Fondant Frosting on Cake Central

Fondant Frosting

By Anonymous

This is a fluffy whipped frosting that is lovely on cakes. Makes enough to frost one 9×13 inch cake. Fondant Frosting Ingredients 3...

European Pastillage on Cake Central

European Pastillage

By Anonymous

Pastillage is rolled Fondant without any of the softening ingredients (glycerin corn starch or shortening). It is used mainly for...

Chocolate roses on Cake Central

Chocolate roses

By mpitrelli

very easy to make Chocolate roses Ingredients 1 bag candy melts (or you can use chocolate chips) 1/3 cup light corn syrup a few drops of...

Mexican Paste on Cake Central

Mexican Paste

By Feefs

This medium is good for making flowers & decorations. It sets harder than regular fondant with cellogen and it is less likely to be...

Powder Milk Roses on Cake Central

Powder Milk Roses

By kamy_tudor

This is an extremely easy recipe that you can use instead of fondant or sugarpaste. No measuring necessary. Advantage: It tastes milky so...

Citric fondant on Cake Central

Citric fondant

By bananabread

this fondant cober one 11 inch cake, it is not too sweet and it tastes better next day. it is easy to work with and its very shiny Citric...

Pasta lamina de China on Cake Central

Pasta lamina de China

By lalalo

Pasta lamina de China Ingredients 1/4 taza leche condensada 1/2 taza crema de leche 1/2 taza de china natural 1 cda. glicerina 1 cda....

Rolled fondent on Cake Central

Rolled fondent

By abbeyloo

I have so many books and all the rolled fondant recipe’s are different, this is the best one i have found and it is so easy to make....

Receta fondant on Cake Central

Receta fondant

By meliais

Hola a todos, esta receta de Fondant es la que mejor me funciona para cubir tartas. He visto miles y miles de combinaciones por aqui, pero...

Receta pastillaje (en español) on Cake Central

Receta pastillaje (en español)

By meliais

El pastillaje es perfecto para hacer estructuras, figuras, flores, etc. Es una receta facil y además en españ...

FCI Pastillage on Cake Central

FCI Pastillage

By PinkZiab

Thekey to this pastillage recipe is to weigh everything PRECISELY and to have all of your tools laid out and ready to go! FCI Pastillage...

Marshmallow Fondant on Cake Central

Marshmallow Fondant

By didi5 This video will show you an easy and (almost) mess free way of making marshmallow fondant. Marshmallow...

Spun Sugar on Cake Central

Spun Sugar

By cakerookie

Spun, pullled and blown sugar have become lost art forms in the pastry world. Many professional as well as ameteurs do not have the time...

Marshmallow Fondant on Cake Central

Marshmallow Fondant

By Wendoger

Rolled Fondant is an icing substance that is rolled out and used as a covering for cake. Marshmallow Rolled Fondant is more shinny than...

Satin Icing (Fondant) on Cake Central

Satin Icing (Fondant)

By stephanie214

This is a true molding icing with a lemony flavor. Satin Icing (Fondant) Ingredients 4 tablespoons butter 4 tablespoons lemon juice 6 cups...

Rolled Fondant Recipe on Cake Central

Rolled Fondant Recipe

By eidascreations

I use this recipe many times and is very good. For better result make the fondant the day before. Rolled Fondant Recipe Ingredients 2...

Cream Cheese based fondant on Cake Central

Cream Cheese based fondant

By kansaswolf

The back story is: I bought Wilton fondant the first time I wanted to work with fondant. It, of course, tasted HORRIBLE, so I decided to...

Pasta Laminada de Chocolate on Cake Central

Pasta Laminada de Chocolate

By lalalo

Pasta Laminada de Chocolate Ingredients Ingredientes: 1 sobre de gelatina sin sabor 1/4 taza de agua 2 lbs. azucar pulvorizada y un poco...

Gelatin Sugarpaste on Cake Central

Gelatin Sugarpaste

By Helene0079

I found this recipe on one of russian cake designs websites & I translated the best I could & maybe you will find it interesting, I didn&...

Home made fondant on Cake Central

Home made fondant

By adrimum

This is the fondant I use for my cakes, mixed with white modelling chocolate (see among recipes). The best rate depends on how soft a paste...

Chocolate fondant on Cake Central

Chocolate fondant

By lisssa

I used to work with MMF but I had a lot of children cake and I did not like the idea to give them so many not-natural ingredients, I tried...

Gelatin Icing on Cake Central

Gelatin Icing

By sunshine4U

This dries very fast and very hard. Keep smaller pieces in ziplock bags to keep it workable. If it does start to harden just pop it in the...

Gelatine wings / flowers on Cake Central

Gelatine wings / flowers

By Petey

Gelatine wings / flowers Ingredients Gelatin, water and food coloring Instructions Gelatin Flowers or Wings You can modify the following...



By bananabread

Este pastillaje se usa para elaborar flores, es muy elastico y se puede adelgazar bastante, y seca rapido PASTILLAJE ELASTICO O DE CMC...

Poured Fondant Using A Food Processor on Cake Central

Poured Fondant Using A Food Processor

By Cakeyladey

A poured fondant is the traditional coating for fancy little petits fours and can also be used to glaze larger cakes. It takes a lot of...

Chocolate Marshmallow Fondat on Cake Central

Chocolate Marshmallow Fondat

By Tivadoll

Here is a recipe for marshmallow fondant. I add chocolate chips to it and it gives it a little more flavor. Chocolate Marshmallow Fondat...