Extended Tiers Tutorial

How to stack, fill and frost an extended tier cake with ganache.

Remember to place your engineer’s square and scraper in a 90 degree angle against the side of the cake, with the bottom part flat on the cake board (not 45 degree angle).

How to cover a round extended tier cake with fondant.

Top tips to successfully cover a tall cake with fondant: allow your frosted cake at least 24 hours to rest at room temperature so it will firm up, roll out your fondant to about 3 mm thick to avoid tearing, roll out your fondant to about the same size as the height x2 plus the top diameter of your cake so that you won’t have a lot of excess fondant around the bottom of your cake-therefore preventing a lot of shearing and pulling, use high fat content fondant to prevent cracking and elephant skin and last but not the least, work carefully but meticulously fast.

The white chocolate ganache tutorial I used on this cake can be found here:

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Love your videos!! How do you store your ganache? Room temp covered or fridge? Will the chocolate seize if covered and put in fridge? How much will 1 batch of your recipe cover? And with your white chocolate ganache; can you add food coloring or will it seize? Thank you sooooo much :)


Hello, I would like to thank you for sharing this interesting information. Moreover, the tips you have mentioned here will be useful for those who start cooking. I will try to do it after I will finish my pre written essays