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antonia74 Posted 18 Apr 2006 , 2:29pm
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I absolutely love sharing any information I can, but please do NOT copy this post or my personal photos onto any other websites without my permission. Be nice! thumbs_up.gif



Well, my father has made me a few in the past, and the one below was made by a local carpenter. I don't know much about woodworking, but I've been PM'd about these stands so much that I'll give the dimensions and a few photos here for you to make your own.

My largest white 4 TIER BOXES CUPCAKE STAND, is made from hollow boxes of MDF (that's medium density fibreboard. It's not solid wood, or it would be very very heavy.) The dimensions of the one I have are as follows:

-top box is 6" x 6" x 6" tall
-2nd box is 12" x 12" x 6" tall
-3rd box is 24" x 24" x 6" tall
-4th box is 36" x 36" x 6" tall

They all fit together using wooden slats. BUT, they are great for smaller weddings/events because I don't have to use all 4 boxes. Sometimes I just use 3 or even 2 for really tiny parties. As is, using all 4 boxes, this stand is absolutely HUGE. It's 2 feet tall and 3 feet wide!!!

Using all 4 boxes, I can fit 144 of my large cupcakes in a neat display....or 140 cupcakes + a cake on top.

We painted the display using a non-toxic Ivory oil-based paint. (Ivory in case there is a tiny stain, easier to conceal than pure pure white. Oil-based paint is a must, as it's easier to wipe clean than latex.)

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_ChristyB_ Posted 18 Apr 2006 , 2:30pm
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Thanks so much, Helen!!! You are the best!!!

Samsgranny Posted 18 Apr 2006 , 2:33pm
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Wow, this is incredible! Thanks for posting.

cindy6250 Posted 18 Apr 2006 , 2:35pm
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Thanks Antonia!! Your cupcakes stands are beautiful. Did you paint the dark stripe around the middle or is that ribbon? Thanks again for sharing the instructions.


frstech Posted 18 Apr 2006 , 2:36pm
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Thanks Antonia !!, even if it isn't ribbon, I think that would be a great idea that way you could change with the colors as needed.

_ChristyB_ Posted 18 Apr 2006 , 2:36pm
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Another question for you, Helen! What about the round one, where did you find it?

lkuptain Posted 18 Apr 2006 , 2:44pm
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I love these stands. Such a great way to display cupcakes at a wedding or event, they look so elegant! Thanks for sharing Antonia74!

antonia74 Posted 18 Apr 2006 , 2:46pm
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That's real ribbon. You can change it to match each wedding's colours.

The round white 5-tier stand I have is from
$200 US$ or so

Euphoriabakery Posted 18 Apr 2006 , 2:53pm
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Thank you so much! I had printed out your picture from the gallery and gave it to my husband with dimensions to make for me. I think you gave dimensions in one of your gallery comment responses. I don't know why I didn't think to PM you! This is so helpful, especially the picture of the slats that join the boxes. This should keep my hubby busy for awhile!

JennT Posted 18 Apr 2006 , 4:08pm
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Wow, Helen! This is great!! Thanks so much for sharing thumbs_up.gif This looks like something I could actually build myself...ok...with a little help from DH icon_lol.gificon_razz.gif Thanks again!! icon_biggrin.gif

lcdmarie Posted 18 Apr 2006 , 4:27pm
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Thank you icon_wink.gif

cakefairy18 Posted 18 Apr 2006 , 4:32pm
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Thanks!! I love'll be my project for the summer!

golfgirl1227 Posted 18 Apr 2006 , 5:32pm
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Since I'm one of the people that PM's you ALL of the time, thanks for posting this (even though, I am one of the ones who asked you about this stand as well!!!).

So anyway, in the picture where we can see the underside of the box- what is the piece that is laying flat on the table?


pinkopossum Posted 18 Apr 2006 , 5:45pm
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Thanks so much Helen! This will be cheaper than having to buy another one of those stands and it will look much better. Thanks again! icon_smile.gif

Love the ribbon idea! thumbs_up.gif

stephanie214 Posted 18 Apr 2006 , 10:31pm
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Thanks so much're the greatest thumbs_up.gif

What is used in the center of each box for support when stacking?

antonia74 Posted 18 Apr 2006 , 11:43pm
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nothing, look inside the is build with a supportive frame. The MDF is about 1/4" thick, so that's plenty of support.

It weighs about 50 or 60 lbs for all 4 boxes?

beany Posted 24 Apr 2006 , 6:01am
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Thanks for sharing this with us Antonia74! I've been admiring that stand of yours for ages!

lastingmoments Posted 24 Apr 2006 , 6:22am
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thanks.............i love your stand

CrystalsCakes5 Posted 20 May 2006 , 2:39pm
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How do you transport all those cupcakes?
Do you transport them on this stand?

Or is this just your display?

Thank you.

antonia74 Posted 21 May 2006 , 3:49am
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no, I don't transport them on the display....that would be impossible! icon_eek.gif (The stand is 3 feet wide and 2 feet tall and about 50 pounds!!)

I pack them in boxes and display them when I get there and assemble the stand onsite.

Denisedk Posted 17 Jun 2006 , 7:39pm
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Thank you very much.
I think I'm gonna make one.

mrboop Posted 17 Jun 2006 , 7:43pm
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That is so cool. Thanks for sharing.

flourgrl Posted 13 Jul 2006 , 6:27pm
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fully assembled how many does it hold? Standard cupcakes?
I think I need to bite the bullet and order/make it cause it's so nice

antonia74 Posted 15 Jul 2006 , 4:56pm
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Originally Posted by flourgrl

fully assembled how many does it hold? Standard cupcakes?
I think I need to bite the bullet and order/make it cause it's so nice

With all four tiers (and the top) it holds 144 of my large cupcakes evenly in lines, as seen in the photos.

flourgrl Posted 15 Jul 2006 , 5:53pm
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SugarHighCakes Posted 25 Jul 2006 , 4:00am
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Thanks for sharing!

eyedocakes Posted 25 Jul 2006 , 5:18pm
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I have these same box set ups. The idea was in Martha's wedding book a year or two back. I had my grandpa make them for me. Mine are 4 inches tall and we used MDF 1/2 inch thick too. When my grandpa made mine, he put wood glue on each end that owuld stick together and used finishing nails to keep them together. We then painted the boxes with white paint and I change the box theme out wiht different designs lalong the outside. I've used ribbon, foam polka dots, etc (hot glued on) and more recently scrapbooking paper in polka dots because we couldn't find foam in the colors we needed. When I use them, I rent the boxes out for 10.00 each. That usually includes the decorating of the boxes. The only issue I have is that it takes me a minute to get the boxes centered in the middle of the tier below. It's easy to tell when it's off just a little. I rented my boxes out over the weekend htis lastw eekend and noticed that they're looking a little shabby, so I'm gonna hit them again with another coat of white paint. I spent about 20 bucks making this stand and have probably made at least 500 on renting the babys out. As Martha would say... "It's a good thing!"

rezzygirl Posted 25 Jul 2006 , 5:42pm
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Thanks so much for sharing this!!

mkolmar Posted 1 Mar 2007 , 4:06am
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Thanks for posting this antonia! I want my dad to make me one.

chaniliz Posted 1 Mar 2007 , 6:16pm
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Thank you for sharing and I want to ask your permission to copy this idea.

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