Top Wizard of Oz Cakes

From Dorothy and her sparkling ruby red shoes to the majestic Emerald City, these spectacular Wizard of Oz cakes have caught our eye! A timeless classic, The Wizard of Oz is filled with plenty of inspiration for cakemakers ready for a challenge. Follow us along the yellow brick road and see what we’ve found!

Wizard of Oz/Rainbow/ Poppy/ Cupcake tower

Wizard of Oz/Rainbow/ Poppy/ Cupcake tower By the-cake-fairy
The Wizard of Oz Cupcakes

By smcakes
These were fun! I’ve posted a video tutorial on my YouTube channel on the making of the wicked witch and Dorothy if you’re interested :) Here’s the link


wizard of oz

By sugarshack
Thank you to the decorator here who gave me inspiration for this design in the gallery. I have step photos on my blog if you are interested. ( see profile for link). TFL!

Over the Rainbow

By tjkern1
I made this creation for a cupcake contest I entered online. I used 42 cupcakes covered in buttercream and then made the scene using jelly beans. Wizard of Oz is my all-time favorite movie!

emerald city

By mykidsarekillingme
A reproduction of the Emerald city from the Wizard of Oz for a 1st birthday.

Wizard of Oz

By millionairess
Thanks to post by cc’ers i managed to pull this one off. Figures made of sugarpaste

Wizard of Oz

By CTShugaMama
This cake was done for my daughter’s 4th grade production of the Wizard of Oz after party. Cake inside was the surprise and the end of the rainbow.

The Wizard of Oz Cake

By Bev55
I made this cake for my students, because we had read the story of The Wizard of Oz (adapted version). I made a rainbow cake with vanilla buttercream. I drew the characters on the cake. I thought they looked scared as they left Emerald City (in the upper right corner), because they were suppose to kill the Wicked Witch of the West. Any comments would be appreciated.

Ruby's Ruby Slippers

By dbax
Made this cake for the daughter of a friend, Ruby’s 3rd birthday. The only required element were the slippers, so had to get inspiration from a movie Thanks for looking :)

Wizard of Oz Cake

By jamie3eboys
This was for a two year old little girl.

Wizard of Oz

By shantel575
fondant witch figure

Wizard of Oz

By jammjenks
This was for my SIL. She has always LOVED the Wizard of Oz movie and she turned 30 this year. It was an Orange Crush pound cake with bc icing and fondant accents.

Wizard Of Oz

By donnatea
Wizard of Oz cake for my daughter’s 5th birthday. Emerald City, tornado & all characters are chocolate transfers. Witches legs & feet are fondant. Everything else is cake & buttercream.

Wizard of Oz

By Karabear1125
Wizard of Oz cake carved from sheet cake with 8″round, chocolate cake with buttercream icing, fondant decorationsThanks for looking! :)

By janettgordon
Wizard of Oz Cake for 4 year old birthday

Wizard of Oz

By -TheCakeChic-
Wizard of Oz inspired cake. Chocolate and vanilla cakes filled with whipped chocolate ganache. All accents are fondant. Emerald city is made from gumpaste. I took inspiration from many wizard of oz cakes online.

Great and Powerful Oz Cake

By button-moon
With Finley the flying monkey

Oz the Great and Powerful cake

By Linn2555
Oz the Great and Powerful

Wizard of Oz

By Pickulz
Over the rainbow, Ruby Red shoes, Yellow brick road, and Wicked Witch of the West

The wizard of Oz

By Our Book
The wizard of Oz, our first project we’ve made together

Wizard Of Oz Hot Air Balloon

By Alicia0620
This was another Wizard of Oz cake I had done for my bday party. This one was oreo cookie with cream filling. All of the flowers were hand-made, and the ruby shoes on top with Glinda were made using color flow, then dusted several times with luster dust.

Glinda's Wand Cupcakes

By jenje
Special request from the cast of “Wicked”

Tin Man hat cupcake

By jenje
Special request from the cast of “Wicked”

Wizard of Oz

By TWest
This cake took FOREVER lol! Sculptures are made of fondant/gp. Cake is alternated by tiers with strawberry and raspberry. Strawberry and raspberry mousse with vanilla custard thrown in. So, lots of different combos in there. :) I thoroughly enjoyed making this one!

Follow the yellow brick road......

By terrylee
Done for a young lady’s 50th birthday ..White cake, lemon and raspberry torte filling. The figures are gumpaste and fondant mixture – Dorothy’s shoes are red colored white chocolate..dipped in red sprinkles……This is the second time doing an Oz cake…..they are so much fun to do. Thanks for looking.

By finessecakes
Wizard Of Oz Cake by Finesse Cakes

Wizard of Oz retirement cake

By fiach3
I was asked to replicate MBoyd’s Wizard of Oz cake after it was featured on Cake Wrecks. I realize that versions of this design are all over this gallery, but I was really pleased with how my sugar paste sculptures turned out. This was also my first attempt at pulling sugar for the cake top.

Dorothy - Wizard of Oz - Hot Air Balloon

By SheLion
I created this hot air balloon cake for a kindergarten teacher who was celebrating 8 years cancer free. The hot air balloon to represent freedom, and the Dorothy doll because she loves dressing up.The doll was inserted into a 3 layer 9″ round cake, with 4 dowel rods on top of which I placed a round piece of wood. The wood has 4 grooves for the dowel rods, and 8 holes drilled to tie down the balloon. I sewed ribbons together to anchor the helium balloon to the wood piece.

Scarecrow from Oz Cake

By arshawskycakes
This is a buttercream sculpted lifesize Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz.My wife and I made this.

Wizard of Oz

By RenP
Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz

Wiz of Oz Birthday

By craftybrandi
Cake dummy covered in fondant with fondant sprayed in gingham pattern laid over. Cake board covered in fondant and brick pressed with fondant emeralds to trim. Shoes are fondant/tylose and edible glitter. Won 3rd place in the birthday cake category at the county fair!

There is No Place Like Home

By Parable
My family and I made this ginger bread house display for the local Rotary Club’s Annual Ginger Bread Contest. The house and Emerald City were ginger bread, tornedo was RKT covered with 6 pounds of RI and everything else was candy and MMF. We won “Best in Class Amateur Fantasy”. We can’t wait till next year!p.s. We first tried using cotton candy for the tornedo but it melted away over night. Good thing we started early and did a trial run.

Emerald City

By chillebrandt
My sister and I did this cake for her grandaughter’s 3rd birthday. It was our first attempt at using an airbrush versus coloring all our frosting green.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

By eatCakes
Rainbow cake with vanilla buttercream, covered in fondant. Everything was hand sculpted and hand painted, all edible except the skewers holding the characters on. Had a lot of fun making this cake, it’s a favorite movie of mine!

Wizard of Oz

By MiYummies
main base is the yellow brick road (can’t really see brick pattern in photo) tiers represent characters, Dorothy basket, Dorothy, scarecrow, tin man, lion and emerald city

The Yellow Brick Road

By AvaSweetCakes
This was for a Wizard of OZ party. The mini cakes are covered with white chocolate and topped with items that represent the 4 main characters of the story. Toppers are made out of fondant. Ruby Slipper for Dorothy, Heart for the Tin Man, Diploma for the Scarecrow, and the Blue Ribbon from the badge of courage fot the Lion. I dipped the slippers in red sugar for the rubies. The Emerald City is poured sugar.

Wizard of Oz Cupcakes

By divalicious
Cupcake mosaic with dorothy and toto edible image

By skmaestas
Toto from wizard of oz landed on the witch. I have wove the basket.

The Tin Man

By MichaelaRod
RKT head, arms legs. Cake body, all covered in fondant. Gumpaste funnel hat.


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