTH

zoraya Posted 6 Jun 2007 , 9:16pm
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I've been having this same problem, was never really sure how many servings you would get and the Wilton charts seemed so far off for "real" servings. So I finally traced all my standard pans onto paper and then marked it according to how I would cut servings. So now I'm much more comfortable telling someone how many pieces they can expect to get. My numbers are pretty close to the chart mentioned above.

indydebi Posted 6 Jun 2007 , 10:59pm
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Factor in how many kids will be eating this cake. At my granddaughter's 5th birthday last month, I was kinda making a mental note of how many pieces I was cutting. Since I cut wedding cakes every weekend, I was cutting them wedding cake size, almost out of habit, but I wanted to see how it served at a party. however, this turned out to be the perfect size for 4 and 5 year old kids (my daughter had ice cream for them, too). The parents who wanted more, just took a 2nd piece.

I made a 10" and a 6" (2 layers each) tiered cake for 25 people and after serving everyone once, there was plenty of cake left over for anyone who wanted seconds. Once I had all the kids served, I cut the next few pieces a little bigger, and we still had plenty.

But bear in mind that little kids don't eat big pieces of cake.

jmt1714 Posted 6 Jun 2007 , 11:05pm
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I think those portion sizes the Wilton charts give ARE real - people's idea of "serving size" is completely messed up.

mcalhoun Posted 6 Jun 2007 , 11:14pm
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Go to I thnk her serving chart is more accurate.

mbelgard Posted 6 Jun 2007 , 11:34pm
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Originally Posted by jmt1714

I think those portion sizes the Wilton charts give ARE real - people's idea of "serving size" is completely messed up.

I have to agree, even my husband who eats like you wouldn't believe says that their servings are big enough for dessert after a meal or with ice cream.

indydebi Posted 6 Jun 2007 , 11:36pm
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Originally Posted by jmt1714

I think those portion sizes the Wilton charts give ARE real - people's idea of "serving size" is completely messed up.

"Do you want to Super Size that, ma'am?" icon_confused.gif (and by the way, do y'all notice that they charge extra for super sizing it?)

tyonkovich Posted 15 Feb 2016 , 3:55pm
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Hi All, I know this is a pretty old post, but does anybody still have the chart mentioned above? The link is not working. Prob the page was taken down? TIA

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