Joshua John Russell is known throughout the cake industry for his utterly unique fashion-inspired wedding cake designs. Russell has found the perfect balance of expressing his artistic vision, all while making his brides the happiest in town.  We asked him to share his top 5 tips for being a pro wedding cake designer.


1.  Stay true to your own design aesthetic-  Don’t forget that it’s YOU who are designing the wedding cake for a client. Obviously, you want to give the bride what she wants, but you also need to put your stamp on the project. This is how you develop your own signature style.

2.  Use dummy tiers to create drama- This could be a great way to upsell without wasting cake. If a bride has a smaller guest count and a larger idea for a cake, you can create fake tiers to lift the cake to a more dramatic design. Don’t forget to tell the caterer which ones are fake!

3. Take pictures of everything! Even if you don’t love the design, you never know if a picture may be useful later!

4.  Stage an area for photos- It always looks nice to see a photo book with consistent backdrops.

5.  Don’t sell yourself short!- I always hear people say, “Well, my customers won’t pay that much.”  This may be true, but they have to realize you are a cake “designer” not just a decorator…. Your prices should be higher than the closest supermarket.


patycoronel Says... 19 Sep 2013 , 1:15pm

thanks joshua thank you for this tips, that is so true we are not just sellers i just love your work! hugs from a mexican artist.

itypartyservices Says... 10 Apr 2015 , 11:51pm

Thanks Joshua for the advice and your classes on craftsy, l appreciate you. 

Achee Says... 12 Apr 2015 , 6:05am

Thanks a lot leannew for sharing Joshua's great tips. It is always good to be reminded of basic stuff.

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