Top Witch Cakes

Whether they’re spooky and sinister or kooky and colorful, we’re all about bewitching treats during the Halloween season. And so are our cakemakers! We’ve put together a list of our most spellbinding witch cakes for you to ogle at as you get into the Halloween spirit.

If you are need of even more dark and mysterious cake inspiration, be sure to read the October 2013 “Brothers Grimm”  issue of Cake Central Magazine!

Check out these Top Witch Cakes and be inspired to do a little hocus pocus of your own!

Witch cake

Witch cake By marinad

The mojito and the witch!

The mojito and the witch! By caketown

By penp

Ursula the Sea Witch made for a German Cake Contest

Ursula the Sea Witch made for a German Cake Contest By yanahashi23
Do you like my Sea Witch i made this Cake for a German Cake Contest at the Cake Cologne. Everything is Cake only the Arms and Hands are pure Gumpaste :) Enjoy

Witch Cake

Witch Cake By amyleigh3480
A fun Halloween cake I made for an event at my daughter’s school. Thank you to for the cute design and awesome tutorial! TFL!

Witch's Brew

Witch’s Brew By cakesonoccasion
I loved making this cauldron- could’ve done something fancier with her hat and broom, but I was tired! NFSC with RBC and RI

Halloween Witch

Halloween Witch By jenntlarkin
Idea from Wilton, the cake is pumpkin with cream cheese frosting. The witch is royal icing and the bats and pumpkins are Wilton candy.

Witch Hats

Witch Hats By kello

Halloween witch cake

Halloween witch cake By ventidesign
Fondant and gumpaste

The Bing Witch Project

The Bing Witch Project By personalpenguin
Sculpted Halloween Witch 3-dimensional cake, completely edible. Vanilla cake with chocolate filling and chocolate frosting under fondant and pastillage.

Wicked Witch of the West

Wicked Witch of the West By cventresca

Winnie The Witch & Wilbur

Winnie The Witch & Wilbur By mrsvb78

Melting Witch Cookies

Melting Witch Cookies By justineb09

PTO witch and cauldron

PTO witch and cauldron By angies
Sports ball cake turned into a cauldron. Edible flames and ghost decons. Witch is just a halloween ornament.


Witch_Cupcakes.jpg By sugarbloomcupcakes

Wicked witch of the west cake

Witch_Cupcakes.jpg By christiemc

Witch 3D bust cake

Witch 3D bust cake By littlemisslaura

Wicked Evil Queen Cake

Wicked Evil Queen Cake By melissalovespandas
This cake was made for my nieces Halloween party. we both love Disney Villains so I decided to use the old witch from snow white as my inspiration.

Wicked Birthday

Wicked Birthday By redrock
Birthday cake for my daughter’s 9th. Her birthday is very close to Halloween and she was having a witch themed party

Happy Booday Lynn

Happy Booday Lynn By debbief
All chocolate cake with whipped chocolate ganache filling and iced in chocolate ganache. All decorations made with mmf. Witches cauldren made with rkt. Gummy worms and eyeball candies in the cauldren. This was so much fun to do!

By popper145
Witches Fingers Cookies

Halloween Witch

Halloween Witch By carlaa
Carla’s taartjes-Halloween witch

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