Top Harry Potter Cakes

It’s about time to pull out your broomsticks and extendable ears and cozy up for a Harry Potter marathon! Let these Top Harry Potter Cakes take you on a magical adventure into the wizarding world, from golden snitches to sorting hats!

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Harry Potter Cupcakes

Harry Potter Cupcakes By loveiscakeuk
All hand made, hand cut and hand painted. Fully edible.
Harry Potter Spell Book Cake

Harry Potter Spell Book Cake By emilsmee
Hand-painted and airbrushed. :)

Harry Potter

Harry Potter By atkovic

Lily's Harry Potter Cake

Lily’s Harry Potter Cake By coolbananas
The cake I made for my daughter’s 8th birthday.The clock shows the time that she was born :)

Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle Cake

Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle Cake By jescos
This is the biggest cake I’ve made to date. It sits on a 2 ft by 4 ft board. Consists of gingerbread, cake, ice cream cones, a batch of RKT and about 80 pounds of fondant! A week of prep, a week of making and 100 hours later….Oh! and I wanted to add that I never seen any of the movies nor read the books so I had a few days of researching and figuring the layout :)

Harry Potter Book Cakes

Harry Potter Book Cakes By pbjoachim
I did this for my niece.

Harry Potter Sorting Hat cake

Harry Potter Sorting Hat cake By ellaboratoriodelastartas
This cake was made for a Harry Potter themed birthday party. It´s chocolate cake filled with white chocolate ganache.

Harry Potter, The Book of Monsters and Dobby.

Harry Potter, The Book of Monsters and Dobby. By judy2808
The Book of Monsters Cake with Dobby Model.

Harry Potter

Harry Potter By fh-cakes
Harry Potter

Harry Potter Castle Cake

Harry Potter Castle Cake By sonu
Harry Potter Castle Cake for boys…Pl visit my page and LIKE it… Thanks in

By chocchippy
Harry potter.

By dragonsanddaffodils
The sorting hat and Harry Potter

Harry Potter Cake

Harry Potter Cake By ikela

Harry Potter

Harry Potter By vsemtort
Harry Potter cake by VsemTort

By josefinescakery
Harry Potter Cake

Harry Potter Assortment

Harry Potter Assortment By kneadacookie
Harry Potter cookies for my son’s girlfriend who is attending school at Oxford University. glace over butter cookies. Hand painted

harry potter

harry potter By djorovic


Hogwarts By penniek
I made this for my DD’s birthday. The castle is made from rice krispie treats and the cliff is made from 3 11x18s stacked and carved. It is all covered with fondant and hand painted.


Quidditch By xime
For mt sister’s birthday. She is a huge Harry Potter fan! We had a lot of fun with this one!

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As a die hard Harry Potter fan - these cakes are absolutely wonderful! Makes me want to start reading the series again.


I never cease to be blown away by the immense amount of artistic talent on this website. It's a little humbling, but mostly very inspiring. Thank you all for sharing your amazing photos. Wow.

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