Serious Cake Topper Idea Help Needed

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ASupergirl Posted 26 Jun 2006 , 10:05pm
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I am doing a cake for my brother-in-law's wedding. They want a scrollwork cake with a fountain under it...And yes I offered to pay and do the whole cake as part of our gift to them and she had to pick the most expensive stuff on everything...grrr....anywho....I just spoke with her and she is totally confused as to what she wants as a cake topper. They are getting married in a courthouse. So she said no real wedding dress type toppers. She is terrified of birds. So that cuts out swans and doves and lovebirds. She hates the monogram picks. Doesn't want any flowers on the cake whatsoever (hence the scrollwork) - so I can't use flowers as the topper. She really doesn't like the glass heart stuff......SO WHAT DO I DO!?!?!?!?! It's hard enough trying to please a picky bride....but I'm going to have to please all of my in-laws and the high class wine dollar taste she wants...she should be lucky I am doing the cake for free. They aren't going to have a lot of money to start out with they are only just turning 19. Everyone is paying for their wedding reception and such for like 200 people because they don't have any money to help pay for anything. Sorry...rant and vent there.....Can anyone help for a gigantic scrollwork cake with fountain yet none of the normal or obvious toppers???? TIA

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cakesbyallison Posted 26 Jun 2006 , 10:11pm
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How about a pretty fondant bow?

Why are you stressing over it...? Shouldn't she figure this out? She may be picky, but she's also receiving this as a gift, and should appreciate the offer and consideration!

ASupergirl Posted 26 Jun 2006 , 10:13pm
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Oh yeah....I forgot...the "tacky bow"......I thought of all of these pretty ideas but noooooo.....I'm not the professional thanks for the idea...but no "tacky bow".....

justme Posted 26 Jun 2006 , 10:14pm
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i agree with the above-- have her figure it out....

what does she like? beaches, butterflies, mickey mouse
i just googled cake toppers and came up with several different websites that have cake toppers

dtmc Posted 26 Jun 2006 , 10:27pm
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Since you are doing scroll work on the cake I would do a scrolly heart or two hearts interlocked in royal icing or gumpaste. I have seen heart with a scroll look to it. And maybe even add a few small hearts in with the scrolls.


TooMuchCake Posted 26 Jun 2006 , 10:34pm
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How about piping some royal icing scrolls to match the scrollwork on the cake and then when they're dry, stick them in the top of the cake a la Collette Peters?


itsloops Posted 26 Jun 2006 , 10:41pm
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I like the "scrolly hearts" idea.
Unless, she's afraid of scrolly hearts icon_surprised.gificon_surprised.gificon_surprised.gif !!!???

dtmc Posted 26 Jun 2006 , 10:44pm
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Originally Posted by itsloops

I like the "scrolly hearts" idea.
Unless, she's afraid of scrolly hearts icon_surprised.gificon_surprised.gificon_surprised.gif !!!???

LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is hilarious!

TooMuchCake Posted 26 Jun 2006 , 10:46pm
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Afraid of scrolly hearts! LOL!!! icon_biggrin.gificon_lol.gificon_biggrin.gif How funny. This bride is starting to remind me of the show "Monk" with all her phobias and negative reactions.


Molliebird Posted 26 Jun 2006 , 10:54pm
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What about crystallized fruit around the cake? Or does fruit make her run the other way also?

loriemoms Posted 27 Jun 2006 , 12:03am
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I have no ideas to suggest, but I just had to say this is the funniest thread I have read since the one about the bride who was getting married in the parking lot...

(I do agree, maybe she has a hobby you can put on top of the cake, or a common interest the bride and groom have....)

karensjustdessert Posted 27 Jun 2006 , 12:12am
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How about a figurine of her husband-to-be? I hope she likes HIM.

adven68 Posted 27 Jun 2006 , 12:29am
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How about a pair of pears? BTW...thanks for the chuckle...

lilypie Posted 27 Jun 2006 , 12:38am
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or a cross?

lilypie Posted 27 Jun 2006 , 12:43am
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or interlocking wedding bands?

Claudine1976 Posted 27 Jun 2006 , 12:44am
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There's a lot of beautiful cakes without toppers, what about just scroll work on top of the cake also?

ASupergirl Posted 27 Jun 2006 , 12:46am
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Oh you guys are so cute and least someone besides me thinks this is a riot....I married the oldest son. We knew each other for about a year and a year then got married a year after that. He is son number two. It's his "1st official "love" ". They have been dating since since after Christmas- got engaged (with a ring bought on store credit) the Friday before Memorial Day- and are now going to get married in December. They may move it up earlier if he can get leave (Military) sooner. None of us are allowed to be at the Courthouse for their "Ceremony". They want money and no gifts so they can go buy their own stuff when they move out of state to his duty station. She comes from a beer and cheap beer at that family (I did half beer side and half wine side) and she wants the aged to perfection wine from Italy. Neither side of the families are rich enough to support her tastes. But her is the biggest reality check on it all. The two of them stopped talking to each other for a few days because one didn't text message the other one back immediately. Then it rumored around and got to the family that she was pregnant by someone else- so they almost broke-up over that. So I guess what I am saying is....How do I expect to have them decided on a topper, let alone cake if they can't get out of the puppy love stage of infatuation they are still in....I figured up how much it would cost to make this cake of hers.....$450 in supplies for the wedding cake and the groom's cake....take that and times it by us CC crew's famous rule of three...and they are looking at an almost $1500 dollar cake from me and my husband!!??!?!?!?! We are about to explode!!!! Here is my husbands simple manly minded way of thinking on it. "We didn't have much say in our wedding cake. Why should they? An we are going to do it how we can afford it." I can achieve the same look that she wants for about a third or less of that cost. (By the way everyone....our wedding cake- we just told the theme, the colors and my Father actually learned how to make it and did for us icon_smile.gif ) They don't even have a theme for their "Wedding" or should I say reception...It's just the color pink......Yeah this is all crazy....But since you guys were giggling with me, I figured I should fill in some of the gaps so you could get the whole picture on how stupid this all is and how I'm so confused. icon_smile.gif

TooMuchCake Posted 27 Jun 2006 , 1:00am
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Whooooooooaaaaaaa........ What a circus! icon_lol.gif It's good there's some humor in it.

Speaking of humor, my oldest niece is getting married in three weeks. They're having a Beauty and the Beast themed wedding. Yes, really. The groom is wearing a suit like the Beast wore in the cartoon where they dance, and the bride is wearing a dress reminiscent of Belle's except it's white. At the reception they're serving - I swear I'm not making this up - plain Twinkies for the groom's cake and chocolate milk!!!!

I would say, if your couple is picking out such a $$$$$$ cake and you are on a budget, in this particular case, cut the corners where you can and don't mention it to the bride. Sounds like she's got other things to worry about (like growing up!) than little details on the cake.



Cakerer Posted 27 Jun 2006 , 1:07am
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I've seen some really pretty monogram toppers...of course, they aren't really cheap....Maybe you could make one out of Royal Icing....

ASupergirl Posted 27 Jun 2006 , 1:12am
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I totally agree with you!!!! He is home for two weeks right now. They are having this reception/day thing occur on December 22nd. I'm the only one in the family who has all of the right address from doing our wedding. I have told her over and over I would help and that she needs to send out save the date cards NOW so people can come since they are doing it the Friday before Christmas- people aren't going to show!!!! So I may end up doing this huge cake for nobody if she doesn't get her game plan in gear!!! She complains that she doesn't have time....She works less than 30 hours a week- waitressing and isn't very good at. She quit school...I worked full-time and went to school full-time plus, graduated in 3 years instead of 4, and still planned out our wedding, managed our home and bills we started sharing together before the wedding.....The time he is home, we wanted to have them sit down and discuss all of this- we would even pay for dinner.....but now they don't have time....and they aren't even going to come to our party on the 4th (family tradition now that we have the 4th of July party) because they will be too busy!!!!! CRAZY FOLKS!!! CRAZY!!!! ----Can you tell most of us are mad at the whole thing.....ha ha ha ha.....So as far as the topper and cake all together....What do you guys think me and hubby should do?????

Molliebird Posted 27 Jun 2006 , 1:15am
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Forget the fruit. Sounds like she needs a tiara! Princess in training!

momsandraven Posted 27 Jun 2006 , 5:08am
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Since the wedding is right before Christmas, what about a big royal icing snowflake? I'm pretty sure I'd be tempted to go and buy a cheapo 'Christmas pik' at Michaels to put up there, maybe something like the little metallic gift boxes.

Since she won't really have a wedding gown or church ceremony, what about making the topper 'something old, something new...'?

tastycakes Posted 27 Jun 2006 , 5:16am
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She's probably afraid of snow.

I wouldn't worry too much, from the sound of the drama, with any luck it'll get called off! Try to hold off on buying the fountain as long as possible.

adven68 Posted 27 Jun 2006 , 12:56pm
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Originally Posted by TooMuchCake

They're having a Beauty and the Beast themed wedding. Yes, really. The groom is wearing a suit like the Beast wore in the cartoon where they dance, and the bride is wearing a dress reminiscent of Belle's except it's white. At the reception they're serving - I swear I'm not making this up - plain Twinkies for the groom's cake and chocolate milk!!!!


Ummmm...are they 6?

momsandraven Posted 27 Jun 2006 , 2:06pm
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TooMuchCake wrote:
They're having a Beauty and the Beast themed wedding. Yes, really. The groom is wearing a suit like the Beast wore in the cartoon where they dance, and the bride is wearing a dress reminiscent of Belle's except it's white. At the reception they're serving - I swear I'm not making this up - plain Twinkies for the groom's cake and chocolate milk!!!!

Ummmm...are they 6?

BAAA HAAAA HAAAAA!!!!! icon_lol.gif I can't even imagine what she had to do to get him to go along with all this. icon_confused.gificon_redface.gif

ASupergirl Posted 28 Jun 2006 , 12:27am
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The snowflake idea sounds super fun to me...I always thought a winter wedding would be beautiful done in snowflakes ( I did a Luau!!)....but again the pickiness in her is that she doesn't want any of the holiday or theme type things. So that's why they are going with just the color pink. My brother-in-law.....sooooo easy to please (I have no idea why they are even together it is like night and day with them. I haven't even seen them kiss each other yet. Weird I know)....but he is sooooo easy. I asked him what he wanted for his groom's cake (yeah I know not one but two cakes free for them), but at first he saw a picture of cookie monster and laughed and wanted that one. She said no and that it was stupid. I explained that's the whole point. It is suppose to be something that he wants and is kinda funny compared to the elegance of the wedding cake. So then he saw a picture of Kermit the Frog and liked that one. I said okay!! It would be simple and very cute and funny. She rolled her eyes and I just looked at her and said is that okay for you?? Again she rolled her eyes and I just looked at him (who was standing in front of her so he couldn't see the rolling of her eyes) and told him I'll do it for you and you'll love it. He said I'm sure I'd love anything you make.....Are we getting the strangeness of their couplesome???!?!? The something new borrowed and blue thing sounds cool too...I might have to do that on purpose because she hates the color blue...ha ha ha ha

S1eepygrl Posted 28 Jun 2006 , 2:14am
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Hi Ya'll,

This is so funny!

I have to add the when my sister got married on a budget, her wedding color was pink. Her father in law bought them a cake--1\\4 sheet--BLUE. She has tried to get a pink wedding cake at every fifth year anniversary, without success. So your blue idea would be funny!

Since she is such a (Princess in training) a run down shack on top(not a castle). It sounds like she is going to bankrupt the family into living in one. This is a gift from your family/household to them, do what you think/can afford for the top. What does the groom have to say about the top of this pink cake?

Back to the fun--A beer can, broken wine/champaine bottle, groom with empty pockets and bride in a rag dress.

Oh this is long enough.

Good luck!

TooMuchCake Posted 28 Jun 2006 , 2:26am
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Momsandraven and Adven68, I am laughing so hard!!!! icon_lol.gif No, they're not 6 but seems like it sometimes. Y'know, they actually found Beauty and the Beast wedding invitations. YES! They really did!! I won't be going to the wedding, which is in another state (as my friend says, another STATE of mind! Haha!!) but I am so looking forward to the pictures when I get some.

This phobic bride is quite a puzzle. I'm thinking the groom should get a cake with both Cookie Monster and Kermit on it and the bride can get over it. Hey! What if Cookie Monster was the wedding topper?



S1eepygrl Posted 28 Jun 2006 , 2:32am
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I just had to add more--

Barbie wonder mold topper

Groom cake is a frog? Miss piggie on the wedding cake.

Sorry I try to behave.

dl5crew Posted 28 Jun 2006 , 2:35am
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Sounds like a reality check is in order for this couple. Do a scoll in royal in blue of course; held up by a beer can. What she really wants is money folded in the shape of a rose.

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