Help My Fondant Bow Won't Dry!

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mommyinaprilx2 Posted 28 Mar 2007 , 2:43pm
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I am am making a fondant bow for friday night for a wedding shower and I did the pieces on monday so they would be dry. Today they are still not dry and still you can form them! This is 2 days later!!! What do I do? I used gumtext and the right amount as well. I also used wilton fondant. I am at a loss. Should I redo the whole thing or what?? I have to have this dry by friday and am ready to pull my hair out by the huge cake and all I have to do! I also have to make MM fondant for it as well so really have no time to make another one. I am ready to go to the store and buy one of those ugly premade ones but it does not match the one I made since I made one that had different designs on the loops (does that make sence) and also the premade ones look like they needs to be colored and I need a white one so no idea how that would work! So just HELP!!!! lol

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cakes_by_rhonda Posted 28 Mar 2007 , 4:55pm
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It's me again! Gumpaste is your friend!!! I dries so fast! Do a 50/50 mix. I know you are in a HURRY but you will be glad you took the time when it's all over! Just take a deep breath and charge right in. You'll be done before you know it! icon_smile.gif

mommyinaprilx2 Posted 28 Mar 2007 , 6:43pm
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I would love to but at this point I have no time to go to the store and right now even if I did have time I don't even have my car so I can't go! I opened the windows today and let some fresh air in so hoping that will help!

ShirleyW Posted 28 Mar 2007 , 7:35pm
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Originally Posted by cakes_by_rhonda

It's me again! Gumpaste is your friend!!! I dries so fast! Do a 50/50 mix. I know you are in a HURRY but you will be glad you took the time when it's all over! Just take a deep breath and charge right in. You'll be done before you know it! icon_smile.gif

I know it is too late for this bow, and the only thing I can suggest to dry it faster would be a dehydrator or a low set oven.

Rhonda, maybe if we keep repeating this often enough we will convert people to gumpaste. I think fondant is lovely for covering a cake, maybe for ribbon roses or flat cutouts. But if you are doing something dimensional like a Bow, a flower, stars on wires etc. nothing is a sturdy or dries as quickly as gumpaste. You can not roll fondant as thin as gumpaste, and these thick bows take too long to dry. I read this so often on the forum of people asking why their fondant bows are not drying. The only way I would use fondant for a bow would be if I kneaded in some Tylose powder first, or maybe mixed the fondant half and half with gumpaste. But please people, try a gumpaste bow and compare it to the fondant bow. I am willing to bet you will see a huge difference and wonder why you waited so long to try gumpaste.

kelleym Posted 28 Mar 2007 , 7:56pm
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Gumpaste is great, but I've made many, many bows from MMF and have never had a problem with them drying. It could be because my house has central AC which is almost always going, so the air is dry.

Can you get a portable fan and turn it on your loops? That will get air moving around them and hopefully help them firm up and dry.

cakes_by_rhonda Posted 28 Mar 2007 , 9:05pm
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Sorry you can't get to the gumpaste. I am on the same wave length as ShirleyW and kellym. Do you have on of those portable heater/fan combos. That way you can set it on a low temp and get steady heat. If not I am sure a portable fan will work just as well.

Thanks for the support ShirleyW! I love gumpastes, but I was "Hooked on Fondant" and scared to use until about a months ago. Now I am on a gumpaste rampage. I make flowers for the heck of it!

mommyinaprilx2 Posted 28 Mar 2007 , 9:37pm
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I am cool with using gumpaste just didn't think of it. I will know next time. I don't have a portable heater either...... I am thinking that this bow will have to sit for 2 more days and be put together on friday eveing before the shower...maybe by then it will be dry?? What do yall think???? Or if I am going to let it sit that long I might can go ahead na see if hubby can find gumpaste and by some on his way home tonight...I didn't think of that........but if it will dry by friday I don't want to waste money...

cakes_by_rhonda Posted 29 Mar 2007 , 1:25am
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Oh yes! The gumpaste bow will be dry within 6-8 hours. Atleast it will be firm enough to use on the cake. But if the shower is on Saturday you are good to go! It will be hard as abrick by then. LOL

mommyinaprilx2 Posted 29 Mar 2007 , 1:51am
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The shower is friday.....I heated my oven to 170 and then had the door opened trned the oven off and had all the bow loops on a cookie sheet and laid them on the door for awhile. I had to reheat my oven a couple times but I think they are a little harder now. i will see in the morning how it turns out.

katricakes Posted 10 May 2013 , 7:34am
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I just tried the oven thing for about 5 minutes.  Came is 2:30 am.  I have been making cake decorations all day!  Every single thing I sculpted today turned to soup and all my fondant is wasted.  My daughter graduates tomorrow. I have been working on this thing for 2 days and I have NOTHING!

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