Making a Monet Water Lily Cake

By LeanneW

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Gumpaste Calla Lily Part I Tutorial

By wrightway777

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Gumpaste Calla Lily Tutorial

By CakesbyLynz

For this video tutorial I thought I would show you how I create calla lilies out of gumpaste to decorate your cakes. These are great to...


Step-By-Step Gumpaste CallaLilies

By Jackie

Step-By-Step Gumpaste CallaLilies Reprinted with Permission from Wilton Industries Copyright © 2003-2004 Wilton Industries – All...


How To Make Royal Icing Hyacinth flowers

By SquirrellyCakes

Reprinted with Permission from Wilton Industries Copyright © 2003-2004 Wilton Industries – All rights reserved Tools: Wilton...


Non-Toxic Fresh Flowers for your Cake

By Jackie

Which flowers are the safest? The answer is twofold. First, no flower is safe to eat or use on or near food products unless it has been...


StarburstĀ® Rose Tutorial

By AlyssaC

When we spotted these darling little blossoms, we knew we had to share! October means you’ll probably be stocking up on Halloween...


Gumpaste Waratah Flower

By SSN_sweets

A quick picture tutorial on how I made my Waratah . Hope it will be of help to some people. Any questions please don’t hesitate to...


How to Make a Gumpaste Daffodil

By TheSugarArtist

Daffodils, also known as narcissus, are some of spring’s most beautiful flowers. Their bright colors and unique shape can turn even...


How To Make A Gumpaste Stargazer Lily (Asian Lily)

By Feefs

Photo by  Avaie Welcome Spring with gumpaste stargazer lilies. Cake Central user Feefs shares step-by-step instructions for creating...


Make Roses, Peonies and Calla Lilies with DIY Cutters

By sweettooth101

Cake Central user sweettooth101 found a way to make three flowers, peonies, roses, and calla lilies with inexpensive cutters from her local...