How To Make A Box Of Crayons Cake

By tguegirl

By  tguegirl   I've gotten a bunch of requests for this, so thought I would post instructions. First of all, all credit and many...


How to Make a Gumpaste Lego Ninja

By MinjaB

Posted by MinjaB [youtube id="aKnnFeTi0gU" width="600" height="350"]  


How to make the Angry Birds

By Araucaria

Posted by Araucaria I was asked to maka a Angry Birds Cake. But I could find only one small tutorial how to make the Angry Birds. That's...


How To Make a 3D Bunny Shaped Cupcake

By mvap

Posted by mvap This adorable bunny has eaten all the cupcakes while he was saying: I didn´t do it. Im sure that if you make the...


How To Make 3D Goose Shaped Cake

By kakeladi

This project is a cute idea and a great place to start if you have never carved a cake before. I’ve made this goose a couple of times...


Peppy Pumpkin Patch Halloween Cake

By Jackie

Peppy Pumpkin Patch Reprinted with Permission from Wilton Industries Copyright © 2003-2004 Wilton Industries – All rights...