With so many unique entries, choosing an Inspiration Challenge winner was especially difficult, but we’re happy to announce that the winner is KO-sCakes! Congratulations!



We admired how KO-sCakes recreated the style of the tattoos from the inspiration photos through hand painting, and her color palette perfectly matches the colors on the Pinterest board. The overall look is super sweet with a touch of attitude, and we think it’d make a wonderful Mother’s Day surprise! Congratulations, KO-sCakes!

To see more Mother’s Day sweet treats, take a look at all of the entries in the album.


LinnaeAlise Says... 2013-05-14 11:19:00

I am so happy to see the cake my daughter made for me for Mother's Day is the winner! So proud!!!!

kitten_britches Says... 2013-05-15 00:05:54

I just adore the swallows holding the ribbon at the top! It's like Cinderella grew up and got tough!! (being a mum will do that to you!) A well deserved win!!!

enga Says... 2013-05-21 14:39:44

Congratulations KO_sCakes, the swallows are the cherries on top,lol. Nice work!

KO-sCakes Says... 2013-10-12 22:07:32

Why thank you everyone :) for some reason I never saw these comments until now!! I appreciate all the nice words :)

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