Top French Macarons

The seemily simple French Macaron is actually quite a difficult pastry to perfect! Take a peek at the top French Macarons from the galleries for scrumptious samples of the sophisticated yet fun dessert.
Macaron tower cake
Macaron tower cake By rodiva

By salonglace
Candy coloured ‘Macarons’ on cakestand. All handmade from gumpaste.

Sweet Carnival

By aicakes
My 2nd project for Icing smiles, this time is not for child’s birthday but for Avery’s Angel – Gastroschicis Foundation, love love making this cake!Thank you so much Cakes by Kerin for the ice cream cone cake inspiration!All the decoration are edible (french macarons, candy, lollipop, bow) only the cone are from stryfoam =)

By thatssweetcakes
Ferrero Rocher and Raspberry White Chocolate Cheesecake Macarons. All my using own recipes.

French Macaron Wedding Tower

By Evoir
120 French Macarons in 4 flavours: Vanilla Bean, Chocolate-Hazelnut, Pistachio and Strawberry. All filled with complementing ganaches. Served in a croquembouche cone design as a light alternative to regular wedding cake for a lunch time reception. Topper is two strawberry heart macarons. Thanks for looking!

French Macarons

By happyascanbee
I decorated three that are in front… filling is Maple and marshmallow buttercream… precticing hard for Christmas to give to friends.. NOW I know how to make them…

cake pops and French Macaron pops

By happyascanbee
made these for my son’s grduatio party sat May 26th. Also made homemade Strawberry marshmallows w/ chocolate and coconut on top.

French Macarons w/ Rose water and Orange buttercream filling

By happyascanbee
Made these for a friend..

French macarons for Valentine's day

By bittle
Strawberry macarons with raspberry cream

Sweet Christening

By Mirelys37
This design has been created for a very special little girl?s Christening event! The cake is soft in colors, but rich in flavors and meeting the family?s request of low sugar and European taste. The bottom and top tiers are 3 layers of vanilla cake and filled with a delicious Creme Diplomat and fresh strawberries. Both tiers are covered with Swiss buttercream and vanilla fondant The bottom tier is decorated with pink French Macarons filled with lavender white chocolate ganache. The Macarons becomes the center of a fantasy white flower.

French macarons

By patisseriejaja
I made these french macarons for the *Carnaval de Quebec*, a big event in my beautiful city! 5 different flavors: Lemon, pistachio, blueberry, raspberry and apple. Hum!!!

By happyascanbee
French macarons decorated w/ white chocolate

By thatssweetcakes
PIstachio and Vanilla Chai Macarons

Valentine Macarons

By kadeebo
Heart shaped blueberry french macarons filled with white chocolate ganache.

By The Cake Tree
60th birthday dessert table.

Princess Cake with Macarons

By Sockerrus
A delicious and beautiful birthday cake

White and Silver with Berry Macaron Ball

By SharonWeeCreations
Move over cupcakes! I’m not sure about the US but in Australia the little macaron is becoming so popular for weddings. The macarons were stuck on to a large styro ball and then placed on a simple cake, making it look like a posy.

giant macaron cake

By annielo
This was my wedding cake

Tatty Teddy Macarons

By meentje
Tatty Teddy Macarons, filled with a dark chocolate ganache

hello kitty macarons

By i-heart-baking
hello kitty macarons filled with strawberry-lemon cream cheese frosting

First Macaron Tower

By DotteCakes
I used a 12×5″ cone, wrapped in wax paper. Chocolate was melted and used a glue for the macarons. Hand made purple roses cover the area and I used silver ribbon and rose buds to cover the smaller areas so the wax paper did not show. Big purple bow to top it off with a couple rose petals on the board.

Typical European Croquembouche

By alfie
This is called a croquembouche (kroh-kem-BOOSH) made of gerbet macaroons which are made from powdered sugar, egg whites and almond meal. Absolutely addictive when filled with a ganache or marmalade. My favorites are the pistachio and the orange marmalade macaroons.

Rose macarons

By kymvanderveeke
Rose macarons with italian merengue vanille buttercream rose filling.

Girl's Day Macarons

By bittle
Matcha & Sakura flavored shells with sakura white ganache cream.Hina-Doll’s gold tiara, tiny flowers and the fans are made of royal icing.

Lovebirds & Macarons

By SugablossomCakes
Almond Cake with Pineapple White Chocolate Ganache & Macarons. Handmade lovebirds made from fondant.

Fried eggs macarons

By meentje
Macarons filled with a milkchocolate ganache

By kymvanderveeke
golden macaron

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Wow!  These are some spectacular macarons.  I love the Teddy Bear one.  So unique.  I love the tissue paper separating the pistachio and vanilla chai ones from thatssweetcakes.  Amazing selection.

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