We asked you to create cupcakes based on our vintage teacup mood board from design-seeds.com, and you delivered! We are excited to announce the winner of our first Inspiration Challenge is…

nikkigonzalez for this beautiful tea party cupcake!

The amount of detail on her miniscule fondant figures is impressive, as is the teetering stack of tea time items. The ring of flowers and pearls ties back to the mood board, and the pretty teapot and teacup capture the vibe of the inspiration image. Congratulations, Nikki!


We absolutely loved ALL of the cupcakes submitted, and had a great time seeing what you came up with for tea time. Stay tuned for our next challenge, coming up soon!


flourxxchildxx Says... 2013-01-15 16:12:51

pretty, where'd you get the gold food coloring? I couldn't find any :(

wrosado Says... 2013-01-15 17:16:35


FromScratchSF Says... 2013-01-15 19:03:35


Dai Bando Says... 2013-01-15 19:40:36

You don't need gold food coloring you can use gold luster dust either dry or add a drop of vodka or clear vanilla extract to make a paint.

flourxxchildxx Says... 2013-01-15 19:45:10

the luster dust will make it that shiny of a gold? it's beautiful

Atena Says... 2013-01-16 08:40:35

I was almost sure for this winner! I saw that from the very beginning because is so special en beautiful! Greating from The Netherlands, Atena

Liis Says... 2013-01-16 22:31:28

congratulations! Awesome cuppy!

Nin55 Says... 2013-01-17 08:32:33


luv18 Says... 2013-01-17 09:07:20

Congratulations you did an Awesome job!

Agape Says... 2013-01-17 10:54:27

Great choice!

nikkigonzalez Says... 2013-01-17 12:41:07

Thanks everyone!

superstar Says... 2013-01-18 17:35:20

Amazing work & detail! Congratulations! You deserve your win!!!!!

flavapot Says... 2013-02-12 06:57:10

WOW! this is awesome. Congrats

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