Luster Vs Petal Vs Sparkle Vs Shimmer Dust????

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Euphoriabakery Posted 18 Apr 2006 , 2:56pm
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So what is the difference between these? I was just wondering if someone could explain the differences and maybe tell us all which are used for what effect?

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KHalstead Posted 18 Apr 2006 , 3:27pm
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luster dust is a metallic sort of dust..very fine dust...used to make things look pearlized or like metal etc....very pretty IMO.....petal dust is used for coloring and shading on gumpaste flowers, it has a matte finish, not sparkly at all...but very fine like a chalky powder....the shimmer dust is found at craft stores, I think Wilton makes some and though they come in metallic colors, they don't give that sparkly effect most people get with luster dust...the shimmer dusts are a larger, courser grain as well, not a find powder. Hope this helps?

Euphoriabakery Posted 18 Apr 2006 , 6:39pm
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Thanks so much for the explanation! I have been looking online and wondering what I should get. I bought the Shimmer dust that Wilton sells and didn't really like it so I will definitely look into luster dust and petal dust!

Pyxxydust Posted 18 Apr 2006 , 9:19pm
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Hi Euphoria!

I recently used the gold sparkle dust on a cake and I loved the effect - it can be as strong or subtle as you want. It's on the fan cake in my photos, but the shimmer didn't really show up - I had it on the red rope garlands. I just brushed it on lightly and if I put too much on it, I'd blow it off and it left behind just the perfect subtle glitter with just the right about of sparkle ...I absolutely loved it! I haven't tried mixing it with vodka or anything. So if you find the gold sparkle dust - definitely try that out. Also - when you look for luster dusts - there's SuperGold and and Old Gold - I think Old Gold is a bit darker while the SuperGold is lighter in color and a little less subtle - just depends on the effect you're looking for.

Euphoriabakery Posted 18 Apr 2006 , 9:22pm
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I love your cake! Thanks for the great info!

Pyxxydust Posted 18 Apr 2006 , 9:24pm
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Thanks! Oh and I made a boo boo - the Super Gold is MORE subtle than Old Gold, not less subtle - the Old Gold is almost opaque.

Good luck with your "dust" hunting! The colors are all so beautiful that the last time I went, I spent like $20 bucks just cuz I couldn't resist the pinks and purples! I'm such a girly girl. I also got a bunch of reds - I was trying to coat those garlands with red luster dust but none of them looked right - thankfully the sparkle dust did!

angunc3 Posted 18 Apr 2006 , 11:04pm
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What's the best brand? I live in Hawaii so there's not a whole lot of options out here and I'll need to order online...

Pyxxydust Posted 18 Apr 2006 , 11:05pm
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The only ones I've seen are Country Kitchen (I think they're labeled as CK on the label). There may be other brands, but these are the only ones I've seen in the cake stores around here (I live in Atlanta). I know Wilton now has some kind of dusts but I read they're not as good and you can't mix them with vodka for that metallic look. Plus they only come in a few colors.

Schmoop Posted 18 Apr 2006 , 11:09pm
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I just posted a thread yesterday asking about the differences of the dusts...found some info on the sugarcraft website that helped.

from Sugarcraft:
Pearl, Petal, Luster and Sparkle Dusts contain only ingredients that are non-toxic and are ideal for use on gumpaste or rolled fondant flowers, plaques, lettering, etc. They present a range or creative color possibilities and the opportunity to achieve color of unique liveliness and impact. These dusts are NOT a food additive and should not be considered as such. Intended for use in the dry form, any of the powders may also be mixed with oil-based flavorings or alcohol for painting and highlighting. For a more permanent application, liquefy with Tylose gum glue, or confectioners glaze. Each type of dust creates a different effect. Please note that colors indicated by * (in catalogs) contain Iron Blue or Chromium Oxide and MUST be labeled "for decorative use only".

Petal Dust is used to achieve deeper hues with a matte finish. When brushed on petals of white or pastel gumpaste flowers, a realistic effect is created. Pearl or luster dusts can be applied over or mixed with petal dust for a variety of effects. Mix with water, alcohol or oil-based flavorings for painting, highlighting or creating deeper colors. Contains no cornstarch. Colors will intensify when mixed with liquids. Certified non-toxic. Water soluble.

Luster Dust gives subtle color with a high sheen metallic-like finish. They may be used alone or mixed with similar
colored matte dusts to create a lustrous sheen without lightening the color. Brushed on white, they exhibit color and metallic-like sheen. Contains two or more of the following - Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxide, Carmine and Mica. Not
water soluble.

Sparkle dust is similar to Luster Dust in effect and use but is a larger grain size. Gives gumpaste flowers a wed to dewy look, with just a touch of color. Contains two or more of the following - Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxide, Carmine and
Mica. Not water soluble.

Pearl dust produces a shimmery luster. Use super pearl on flowers made from colored gum paste for a glistening look. When dusted on white petals, the other pearls in the range exhibit a subtle translucent or iridescent reflective colored sheen while displaying no apparent or strong color. They may be combined or applied over Petal dust to create custom colors or effects. Contains Titanium Dioxide and Mica. Not water soluble.

Euphoriabakery Posted 18 Apr 2006 , 11:13pm
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I found this site that sells the different dusts, not sure what brand. Can anyone tell me if this is a good price?

golfgirl1227 Posted 19 Apr 2006 , 4:34am
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I can't get that site to open, but they sell them all here in TONS of colors and the prices look really reasonable to me. Cheaper than my local cake shop. Of course I didn't look at shipping costs yet..........

I'm glad you posted this as I was wondering the difference as well.

Euphoriabakery Posted 19 Apr 2006 , 6:22am
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oops, its sorry guys

Pyxxydust Posted 19 Apr 2006 , 1:39pm
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I looked up the site and they are CK dusts and $3.25 is a good price - I've seen them from $3.15 to $3.95 at local cake stores. But who knows how much shipping is. I also bought some of the reds directly from the Country Kitchen website because they have so many colors, they're not all carried in the stores. You have to buy quite a few to justify the shipping cost, but they shipped really fast. I don't remember the website - but google "Country Kitchen Cake Decorating" and it should pop up.

donnajf Posted 11 May 2006 , 3:06am
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Thanks for Dust 101 info. thumbs_up.gif

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