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How to make an Eiffel Tower



Hello Everyone,


This is my very first time making a tutorial so please forgive any common mistakes that I might make. If you have any questions please inbox me. 


So I wanted to make an Eiffel Tower but I didn't have the time to make it out of RI. I found a few tutorials online on how to make it out of RI but nothing about gum paste. I knew that making it out of gum paste and RKT would be more stable for transportation especially since the delivery was in the bumpy streets of NY. We'll I tried by best and here is the ending result:



This is my first time trying to make the famous Eiffel Tower. I didn't have enough time to make it out of royal icing, and frankly I was too afraid that it might break on me considering the delivery was going to the very bumpy New York Streets. I ended up making it out of gumaste and RKT. I made a tutorial that I will be posting soon! TFL!


Hope you like it! 


Supplies Needed:


-1 Rice Krispies Treat

-Gum paste

-1 skewer or 18 Guage wire(cut how tall you want your Tower to be)

-Edible black marker 


-Round head Straight Pin

-lots of patients


1- I found a good template for the Eiffel tower here:


Go to that web address and scroll down till you see the Eiffel Tower Link that looks like this:




click on it, save it and print it.


2- I didn't modify the size and my tower was about 6 inches. There is 4 sides marked (A-D) cut them all out like this:




3- I then rolled out a piece of gum paste and spread a tiny amount of Crisco on the gum paste so the paper wouldn't move while I was cutting. I rolled the gum paste about a little less then 1/4 inch so it was stable and thick enough to stand while drying:









4-After they were all cut out I took each one, starting with letter A and I used a round head straight pin to mark the outlines of the tower so I have a guide when I draw the lines. 






5- I then wiped off the Crisco very carefully and repeated step 4 to all four sides.


6-After a few minutes when they were all done I grabbed the first one and started making my lines with my black edible marker:





7-After I finished making all the lines I stood each piece up against a tall glass dusted with corn starch to dry, making sure I was happy with the shape of the bottom.






8- While they are drying I grabbed the RKT and started molding in to this shape and drove the skewer down the middle:








9- Melt a few pieces of chocolate and glue the pieces to the RKT, making adjustments here and there and you are satisfied!!  andd Walla you just made the famous Eiffel Tower! 


Hope you enjoyed the tutorial...Please don't hesitate to ask any questions!! 














Comments (10)

this is such an awesome technique, i've got to try this :) thanks for sharing
This is beautiful! Thank you for sharing!! How long does the gumpaste have to dry before joining the sides together?? Wont the gumpaste crack?? I'm excited to try this technique!
Thank you for sharing your technique with us. It is stunning
How did you make sure all the towers had the same curve? Since they are slightly bent forward at the bottom.
@Cheras I left the gumpaste about 1-2 minutes so it can have some sturdiness to it, becauseI knew if I left it too long it would crack.
@strawberry-shortcake Its kind of tricky, you really have play around with them when they are drying.
You are BRILLIANT!  Thank you so much. I have admired this cake for a long time and wondered how you did it. So simple but so effective. WOW!
Stunning I love it, I may try it some day when a challenge presents itself. 
wow... my mother in laws wedding anniversary is coming up and she just returned from france.... i am definitely using this
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