Nikki's Chocolate Fudge Cake

By NikkiDoc

I combined several recipes that I’ve used for years and tweaked them to my liking. This moist chocolate fudge cake is the result....


Pineapple Coconut WASC

By CiNoRi

I looked high and low for a flexible recipe for stacking and carving. Thanks to Macsmom’s Orange Dreamsicle Cake. I was inspired to...


Quick & Moist Red Velvet w/Chambord Cream Cheese Filling


I’ve tried a number of scratch and box mix based red velvet recipes without success. Some were too dry, others too oily, etc. After...


Fresh Raspberry Cake

By Anonymous

Really moist cake with fresh raspberries Fresh Raspberry Cake Ingredients 1 White Cake Mix (Pillsbury is best) 1 box vanilla pudding (...


Custard from Pudding Mixes

By ChunkkeeMunkkee

I have tried various Mock Custard recipes on here and have found them to be a little too runny for my liking. I wanted a more “...


Better than Sex Cake IV

By Anonymous

Yellow cake with pineapple, vanilla pudding, and whip cream. Delicious! Better than Sex Cake IV Ingredients 1 (18.25 ounce) package yellow...


Giant Ding Dong Cake

By Anonymous

If you are a true lover of the small snack cakes, you will LOVE this version!! Giant Ding Dong Cake Ingredients 1 (18.25 ounce) package...


Snickerdoodle Cake with cinnamon buttercream

By cabecakes

I was recently asked to do a cake for a friend of mine. When I asked what flavor cake they wanted they said their favorite was a cinnamon...


Yellow cake

By carrie70401

This is my go to recipe. My 10 year old is my biggest supporter and worst critic. If he doesn’t like it you know it and if he does he...


Banana Roll

By Angel25

Wow! My first recipe! I did my best to translate it well enough for everybody to understand it so please don’t be too critical. Feel...


Bailey's Irish Cream

By Davina_Alloway

One of my most favorite and most ordered cakes. It’s Ooooo so yummy! SINFUL (~.~) Ingredients 1 yellow cake mix 3.9 oz Instant...



By kels_bells

Another cake I threw together last minute. Very simple and very tasty. Mocha Ingredients 1 box devils food cake mix 11/2 cups milk or cream...


Pumpkin Spice Cake

By DeniseNH

A big hit at bridal shows and Fall weddings. Always gets rave reviews and requests for more from my brides and grooms. Ingredients One box...


Uncooked Banana Pudding - for those who don't want cake

By DebraJ

This recipe is for the people who show up at events and don’t want cake. It’s very light and delicious and will have everyone...


Sugar-Free Frosting

By Anonymous

Versatile cream cheese frosting flavored with sugar-free instant pudding. It will frost one 9×13 or one 2 layer cake. Use any flavor...


best banana pudding ever

By mommyoffour

this recipe is so good its a banana pudding my way Ingredients 2 small vanilla pudding boxes 3.5 oz 4 cups of milk 2 spray cans whip cream...



By karate_girl_3

it is the best ever, everybody i make it for loves it. it is gone in like 2 days at my house. hope you like it. ya can use stor brand food...


Banana Pudding Cake

By mxpark

if you love banana pudding then you’re going to really love this cake that tastes exactly like banana pudding!! Banana Pudding Cake...


Lisa's Doctored Chocolate Cake

By DaisyLisa17

This is my mothers recipe to doctor her chocolate cake mixes. It is soooo easy, sooooo delicious, and soooo moist. Enjoy! Lisa’s...



By lat1nacurv3s

The following red velvet cupcake recipe is not my own, it’s from the book Cupcakes from the Cake Doctor. It’s divine and I&...


Amazing Chocolate Cake

By patticakesnc

Try this with my peanut butter filling MmmmmMmmmm! Amazing Chocolate Cake Ingredients 2 boxes of Dark Chocolate cake mix 2 cups AP flour 2...


Simple 'n Moist Strawberry re-mix

By WyoMom2b

Posted by WyoMom2b This recipe will fill 2-10", 2-6" rounds and a few cupcakes left over. Simple and flavorful! I have used this recipe to...


Cappuccino Triple Chocolate Sour Cream Pound Cake

By LindaWolff

Very dense cake. Good for carving. Batter will produce three 8″ rounds, or two 9″. I usually use the 8″ and it creates a...


Sugar Free Whipped Cream Frosting

By Krissy26

This frosting is so fluffy and delicious! Frost a chocolate cake with the chocolate version and drizzle sugar free chocolate syrup on it....


Outrageous Boston Cream Pie

By izzy1953

This is the most delicious Boston Cream Pie ever. Discovered it by accident while trying to use of my cake scraps. Its fabulous! Outrageous...


Lemon PoppySeed WASC variation

By mandyloo

I couldn’t find a lemon poppy seed cake that sounded like what I wanted, so I started with the oil based wasc (half recipe), and...