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BklynSuze Posted 12 Jan 2006 , 11:20pm
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Forgive me if I missed it...I've read through the recipes..is the recipe the same for poured sugar as for pulled sugar? I want to make a base for a superbowl trophy cake and think it would be incredible to make the base from poured sugare,,,I like a lot of the people here am scared of the process of pulled sugar so have been easing into the idea very slowly LOL..My husband would love to try it though.
My thinking is if I can make a mold to form the sides of the base I could then heat the edges once done to attach them and pouring seems much safer than pulling...
Also are there any other objects I could use as a mold..I was reading about the playdoh but was wondering about perhaps making a mold from a disposable cake tin...cutting to shape and bending the edges to form the sides..


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SugarCreations Posted 14 Jan 2006 , 12:49am
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Hi Cutecookie

The recipe is basically the same you can use any of the recipes for pulled sugar just leave off the acid you do not need it in poured sugar pieces. You can use a cake tin for the mold. I use an 8 inch pan lined with foil sometimes. Do not use foil if you want it to look smooth. If you have anymore questions post them or pm me I will be glad to help.. By the way you can use the acid but you really don't have its up to you.

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BklynSuze Posted 14 Jan 2006 , 2:05pm
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Thanks Sugar..I'm sure you must get tired of the questions..I tried reading all the posts but because some involve sub details I think it all just really confused me...I'm such a visual person that reading directions will make sense but I am so much more comfortable to see it done first hand KWIM
I'm going to have husband peruse all the threads for sugar and see if he and I can team up to try this out.

I'll scream if I get stuck!

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SugarCreations Posted 15 Jan 2006 , 11:17am
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Scream if you like I will help all I can. No I do not get tired of all the questions I enjoy it. Need help yell!

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playingwithsugar Posted 15 Jan 2006 , 11:32am
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This is my first time posting, so I do not know how skilled you are with poured or pulled sugar.

If you are going to use a mold, make sure you spray it with PAM or something like that first, otherwise the chances are quite likely that the sugar will stick to the mold.

Depending on the shape of the base, you might be able to drape a silicone mat over it. The cooled sugar will not stick to it.

Also, if you are going to heat it while it is on the mold, use a heat gun that strips paint, not a hair dryer.

Let us know how it turns out.

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SugarCreations Posted 15 Jan 2006 , 7:48pm
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With respect to the gluing issue. If you do use a heat gun as stated be sure not to hold it to close to long or you will have melted sugar. You can use what is called a "hot knife" where by the tip of a knife is heated to red hot and then you quickly run it across the piece you want to glue. If you use this technique be sure it is not a knife you want to keep because it will be no good for anything else after that.
With respect to molds as I said before you can use a cake tin. But you can also use playdough or plastilene which either can be gotten at toy or hobby stores. Molds can also be made out of strapping like is used in shipping, but then you get into soldering and all that other stuff and the strapping is not that great for intricate shapes.
If using a heat source for gluing insure that it is a clean burning flame such as propane. and tmriga is right do grease it with vegetable oil of some kind.

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