2D Horse head cake.

By jackie0970

Hello everyone. I have made this tutorial for anyone wanting to make a 2D horse head. Showing the stages of how to get the shape, crumb...


Flawless Mirror Glaze (Glaçage)

By LeanneW

You've probably seen shiny smooth cakes all over social media recently. It's called Glaçage or Mirror Glaze. With the right...


Tutorial: How to Make a Gumpaste Pansy

By LePastryDiva

Delicate and exquisitely detailed, these darling gumpaste pansies are sure to add that finishing touch of floral delight to any batch of...


Absolem the Caterpillar Tutorial

By teaparty

This eye-catcher, created by Naomi Hubert (teaparty) of Tea Party Cakes, depicts Absolem the caterpillar from Tim Burton’s...


Stained Glass Effect Cake Tutorial

By Tashastasytreats

    After seeing the amazing stained glass effect cakes by people like Queen of Hearts Couture Cakes, Way Beyond Cakes by Mayen...